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Get crystal-clear video and sound from all of your favorite shows and movies with an Airtel DTH HD connection. Choose from our various Set Top Boxes to subscribe to either our curated channel bundles or to create your own custom channel lineups.


The Best DTH System, Part 2

The Airtel Xstream Box provides the most cutting-edge technology and comprehensive set of features available in India's DTH market. Customers can access over-the-top (OTT) content thanks to the built-in Chromecast. Because the Android TV OS allows app and game installation on any TV, it can be used in place of a computer to run the apps and games.


(3) Channel changes and deletions on your DTH service

  • Through the Airtel Thanks App, smartphone users can easily add or remove channels with a few taps.
  • Simply text the word "ADD" to the phone number 54325 from the phone you use for online banking. When sending an SMS, remember to leave your DTH setbox on.
  • The steps below can also be used:
    Power on the Airtel DTH receiver and TV, then tune to channel 998 to receive a confirmation code. Send the code to 54325 via an SMS from your registered mobile number.
  • Text the word "REM" to the number 54325 from your verified mobile device. When using your Setbox for texting, remember to leave it on.
  • After adding or removing a channel, you'll get a confirmation message.

A Recharge Guide for Airtel DTH (Part 4)

DTH Recharge on Airtel: Click Here!

  • Subscription ID for Direct TV
  • Type in your payment info or look through available plans
  • To finalize your purchase, you can use your Airtel Payments Bank, debit/credit card, or Netbanking to make a payment.

5. Modifying Your Airtel HD DTH Package

By logging into your Airtel account online and selecting the DTH account, you can easily modify your Airtel DTH HD plan. The 'Connections' menu's "Change Base Pack" button is where you'll want to head next. Then, either pick a premade package or create your own!


Sixthly: How to Change Channels on Airtel DTH HD

Your Airtel DTH HD television serves as the remote control for choosing channels.

  • The Airtel Digital TV is now on.
  • Tune in to Channel Zero! 998
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to make your selection.
  • When it is complete, a confirmation code will be shown.
  • Send the code to 54325 from your verified mobile device.

Seventh, tips for determining your Airtel DTH balance

There are three ways to check your Airtel DTH balance:

  • For more information, send the word "BAL" to the number 54325 from your registered mobile phone.
  • Send a missed call to 81300-81300 from your registered mobile.
  • The Airtel Thanks app's Services page displays the DTH account's current balance.

When it comes to high-definition (HD) DTH connections, which one is the best?

Customers and professionals agree that Airtel's state-of-the-art offerings make it the best DTH HD connection in India. The competitive pricing and appealing features of Airtel DTH's bundles also contribute to the service's dominance in the market.


Where can I find the Airtel DTH contact information?

Call Airtel DTH CC to get the local phone number for your state. If you have an Airtel mobile, you can dial 12150, and all other mobile users can dial the toll-free number 1800-103-6065.


Tip #10: Altering Your Airtel DTH Registered Mobile Number

Visit to modify the mobile phone number on file. To change your registered mobile number, you will need to provide your customer ID and verify some information, like your plan and last recharge amount.


How do I switch the language on my Airtel DTH box's screen (question 11)?

Airtel Digital TV allows you to do this.

  • Select "User settings" from the menu on your remote.
  • You can select your preferred language and make any necessary adjustments in the Language settings.
  • Repeatedly selecting and clicking the Menu button
  • Click the "Yes" button on the following screen to continue.

In what ways can I update my Airtel DTH HD Set top box?

In order to restore your connection, please send a missed call from your registered mobile number to 8448284708. OR Text "HR" to 54325 from the mobile number you have on file. Text 'HR' to 54325 if you're not using your Registered Mobile. Payment is required, and it costs INR 3. $1.00 from a phone that isn't an Airtel Mobile and free from Airtel Mobile


Online Channel Activation for Airtel DTH (Question #13)

Here's how you can accomplish your goal:

  • Turn on your Airtel digital satellite receiver and TV.
  • To watch, tune in to channel 998.
  • Here, just do what it says on the screen.
  • After achieving success, you will receive a code.
  • Send the code to 54325 via text message from your registered mobile number.

14) What is the Airtel DTH customer service number?

Call the toll-free Airtel customer service number at 1800-103-6065, or the local number for your area from the list at Customers with Airtel mobile or landline numbers can dial 12150 for free.


To turn off an Airtel DTH channel, see Question #15 below.

Just text "Rem" to 54325 from your phone. For unregistered phones, text REM to 54325.


When it comes to Airtel DTH, question 16 is always, "What is the monthly pack?"

Airtel DTH's monthly packs are a curated lineup of channels that come at a discounted monthly rate. Anytime you like, you can make adjustments and make new ones for the following month.


Can I Watch Airtel Xstream for Free (17)?

Airtel Live TV has been rebranded as Airtel Xstream, and all Airtel Broadband, Airtel DTH, and Mobile customers can access it for free as part of the Airtel Thanks Rewards program. You can check the Airtel Thanks app to see if this is a reward you're eligible for. Data providers have imposed fees for excessive data usage.


I am interested in the Airtel HD Media Player Set Top Box, but I have a question.

The Airtel Xstream Box is a cutting-edge DTH receiver that brings HD picture quality and Dolby Digital sound to any TV. The Box's recording function lets you pause, play, and record live TV. The ability to watch media from a USB flash drive on a TV is what makes the HD Media Player Box stand out.


Question 19: I don't understand why my Airtel DTH service was cancelled.

If the Airtel DTH minimum recharge amount is not completed by the due date, service will be disconnected. Recharging and then contacting customer service to have your subscription restarted are both necessary steps in starting service again.


20) What do I get for my money when I sign up for a new Airtel DTH service?

The Airtel STB, outdoor unit (dish antenna, wire), remote, delivery, and setup are all included in the price. We offer linear TV channel subscriptions at the same price per month, six months, or a year.


The 21st question: How many channels can I get for one monthly fee?

More than 550 channels are available for subscription on the Airtel DTH platform.


22) How to see if your Airtel DTH has been recharged recently?

After selecting your DTH account under the Services tab, the most recent recharge will appear in the Transaction History section of the Airtel Thanks app.

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