Adobe Acrobat is used to verify digital signatures.

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  1. Adobe Acrobat: How to Use It
  2. Learn About Acrobat
  3. Workspace
  4. Generate PDFs
  5. PDF file editing
  6. Document capture and optical character recognition
  7. Forms
  8. Synchronizing data
  9. Discussion, feedback, and remarking
  10. PDF file storage and distribution
  11. Security
  12. Signatures in electronic form
  13. Printing
  14. Inclusion, tagging, and reflow
  15. Using a Search Engine and an Index
    1. Producing PDF indexes
    2. To Conduct a PDF Search
  16. Combining 2D and 3D media
  17. Materials for making printed materials (Acrobat Pro).
  18. Verification (Acrobat Pro)
  19. Processing of colors

You can pre-configure your verification settings. With this in place, it's more likely that Tokenized Signatures are genuine if and only if, upon opening the PDF, verification information appears alongside the signature. For more information on how to customize your signature verification process, visit Preferences for Signature Verification

When Electronic Signatures are verified, a symbol appears in the document's status bar to show whether or not the signature is valid. Some supplementary update information has been added to the Signatures in the panel and the Quality Markers dialog box

Establishing Trustworthy Digital Signatures

It's common practice to verify signatures on documents after receiving them. signature(s) that can be used to authenticate both the signer and the content Depending depending on the settings you've chosen for the application, validation may be performed. automatically To verify the authenticity of a signature, validity of the digital ID certificate used to sign the document and authenticity of documents:

  • The signature can only be trusted if its authenticity has been verified. whether or not the certificate, or any of its ancestors, is present in the validator's identifications that can be relied upon It also verifies if the signing was successful. certificate is legitimate depending on how the user has set up Acrobat or Reader

  • If a document has been signed and it is checked for integrity, it will After it was signed, the content was altered. The document should be updated if the content Integrity checks verify whether data has been altered since they were last recorded. acceptable to the signer

Modify settings for signature verification

Open the Preferences dialog box
Under Categories , select Signatures

For Verification , click More

When opening a PDF, you can have all of the signatures checked for validity immediately. At the Time of Opening, Signature Verification Is Required By default, this selection will be made.

When you're ready, click the appropriate boxes to confirm. OK

Each of these settings controls how the signature verification plug-in is selected. In many cases, the correct plug-in is chosen mechanically. For information on the necessary plugins for validating signatures, please consult your system administrator.

If at all possible, verifying that a certificate has not been revoked must be a part of any successful attempt

During validation, certificates are checked against a blacklist. Because of that, it's the default option. If this box is unchecked, signature approval revocations are disregarded. Certifying signatures are always verified for their revocation status.

Makes use of the encrypted time provided by the timestamp or embedded in the signature, despite the fact that the signature's certificate may have long since expired. By default, this selection will be made. If this box is unchecked, old timestamps will be thrown out.

If you want to specify how the digital signature's validity is checked, you can do so by picking one of the following options. The time can be verified using the signature's creation date as the default. Another option is to use the current time or the time the document was signed on a timestamp server.

Indicates if a digital signature should include a verification code or not. If the user input required for verification is too extensive, a warning will be displayed.

Use the Windows Certificate Store to verify all root certificates.

You can choose whether or not to trust all root certificates in the Windows Certificates Store by clicking the Trust All Root Certificates button.

  • It is common knowledge that certificates can be relied upon to reliably verify signatory approval.
  • To verify the authenticity of a certified document's signature, a certificate must be presented.

When you make these selections, you put your data at risk.

Trusting all root certificates in the Location of Windows Certificates Windows includes a large number of certificates with different functions besides verifying identities.

Adjust a certificate's reliability.

If you have established a trustworthy relationship with the document's signer, the signature will be recognized in Acrobat or Reader. The certificate's trustworthiness tells you how much you can rely on the signer.

Certs can have their trust settings modified to enable or disable certain operations. To make use of the certified document's dynamic content and embedded JavaScript, for instance, you can adjust the settings to make them visible.

