A Traveler's Comprehensive Guide to Lakshadweep, Based on His Own Experiences

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A Complete Guide to Travelling in Lakshadweep

Introduction: Traveling to Lakshadweep is like going back in time, to another world. You will be awestruck by the islands and their surrounding ocean from the moment you catch your first glimpse of them from the plane. There is only one road that spans the length of the island, and the airport is among the smallest in the world. Staying in Lakshadweep is not about visiting five-star hotels on par with those in the Maldives. Or the nightlife in pubs and clubs in places like Krabi and Phuket However, the sea is as green as green gets, the palm trees sway joyfully in the wind, and the locals are friendly and unpretentious. Whoever is content to spend the next few days doing nothing more taxing than strolling along the beach, paddling out in a kayak, swimming, and maybe reading a book, is the target audience.

Lakshadweep tours Atti Island  

Travel Instructions to Lakshadweep

There is only one airport in Lakshadweep. Located on Agatti Island, this airport landing spot is widely considered to be India's most picturesque. This stunning touchdown is described in detail here. From the state of Kerala (typically from the airport in Kochi, but occasionally from Kozhikode), there is a daily return flight. You will need to fly into Kerala if you are coming from anywhere else in India. Typical departure times for flights to Agatti are between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.
On His Own Trip Lakshadweep The Lakshadweep Islands
Excursions to the Islands of Lakshadweep:
The Lakshadweep Islands are accessible by cruise ship from both Kerala and, more recently, Mumbai. Seven government ships travel between Cochin and the Lakshadweep islands daily: the MV Kavaratti, MV Arabian Sea, MV Lakshadweep Sea, MV Lagoon, MV Corals, MV Amindivi, and MV Minicoy. Cordelia Cruises is a new cruise line that departs from Mumbai on luxurious vacations to Lakshadweep.   From October through April, he travels to Lakshadwep on his own.  

Lakshadweep Attractions:

There are 36 islands that make up Lakshadweep, but only 11 of them have permanent human habitation. There are two main itineraries that visitors to Lakshadweep can choose from. Agatti, Bangaram, Thinnakara, and Kalpati are the islands you'll visit on your north island tour. Kavaratti, Minicoy, and Kalpeni are the three islands you'll visit in the Southern Islands. The Northern Islands are our favorites. Things to do in Lakshadweep Isola di Agatti
Lakshadweep packages Inn that we have down by the shore  

When is the best time to visit Lakshadweep? Can women/those traveling alone visit Lakshadweep?

Among popular tourist destinations, Lakshadweep is among the most secure. Don't second-guess yourself for a nanosecond about whether it's safe to go there. The islands are tiny, and the locals are exceptionally warm and welcoming. On Agatti, almost everybody is acquainted with one another. People on bicycles wave as they pass you, dive instructors go out of their way to help you, tour guides are genuinely excited to show you around, and hotel staff treat you like royalty. Lakshadweep itineraries are offered by On His Own Trip. Everyone who traveled with us felt completely safe while staying in Lakshadweep, Agatti. Even at 3 or 4 in the morning, guests were found sitting alone on the beach or lying in the grass away from the resort, staring up at the sky. safe travel places for girls in india Island of Bangaram  

What you'll need to travel to Lakshadweep, and what you'll need to bring with you

The following should be considered before embarking on a trip to the islands of Lakshadweep:
  • Get your plane tickets as far in advance as you can (45-60 days). Since there is only one flight per day, seats sell out quickly.
  • If you want to apply for a Lakshadweep visa, you'll need a Police Verification Certificate. To obtain a PCC for your trip to Lakshadweep, visit the nearest local police station in your city. The application process can take 10-20 days, so make sure to submit it at least a month before your planned departure.
  • Permits to visit the islands of Lakshadweep must be processed through a registered travel agent. Send him your Aadhar card, proof of citizenship, and a passport-sized photo, and he will assist you in obtaining the necessary permits. In addition, you must use a recognized booking service to reserve your accommodations.

Lakshadweep India trip Our Resort Is Located On Agatti Island.  

