A Step-by-Step Guide to the Chartered Accountant Exam After Completing Your 12th Year of Science

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Sometimes in our professional lives, we make choices that we come to deeply regret. This can happen for a number of reasons, including initial zeal, a sense of possibility, or a lack of reflection.

  • Some high school and college students with a strong science background may wonder if they can still enroll in a Chartered Accountancy program. In a word, yes.  
  • Can a Science major work their way up to the position of Ca after college? Can I go into forensic science after finishing 12th grade? Or, if you prefer, do you know if any student who has studied science up to and including grade 12 can apply for Ca?  

If any of the above concerns you, you should read this comprehensive guide: how to become the ca after 12th science. Every question you have will have an answer here.

We'll begin addressing your career concerns right away.

Doable for a 12th-Grade Science Major to Take the CA Course?

  • In order to succeed in the field of Chartered Accountancy or become a Chartered Accountant, a great deal of dedication and interest is required. Any student who has passed their required 12th-grade exams may continue with this course.
  • If you are studying science through the 12th grade or have already graduated with a science degree, you can still pursue a career as a Chartered Accountant.
  • There's no doubt that someone with a history in business has a firm grasp on the fundamentals of commerce, including accounting.
Apart from accounting, however, there are a great many other areas that no one, regardless of their business experience, will be familiar with.

Which of the following paths can I take after high school to become a certified public accountant:

Qualifications for Becoming a Chartered Accountant After Completing the 12th Grade of Science

  • The passing mark for the CA program is 50% overall, with a minimum passing score of 40% in each subject area. This means you need to study hard in order to fully grasp each topic. The objective exams feature a penalty system for incorrect answers.
If you get a question wrong, you'll lose a quarter of a point, but if you get it right, you'll gain a full mark.
  • After finishing the 12th grade science exams and the prerequisite CA, i e With the exception of some minor details, passing CA Intermediate and CA Final will be very similar to passing CA Foundation.

Steps to Take After Completing 12th Grade Science to Become a Chartered Accountant:


First, after finishing high school, you should sign up for the CA Foundation Course.

  • Applicants to the CA Foundation Programme must have passed the 12th grade exams administered by an examination body that has been recognized by the Central Government as being equivalent to the 12th grade exams mandated by law in India.
  • A registered student is eligible to take the CA Foundation Exam once after passing the 10 2 Examination (Senior Secondary Examination).
After finishing high school, you'll need to sign up for CA Foundation registration and devote at least four months to studying to meet the prerequisites for taking the CA Foundation course. Graduates and postgraduates can skip the beginner level altogether by enrolling in the ICAI CA Direct Entry Scheme.

To take the next step, enroll in CA Intermediate or CA Inter.

Only those who have earned a passing grade in both the CA Foundation and their high school twelfth year are allowed to register for the CA Inter.  

  • After taking and passing the CA Foundation Exams, students are eligible to take the CA Intermediate Exams.
  • The ICAI created the Direct Entry Route so that students could enroll in the CA Intermediate Course without first taking the Foundation Exams.

Third Stage: The Articles

  • The Chartered Accountancy program consists of four stages: CA Foundation[Entry Level], CA Inter, 3 Years of Articleship Training, and CA Final.
  • Up until this point, becoming a Chartered Accountant required students to complete all three levels of coursework as well as three years of internship.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers a three-year practical training program with the aim of preparing CA students to apply theoretical knowledge in the real world and to enter the corporate sector upon graduation.
You'll need at least three years of experience working under a certified accounting professional to qualify.

Registration for the CA Final Exam Course: Step 4

During the final six months of their three-year articled training period, the applicant can submit an application to take the ca final exam.

Be recognized as a "Chartered Accountant" by signing up with the Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). Once you've passed the CA Final Exam

A Flowchart Outlining the Steps Necessary to Obtain a Chartered Accountant's License Following Completion of the 12th

Therefore, if we draw the following conclusions:

The path to becoming a Chartered Accountant can be broken down into three distinct phases:

  1. The CA Foundation [Basic]
  2. Ca As A Middle Ground
  3. Ca Final

Students interested in the CA profession who have completed the 12th standard in the science stream are eligible to take the CA Foundation exam, the first step in the program. Once they have finished their 12th grade exams, they can apply to take the CA Foundation exam.

The Indian Business Association (ICAI) welcomes both business and science majors. Students from any academic background are subject to the same requirements for pursuing a career in accounting after completing their 12th grade studies.
  • Students from the natural sciences often have a negative impression of the commercial education system and assume that becoming a chartered accountant is incredibly difficult because of their lack of familiarity with the subject.
  • Since scientists are naturally gifted at figuring out real-world problems, they will have an easier time than other students in this program. Likewise, certified public accountants are widely recognized as skilled players of numbers in the financial sector.
  • When going over the Financial Statements with their manager, they should also learn about and discuss the Financial Ratios.
The only real challenge is outcompeting Science majors in Accounting, a required course for Chartered Accountancy.

Being a Chartered Accountant is the first step in the accounting profession, so a solid grasp of the subject is essential. Other aspects of Chartered Accountancy are completely foreign to the general public.

As a result, science majors should approach their study of them in the same way business majors approach their study of economics.


Schools That Teach the CA Program:

  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is an authorized body that administers certification and licensing examinations for the accounting profession in India.
The mission of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is to coordinate and deliver Chartered Accountancy (CA) Courses to students all over India.
  • A CA program lasts for two years total, including training time.

Should you proceed with this then?

Taking at least five years to complete, the program is time-consuming. The next five years require commitment and effort to ensure success.

And yes, it has been totally worth it to put in the time and effort. Once you get your CA certification, the rest of your professional life will go swimmingly.

Around this enormous and diverse planet, you can access countless updates from various industries, including banking, accounting, taxation, auditing, management consulting, and cost accounting.

As a result of their widespread renown as industry leaders, chartered accountants in India can take their pick from a diverse range of career paths.

Absolutely, you need to go through with it. The path is not easy, but then again, nothing worthwhile ever is.



If you've been a science student up until the end of 12th grade and now want to pursue a ca, you won't have to change your major.

After completing 12th grade science, all you need to do to become a ca is work hard, keep at it, and put in a lot of effort.

Even though the pass rate is low, it is still possible to succeed if you don't put any limitations on yourself.

Just get in touch with us for more ca advice.
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