Open the Preferences dialog box
Under Categories , select Signatures
For Trusted Identities and Certificates , click More
Select Authentic Certificates on the left
Click on a certificate that you wish to view. Edit Trust

In the Trust Select one of the following to add this certificate's trustworthiness to your current tab:

Activate This Certificate Having Solid Foundational Trust

When multiple certificate authorities collaborate to issue a single certificate, the first authority in the chain is called the root certificate. All certificates issued by a given certificate authority can be trusted if you have faith in the root certificate.

Verifies the signer's identity

Documents pertaining to trusts wherein the author's signature serves as certification You believe the signer's certifications and agree to the certified document's effects.

The following choices become accessible when this option is chosen:

Embedding media like videos and audio into a legal document

JavaScript with Extended Security Privileges Embedded

Activates protected PDF files that contain Java script Malicious intent can be inserted into JavaScript files. Only enable this feature on certificates you are confident in.

Excludable System Access

Access to the Internet, scripting across domains, silent printing, referencing external objects, and importing and exporting of methods are all possible with authenticated files.

Only allow High-Risk JavaScript Included and Specialized System Access for reliable collaborators and reliable sources Use these options, for instance, with a business or service provider you deal with.

Click OK shut the Options for Digital Identifiers and Secure Certificates to open a Context Menu, select the OK in the Preferences dialog box

Go to for Adobe's Digital Signature Guide.

Digital signature panel

The Signatures The panel shows the document's revision history from the time of the first digital signature until now. To show whether or not a digital signature has been validated, it displays a verification icon. The verification information for each signature is listed below the signature and can be viewed by expanding the signature. The Signatures The panel also includes the date and time of the signature, as well as information about the trust and the signer.

Signatures panel in Acrobat
Using the Signatures panel, check for valid signatures.

Pick a Point of View > Show/Hide > Sidebars for navigating the interface  > Signatures for further information, or use the Display Area for Signatories document's status bar button

The right mouse button on a signature field in the Signatures panel to add, clear, and validate signatures and do most other signature-related tasks It's possible, however, that once you've signed something, the signature field will lock.

Entering the Document Preview Mode

Use the when the security of your signed documents is paramount in your workflow. Learn More About This Document signature-generating functionality for official paperwork When activated, this function scans the document for any changes in style that may be caused by the content. Next, it hides that information so that you can sign the document in peace and view it later.

The Check Out The Document In Advance Find out if the document has any dynamic content or external dependencies with this handy feature. Additionally, it reveals whether or not the document has form fields, multimedia, or JavaScript, all of which can have an impact on how it is displayed. Review the report, and if you have any questions about the issues raised therein, feel free to get in touch with the report's creator.

Open the Preferences dialog box

Under Categories , select Signatures

For Appearance & Origin , click More

For If you sign, , select Preview Files With The Latest Version to the point of elation and a mouse click OK

Using the PDF, go to the expression of identity field and choose Put Your Signature On This!

With the document's current compliance status and available actions displayed in the message bar.

You can (choose to) Preview Report Select each item in the list to reveal additional information in the document's message bar. Please remember to shut the Document For Digital Signature Report dialog box

Select "I agree” if you agree with the document's compliance status. Make a Legal Mark insert your digital signature in the document's message bar

After making any necessary edits, please save the PDF under a new name and exit Acrobat.

You can show your approval of a PDF's contents by marking it as certified. For the document to remain in its certified state, you also outline the types of changes that are acceptable. Take, for instance, a government agency's creation of a form requiring digital signatures. After the agency has certified the form, users can make any necessary changes and then sign it. It allows users to fill out a form and electronically sign a document. In contrast, the document loses its certification if they alter it in any way, even by adding or removing pages.

A certifying signature can be added to a PDF file only if no other signatures are present in the file. A signature used to attest to something can be seen or not seen. Symbolized by a blue ribbon AX_CertifyWithoutVisibleSignature_Md_N.png in the Signatures section represents an authentic signature used for certification. For the purpose of adding the verifying digital signature, a digital ID is required.

Eliminate any potentially dangerous content from the document, such as JavaScripts, actions, or embedded media.

To access the Certificates window, select the Tools menu and then click Certificates.