Important Considerations for Your Time on Agatti Island

  • When compared to resorts in more popular travel destinations in India, those in Agatti tend to be on the more modest side. However, they are tidy, and the staff is friendly and helpful.
  • Agatti lacks any truly high-end dining options. Meals are typically consumed on-site and are a part of all-inclusive vacation packages. Rice, sambar, a vegetable, and fish or chicken are served as part of the south Indian-style meals. If you have particular dietary needs, bring some snacks from the mainland. The local market is a great place to stock up on snacks.
  • Individuals in this area tend to be conservative. Dress conservatively if you're going into town. When you're at the beach, at a resort, or otherwise far from the center of town, you're free to wear whatever you like.
  • Carry your own snorkel glasses (available at Decathlon) if you enjoy spending time underwater. During our trip, we swam with the fish and went snorkeling at the reefs near the shore.
  • It has been reported both that and that you cannot bring alcoholic beverages into Lakshadweep. Before you leave, make sure to contact your travel agent. We were under the impression that bringing alcoholic beverages onto the island of Lakshadweep was illegal. While there is a bar at the Bangaram resort, Agatti does not have any.
  • While visiting the northern islands of Lakshadweep, you have a choice between staying in Bangaram and Agatti. There's no way for you to visit both locations simultaneously. The islands are easily accessible for day trips. Agatti offers cheaper lodgings and vacation packages than its neighboring city of Bangaram.

When flying into Agatti, it's recommended that you select a window seat. The left side of the plane tends to have more legroom.
Lakshadweep New Year Trip Sunset over Agatti  

The ideal time to travel to Lakshadweep is:

Travel to Lakshadweep is nearly impossible during the monsoons. Therefore, the islands are typically off-limits to visitors between the months of May and September. The months of mid-October through mid-April are ideal for a trip to Lakshadweep. The best time to visit Lakshadweep is between October and April, and On His Own Trip organizes trips there throughout those months.

Lakshadweep group trips

Agatti/Lakshadweep Internet and Cellular Service Despite what you may have heard from travel agents or blogs, my personal experience has shown that the mobile network and internet on your phones will be spotty at best while in Agatti. It's hit-or-miss; sometimes you get a signal, and other times there's none. The functionality of Airtel and Jio is spotty at best. In comparison to the rest, BSNL performs admirably. Take note: neither the Agatti nor the Bangaram hotels offer wireless internet. Lakshadweep Trip with OHOT A view from our resort's hammock  

Agatti Island Lodging Options

Agatti's resorts don't even deserve the name "resorts." They're just regular hotel rooms dressed up as cottages. Simple vegetarian and meat dishes typical of Kerala are all that are offered at the hotels. Lack of access to swimming pools Each room has a private balcony overlooking the beach and forest. If you keep going, you'll have to wade into the water. A few canoes are beached on the sand. Dinner, stargazing, ocean sounds, and a night of snorkeling and kayaking await you after an early rise.

Boys trip to Lakshadweep

Agatti to Bangaram Travel by boat from Agatti to Bangaram  

Agatti Island Attractions

All of the Lakshadweep Islands, including Agatti and Bangaram, are primarily beach and ocean destinations. If you can swim, you'll have a fantastic time. Put on a life jacket and head out to sea even if you can't swim. Save the day, pal.

1.Ocean kayaking: most hotels will have kayaks available. An easy sport to learn is kayaking. There is hardly any waves, and you can swim far out. Put on your life jacket and waterproof phone case, then paddle off while singing "Teri oar, teri oar" to your kayaking pal.

Two, snorkeling, either from the shore or from a boat. It would be great to go on a snorkeling tour with a guide. They'll take you out on the water and make stops at reefs teeming with marine life. Put your faith in yourself, your boatman, and your instructor, and dive in headfirst. The vibrant colors of the coral reefs and the abundance of exotic fish will transport you to another dimension. Near the shore, you can also go snorkeling. Look for a reef (you'll see them as black mounds in an otherwise green sea). Wearing your life jacket, swim over to them. Please keep your distance from the coral and avoid touching it. To appreciate a place properly means to do so without causing any damage to it.

You can't visit Lakshadweep and not go scuba diving. Group tours to Lakshadweep, where diving and snorkeling are popular activities, are organized by On His Own Trip. Lakshadweep has the lowest scuba diving prices in India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Indonesia at only Rs 3000.


