12 Easy Steps to Master the Art of Making Out in a Movie Theatre (Complete with Visuals!)

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Opt for a movie that sets the mood for a superb make out session with your partner. Ensure that the movie choice engenders feelings of love, passion, or mindlessness, so you can bask in the company of your lover without getting distracted by the plot's nuances. Stay clear of movies with sensitive subjects or scenes that may make you or your partner feel uneasy. A romantic comedy, summer blockbuster, or action thriller is a great place to start. If possible, choose a movie that has lingered in theaters for some time, or one that's off your radar to maximize your chances of having a private moment. Avoid picking a new movie that will draw crowds, or else you may end up with disappointed stares or invalid tickets.

Be mindful of your concession selections as well. Limit your food choices if you seek fewer obstructions and more make out time. Having your hands filled with butter or cheese may not be the best for an intimate moment. Wait until after kissing to eat, or snack on something that won't leave a sticky residue behind.

To avoid the unwanted attention of others, try to find a spot in the theater where you can enjoy some privacy. Seek out seats that are in the back or away from the crowd. Choose rows that are not surrounded by people, or situate yourself towards the walls. Entering a movie a few minutes after the scheduled time may also guarantee greater privacy.

Finally, breaking the touch barrier can make or break your make out experience. Ensure that your partner is comfortable with close contact. Begin with casual touches, display affection by softly holding hands or placing arms over shoulders. As the movie progresses and the atmosphere intensifies, gradually increase intimacy.

Always be aware of your partner's reactions, evaluate them carefully, and seek consent every step of the way. Follow these guidelines and relish in an enchanting kissing venture with your partner.

It is a well-known fact that movie theaters are often uncomfortably cold. However, this can work to your advantage if you're on a date. If your date complains of feeling chilly, it's the perfect excuse to snuggle up even closer.

Begin by lightly touching each other. Holding hands is always a good start, but don't just let your hands sit there like lifeless creatures. Instead, stroke each other's fingers or gently caress each other's arms or knees to heighten the intimacy.

Don't rush into physical contact, though. Take your time and wait for the right moment. Making eye contact is crucial - it lets your partner know that you're not just there for the movie. Even though it might be difficult to look away from the movie, take some time to glance at each other.

When the time is right, move your faces closer together. Before you know it, your lips will almost touch. You can use your hands to hold your partner's hips or touch their face to further indicate your physical interest.

But be mindful that the movie theater may not be the right place to initiate a full-blown makeout session, especially if you haven't kissed yet. It could make your date feel uncomfortable, and it's challenging to learn someone's kissing preferences in the dark.

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