Address Change for an Online SBI Account

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Every one of us has to deal with the upkeep and revision of our individual data. One of the most crucial things we must do is change our addresses on all of our bank accounts. If you've recently moved, be sure to update your sbi account's address so that you can continue receiving your monthly bank statements, deposited checks, and other important account information. You can either visit the bank in person or use the internet portal to change your address. Changing your address in SBI can be done quickly and easily online, and we've outlined the process here if you're interested in learning more about "sbi address change online."

The bank will send you a package containing sensitive information, such as the PIN for your SBI Debit Card or Credit Card, important documents, etc. It may be difficult to retrieve your records if you have relocated and changed your address or no longer live in the same city. Financial institutions typically allow customers to update their address information so that official correspondence is sent only to the correct address. Your State Bank of India account information may need to be updated to reflect a change of address.

how to change address in sbi bank account online The online process for updating your SBI bank account's mailing address

Requirements for Changing Your Address with SBI Bank

When requesting a change of address on a state bank account in India, you must submit valid Know Your Customer (KYC) documents and proof of permanent residence. The client must self-certify each and every document.

The following items can be used to verify your current address when making an online address change with sbi:

  1. Identification Card, or Aadhar
  2. Card for Identifying Voters
  3. Passport
  4. Electricity, telephone, postpaid mobile phone, piped gas, and water utility bills must be no more than two months old.
  5. NREGA job cards with official State Government seals
  6. Income from Real Estate or Municipal Taxes
  7. Employment Accommodation Letter from State or Federal Government Issued to Employee

Changing Your Address in Person at an SBI Bank Branch:

If you need to update your address on file with the State Bank of India, you can do so by visiting any SBI bank branch with the appropriate documentation. Remember to bring both the original document and a scanned copy of it, as the bank officer may want to see the original to ensure its legitimacy.

The bank will provide you with a form to submit if you need to change your mailing address. Forms, along with the required supporting materials, must be submitted once completed.

  • Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Passport, or Any Other Form of Photo Identification (The Aadhaar card is the recommended form of identification.)
  • Any one of the acceptable forms of residential address proof previously mentioned
  • Form for Requesting a New Address
  • A valid bank passbook (this is not always required, but may be requested by the bank executive).

Finally, sign the form using the signature that is on file with your SBI account and fill in your account number, old address, and new address.

Join a photocopy of a document bearing your new address and your signature. Look over the list of acceptable paperwork that was provided above. Forward the documents, along with the originals, to the appropriate executive. If everything checks out, the executive will update your State Bank of India account with your new address.

A text message to your registered mobile number will arrive a few minutes later with the message "your address is changed as you requested." ”

How to change Address in SBI account Changing Your SBI Account's Address

Instructions for Changing Your Address with SBI Online:

  • In order to update your address on file with SBI Bank, please send an email to [email protected]. This email will be forwarded to the appropriate SBI Bank Home branch.
  • To begin, please provide your full name, registered phone number, and registered email address. Then, compose an email detailing your complaint.
  • In addition to the email, please include a photocopy of your government-issued photo identification, your current address verification, and your bank passbook, all of which must be signed by you.
  • At this time, please have the email sent to the bank. Your new address will take effect after one or two business days.

Letter Format for Changing Your Address at SBI Bank:

  • You can also notify the manager of the SBI Bank branch where you currently have an account of your change of address by writing a letter.
  • This is the letter's main content.

Dear Mr Hello, my name is ___________ (insert name of person to whom you are writing), and I am writing to let you know that I have moved from _____________(previous address) to __________(new address). Take note of the new location and update your files accordingly.

  • If you're sending a letter, don't forget to include a copy of your driver's license, proof of address, and bank account statement that you've already self
  • Send the letter, and after the bank verifies your information, they will update your address.

Please be aware that all of your photocopies will need to be self-attested.

Free PDF File for SBI Address Change Request

File Name Change of Address in SBI Bank File Type PDF No of Pages 1 Size 0.16 MB Beneficiary Patron of the Bank Language English URL of the Official Site Get the link to the address-change form here

Multiple updates have been made to the application for changing a customer's address in State Bank of India. The SBI Address Change Form is a fillable PDF form that can be obtained from the bank's main page. The updated SBI bank address change form is simple to complete and can be returned to any SBI bank branch.

How to Verify if Your New Address Has Been Added to Your SBI Account

Using SBI's online banking system, you can verify that your address has been updated.

sbi address change online

Questions & Answers

Relocating your SBI account online has been the subject of much debate. While I have been able to change my mailing address through SBI Netbanking, I have found that this is not possible for residential address changes, despite what many websites claim. To handle any account changes at SBI, we advise making a personal trip to the bank.
You must request a change of address in writing from the Branch Manager in order to have your bank passbook updated with your new address. Self-attested photocopies of the KYC documents must also be included.
The answer to your question is yes, you can change your sbi mailing address by email. You can send an email with a copy of your self-attested KYC documents attached to the SBI contact email address linked to your bank account.
If you need to change your address, you must submit a letter to your local SBI branch along with self-attested documents showing your new address. Once your new address has been verified, your SBI Account will be updated.


If you'd like to update your home address with SBI Bank, read on! We answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the SBI Bank address change procedure here. The comments section is not intended for questions, but if you have any, we will do our best to answer them.

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