Adding Information to Aadhaar - India's Unique Identification Authority

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A registered mobile number is necessary to access Aadhaar Online Services. If you have declared a mobile number during enrolment or in the latest Aadhaar detail update, you can verify it. However, if you did not register a mobile number during enrolment, you must visit a Permanent Enrolment Centre to get it registered.

It is crucial to ensure that the resident's Aadhaar data stored in the CIDR is accurate and up-to-date to make Aadhaar available for various government and non-government services, subsidy benefits, pensions, scholarships, social benefits, banking services, insurance services, taxation services, education, employment, healthcare, among others.

Changes in life events like marriage may lead to changes in basic demographic details such as name and address. Additionally, address and mobile number changes may occur due to migration to newer locations. Residents may also require changes in their relative's details following life events such as marriage, death, etc. Furthermore, residents may want to change their phone number, email address, etc., for personal reasons.

Various service delivery platforms may necessitate declaration request changes or additions of mobile numbers to CIDR. Any enrolment errors resulting in incorrect demographic data capture could cause changes in the "DoB/Age" and "Gender" fields. In case a resident is enrolled by an operator who speaks a different language, they may want to change the local language of enrolment to their preference, thus requiring updating all demographic information printed on the Aadhaar letter.

UIDAI may verify the availability of POI, POA, and other documents collected at the time of enrolment/update and decide to notify residents to update their demographic information and submit the necessary documents.

Residents are encouraged to update their biometric data every ten years. Accidents or diseases may lead to biometric exception events, or authentication failures may cause residents to seek biometric updates. Improvements in technology may allow better quality biometric captures in the CIDR, and UIDAI may verify biometric quality during enrolment/update and set a threshold. UIDAI will notify all residents with biometrics below the decided threshold level to update them.

Biometric Update Process: Step 1 - Filling Application Form, Step 2 - Manual Verification of proof, Step 3 - Entry of Data into client software by operator, Step 4 - Biometric Authentication by Resident, Step 5 - Operator & Supervisor's Confirmation, Step 6 - Acknowledgement of Receipt

Aadhaar enables updating of demographic information such as name, address, date of birth/age, gender, mobile number, email address, relationship status, and information sharing consent. Biometric information such as iris, fingerprints, and facial photographs can also be updated. A wide range of PoI and PoA documents are accepted during the UIDAI update process; view the list of valid documents.

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