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Customers of Punjab National Bank (PNB) who have enabled the Green Pin feature on their accounts no longer need to wait for a PIN mailer to their physical address in order to generate a Debit card PIN or an ATM PIN. Punjab National Bank provides its customers with a Passbook, an ATM card, and an Internet Banking kit upon account opening.

PNB's Green Pin system makes it possible to generate an ATM PIN immediately following account opening. Use any of the options indicated with a green pin.

All PNB customers, both current and prospective, have access to the PNB Green Pin service.

When Applying for a New Debit or ATM Card, How to Obtain the Green PIN

When new cards are issued by the Punjab National Bank, customers will receive a 6-digit One-Time-Password (OTP) via their registered mobile number. This green PIN is only good for three days.

Thus, if you have recently opened a PNB bank account, you should check your mobile phone for an OTP. This OTP can be used to make an ATM PIN within 72 hours.

Please find below the available methods for creating a PNB Debit Card PIN (Green Pin).

Customer Already On File - I Lost My ATM PIN

Existing PNB customers who have forgotten their ATM PIN can use the Green Pin option to generate a new PIN for their debit or automated teller machine.

The following steps will teach you how to generate the OTP for your debit card PIN on your own.

  • Indian Residents As Its Own Market

the text message to 5607040 or 919264092640 here's how it's supposed to look:


  • American consumers who travel abroad and users who have mobile phones with international numbers (in India and elsewhere).

the text message to 919264092640 according to this structure


An OTP has been sent to the mobile number you provided. Then, to get the ATM PIN, just do as I say down below.

Once you have generated the OTP by sending an SMS in the above format, you can create the ATM PIN online without logging into your PNB Internet Banking account by following the instructions below.

First, log on to the PNB Internet Banking Center.

Second, choose the "Generate Debit Card PIN" link once there.

how to generate atm pin pnb online

Third, enter your account number from Punjab National Bank and hit the "Continue" button.

punjab national bank debit card pin generation

The fourth step is to check the mobile device for the One-Time Password (OTP) that was just registered. Type in the OTP and press the next button.

OTP to generate PNB ATM Pin

Fifth, a window will pop up asking for information like your debit card number, the Green Pin you got in the SMS in the format provided, etc.

When you're done, hit the "Submit" button below the captcha.

Enter the new ATM PIN and double-check it by entering it again, then hit the "Submit" button.

punjab national bank atm pin generate kaise kare

This new PIN for your debit card or ATM has been successfully generated.

Assuming you have already sent the SMS in the above-mentioned format to generate the Green PIN, the steps to create the new PIN are as follows.

First, use your debit card at any PNB ATM.

Next, choose the Green Pin option under Banking.

Third, a field where you can key in the 6-digit OTP you got on your phone has appeared. Just type in the one-time password and hit OK.

Fourth, a window will appear where you can enter the new PIN for your PNB debit card. Input the 4-digit PIN and double-check it.

If both PINs are correct, a confirmation message will appear.

PNB Online Banking is your third option for creating a debit card PIN. You'll need a functional online banking profile to proceed.

Here are the measures to take:

First, access your PNB online banking account with the provided credentials.

Step 2: Select "Value Added Services" once logged in, followed by "Card Related Services" and "Set / Reset Debit Card Pin."

Third, enter the account number and hit "Continue."

Click the "Submit" button after entering your debit card number, expiration date, PNB Green Pin that you got via text message, etc. in Step 4.

Fifth, a screen will pop up where you can enter your 4-digit ATM PIN. Verify it by entering your PNB ATM PIN again.

I'm pleased to inform you that your new ATM or debit card PIN has been issued.

Customers with an active PNB account can generate their ATM PIN by downloading the PNB One Mobile app from the Google Play Store.

Please proceed as outlined below:

First, access the PNB Mobile app with your user ID and password.

In the second step, select the "Debit Card" option.

Third, on this page, select the green button labeled "Generate Pin."

The fourth step is to click the Continue button after selecting the Account number from a dropdown.

In Step 5, you'll input the expiration date and 6-digit green PIN for your debit card. To proceed, please select the "Continue" button.

Step 6: Customize a 4-digit PIN in the following screen.

Congratulation! The process of creating your new PNB ATM pin has been completed successfully.

Please proceed as described below if Failure to receive OTP for PNB Green Pin

Make sure your mobile number is current on file with Punjab National Bank if you are having trouble receiving the OTP when requesting the Green PIN.

The Green Pin is a 6-digit number that can be requested from PNB and sent to your registered mobile phone number for use within the bank within the next 72 hours.

For more information, dial 1800-180-2222 (or) 1800-103-2222 (or) 0120-2490000 (or) visit the PNB Call Centre website.

How do I set up a PIN for my PNB debit card?

Debit card PINs can be generated in the PNB Green Pin Option. Your mobile phone will receive a 6-digit one-time password. This one-time password (OTP) is valid for 73 hours and can be used with PNB Online Banking, at an ATM, or with the PNB One Mobile App to set up a new ATM PIN.

How do I make a PIN for my PNB ATM if I don't have my one-time password?

PNB green PIN requires 6 digits OTP which will be delivered to your registered mobile number when the ATM card is activated for the first time or when you request the new PIN online or through any other option, so you actually cannot generate the PNB ATM pin without OTP.

Instructions for Creating a PNB ATM PIN Via Mobile Device

Sending an SMS with the format DCPIN space CARDNUMBER to the number 5607040 from the mobile device with which you have established your PNB ATM card will generate a PIN. Additionally, the PNB One Mobile app can be used to produce the necessary ATM PIN.

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