Lakshadweep Sea Marine Life -

Marine life teems in the Lakshadweep Sea. Moorish Idol Fish, Powder Blue Surgeon Fish, Clownfish or Maldives Anemonefish, Sting Ray, Sea Anemone, Oriental Grunt, Butterfly Fish, Yellow Surgeon Fish, Humbug Damselfish, and Bluestreak Clear Wrasse are just some of the beautiful marine animals you might see while snorkeling or scuba diving. Plenty of ghost crabs and strawberry hermit crabs could be found on land.  

Four. A Day Trip to the Islands of Bangaram and Thinnakara -> The Highlight of This Trip Is the Boat Ride There and Back The daytime hues of the ocean would be a visual feast. I have seen turquoise, emerald, and green ocean for miles and miles at a stretch only in Lakshadweep. I have been to Krabi, Phi Phi, Phuket, Bali, the Gili Islands, and Maldives. Boat trips to Bangaram and Thinnakara are part of On His Own Trip's Lakshadweep group tours.

  Swimming turtles would glide gracefully by you. You might even spot a dolphin if you're lucky! Explore Bangaram and Thinnakara by foot. Put on your best beach attire and take lots of pictures.
Don't spend too much time on Bangaram and Thinnakara if you're going there on a boat trip. You should devote more time to the following activities instead:
  1. Snorkeling around a shipwreck is an exciting adventure just ten minutes by boat from Bangaram. On On His Own Trip's five-day New Year's Eve trip to Lakshadweep, we had the best snorkeling experience with the marine life there. Thousands of fish swim around in the transparent water.
  2. Thin sandbank close to the shipwreck for snorkeling At low tide, the water comes up to its very edges. The pristine white sandbank is an ideal photo location. Attending at sunset is the optimal time to be here.
  3. Palari Island - This is a great place to see turtles because it is close to Bangaram Island.

The island of Kalpati can be reached by day trip from Agatti, where you'll find point 5. The boat ride to the island only takes a few minutes. The island is deserted, but you can take pictures of cute little strawberry hermit crabs. Please refrain from harming them in any way by not touching them.
Tip: The snorkeling near Kalpati is supposed to be really good To go snorkeling amongst the marine life, have your boatman take you to a reef.
Take a look at these photos from OHOT's recent trip to Lakshadweep.
On His Own Trip Lakshadweep package exploring the wreck by snorkeling
Snorkeling Lakshadweep swimming with the bangarams
Lakshadweep Kayaking Paddling into the agatti sunset
on his own trip Bungalows on Bangram Island
Day Trips from Agatti:
Agatti doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of sightseeing. There is a museum you can skip without missing anything Lagoon beach is a must-see and you should go there at some point. Get going a while before sundown. It's a stunning, white-sand beach. There are kids playing football, happy families, and a small dinosaur statue I can't explain. There is also a small café, but we suggest instead visiting the one located just fifty meters from the beach's main entrance. The Eastern Jetty is another great spot for photography and filming, as the road runs parallel to the water on either side. The MLR Research Center houses a small aquarium/museum dedicated to fish. Basically, it's a facility dedicated to the propagation of certain species of ornamental fish. That way you can pay them a visit and pick up some tips from the trainers.

Girls trip Lakshadweep The Lakshadweep Sandbanks
Attractions and Activities in Agatti
There is a lot of demand for independent travel to Lakshadweep. On these outings, we do some enjoyable things in Agatti.
  • When would be a good time to tell your friends that you kayaked to the airport? Due to Agatti's diminutive size, guests can paddleboard all the way from the resort to the airport. We took off in the same direction and watched a plane take off from the ground.
  • Sunset kayaking is a romantic experience, with the sun appearing as an orange ball of fire as it sinks below the horizon and the water gently lapping at the kayak's sides.
  • The night sky in Agatti is crystal clear, making it the perfect place to lie down and take in the stars. Lying on the grass, you can see at least three or four meteors in rapid succession. Here's a great story about a Shooting Star, if you're interested.

Best night sky Lakshadweep Lakshadweep Island Overnights
India beach trips The turquoise waters of Lakshadweep

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