A way to improve Jio speed, but is it worth the trouble with slow 4G speeds?

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Written by Manish Sain: When Reliance Jio debuted with its Preview Offer, they promised to be the speediest among all internet providers. As a result of offering free internet, voice calls, and messages, it was expected that consumers would line up to obtain a Jio SIM. Reliance Jio appeared to be the response that India sought, in a country where 4Mbps connections are considered a significant accomplishment.

However, this did not last. Nowadays, the speed has decreased. It did not take long for Jio's reputation for high-speed to drop from 50Mbps to a sluggish 6-10Mbps. Even at 8Mbps, the speed is unstable. Before September 5, when Reliance introduced the Welcome Offer, the SIM was only available to a few people, and speeds could reach as high as 30-50 Mbps. After September 5th, the speed has only declined. The typical Jio 4G speed is now dismal.

There may be many reasons for this. Reliance may still be testing its network before the commercial launch on Jan 1, 2017, and the Welcome Offer is most likely the final beta test of the Jio service. Or maybe there is a problem with the network.

But whatever the reason, many Jio users wish to restore the high speeds they once enjoyed. Meanwhile, new users who have recently joined the network are seeking the speeds promised to them. When there is a demand, there is usually a supply. Consequently, the internet is full of techniques and tips that can help Jio users obtain better connection speeds. But do these techniques work? We tried some with results that were underwhelming. But before we reveal these techniques, let's first discuss LTE bands.

What is a 4G band?

In simple terms, a "band" is a network frequency at which a service provider provides connectivity. Airtel offers 4G on Band 40 (2300MHz), Vodafone offers 4G on Band 5 (850Mhz). Reliance Jio offers 4G on Band 3, Band 5, and Band 40.

Before we proceed, it is essential to understand the difference between these three bands and how they work.

It's all about the numbers:

Best coverage: Band 5 > Band 3 > Band 40.

Highest speed: Band 40 > Band 3 > Band 5

In theory, this implies that the best connection will be available on Band 5, but the speed will not be as good. And if you're on Band 40, you'll get excellent speed but poor coverage.

A phone automatically switches between bands based on the signal strength in a particular location. This explains why Reliance Jio's speed fluctuates at different locations.

To improve your Jio speed, you must control the LTE band. Here's what you can do (at your own risk).

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Method 1: Lock the 4G network to band 40

To get the best coverage, you need not do anything; your phone will automatically switch to the band that offers superior coverage.

To boost your speed, follow these steps:

-- Dial *#*#4636#*#*

-- Select phone information

-- Select "Set preferred network type"

-- Select LTE Only

For Qualcomm processors,

-- Install the Shortcut Master (Lite) app from the Play Store.

Navigate to the search option in the menu.

Type either "Engineering Mode" or "Service Menu" into the search bar.

If the option appears, open it and access the ability to change LTE bands.

For those with MediaTek processors:

Install the "MTK Engineering Mode" application from the Google Play Store.

Run the application.

Select 'MTK Settings.'

Select 'BandMode.'

Select the SIM slot where you have inserted your Jio SIM.

Select 'LTE mode.'

Choose band 40 for the best speed or band 5 for the best coverage.

Save settings and reboot your device to activate changes.

Please note that these methods may or may not be effective, and we advise that you try them at your own risk.

However, it's important to keep in mind that every phone has the capability to locate and connect to the best available connection, or band. Reliance Jio is the only 4G network that supports three LTE bands for a superior coverage to speed ratio. Locking your LTE band to band 40 might provide you with improved speed, but keep in mind that it would also render your network unreliable and inconsistent in a different location where a different connection might be more beneficial. Additionally, by locking the network to band 3 or band 5, you would compromise speed.

Despite this, you may want to increase the speed of your Jio internet, and there are a couple of tricks you can use:

Firstly, you can change the APN settings:

Note down the current settings before making any changes.

Change APN settings as follows:

- Name - RJio

- APN - jionet

- APN Type - Default

- Proxy - No changes

- Port - No changes

- Username - No changes

- Password - No changes

- Server - www.google.com

- MMSC - No changes

- MMS proxy - No changes

- MMS port - No changes

- MCC - 405

- MNC - 857 or 863 or 874

- Authentication type - No changes

- APN Protocol - Ipv4/Ipv6

After you've made these changes, proceed to download the "Snap VPN" application from Google Play Store. Once installed, connect to Singapore or France server for better downloading speed.

Please note that India Today will not take responsibility for any issues caused by these methods, and suggest that you factory reset your device if any issues arise.

Furthermore, peruse: A comprehensive manual on the subject matter of Jio 4G. This masterpiece will provide you with all-encompassing insights pertaining to obtaining a SIM card as well as utilizing it. Be sure to delve into this resourceful guide as it will equip you with all the necessary knowledge necessary to effectively make use of Jio 4G's services.

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