Select a choice from the following list:

Verify (By Physically Presenting Your Signature)

certify_visible_signature.png Certified signature is inserted into an existing digital signature field (if one exists) or wherever you specify.

Authenticate (Digitally Seal)

certify_invisible_signature.png Authenticates the record, but your signature will only appear in the Signatures panel

Input the signature (if necessary), choose a digital ID, and select a setting by following the on-screen prompts. What You Can Do After Getting Certified

In case you allowed the Use Preview Mode To Read Paperwork Before Signing in the Preferences in Signatures , click Put Your Signature On It! at the top of the page

Close the PDF without making any changes, then save it under a new name. To keep the unsigned original document safe, it's best to save the signed version to a separate file.

In Acrobat, a timestamp can be added to a PDF without calling for a separate identity-based signature. To date and time stamp a PDF, a server for that purpose is needed. (For instructions on setting up a server to accurately record timestamps, see How to Set Up a Timestamp The inclusion of a timestamp on a document guarantees its veracity and its physical presence at a given moment in time. These timestamps conform to ETSI 102 778, Section 4, which specifies timestamp and revocation features. Advanced Digital Signatures in PDF Format the PAdES norm Date and time stamps can be added by users of Adobe Reader X and later if the document contains the necessary Facilitating Reading features

See for more on PAdES.

You can insert a timestamp into an existing document by opening it.

Select a Set of Tools by clicking on the Tools menu. Certificates > Time Stamp

In the Tick the box next to Use Default Timestamp Server in the dialog box, choose an existing default timestamp server or enter a new one.

Click Next and finally, you'll want to save the file with a timestamp

Manual validation of the signature is required if the signature's verification status is ambiguous or unclear. It is recommended to get in touch with the signer if the signature status is invalid.

Visit the Digital Signature Guide at to learn more about signature warnings and valid and invalid signatures.

Digital signatures and timestamps can be evaluated by inspecting their "Signature Properties."

To sign a PDF, open the file and click the signature. The Signed Document Verification Results The signature's legitimacy is explained in a pop-up dialogue box.

To learn more about the Signature and Timestamp , click Characteristic Features

Review the In Conclusion, Validity in the Characteristic Features dialog box Concluding Remarks would probably show one of the following messages:

The time and date of signatures are using the time stamp on the signer's electronic device

The time is displayed in the signer's computer's local time zone.

In this case, the signer made use of a Unix Time Stamp Server and your configurations show that you have established a reliable connection with that specific timestamp server.

Even though the time of the signature has been recorded, it is possible that the time of the signature itself has been altered. unable to confirm

Adding the timestamp server's certificate to your list of trusted identities is a prerequisite for performing timestamp verification. If you have any questions, please contact your system administrator.

There is a timestamp on the signature, but it has expired

If a document contains a timestamp, Acrobat and Reader will verify that it is accurate relative to the current time. If the timestamp signer's certificate is set to expire before the current time, this warning will be shown. Check this box if you want Acrobat or Reader to ignore the lapsed timestamp. Make Use of Expired Time Stamps in the Personal Preferences for Signature Verification Display of a Message Box Preferences > Signatures > Verification : More ) When trying to validate signatures with a timestamp that has passed their expiration date, Acrobat and Reader will show a warning.

To learn more about the signer's certificate, including any trust settings or signature restrictions, click here. Produce Certificate of Signer in the Possessing Distinctive Features dialog box

In the event of a post-signing amendment, please indicate by checking the original signed copy with the current one. version

A digital signature can only be revoked by the person who originally placed it, and only if they have the corresponding digital ID on their device.

Pick one of the options below:

  • Just right-click the signature field and select "Remove Signature" to unsign a document digitally. Conspicuous Signing
  • Select "Remove All" to delete all digital signatures from the PDF. Erase All Signatures From This Form by selecting a setting in the Signatures panel The purpose of this introduction is Signatures Selecting and Judging by a Committee View > Show/Hide > Menu Bars > Signatures )

Digitally viewed document versions legally binding agreement

When a PDF is signed with a certificate, the signed version of the PDF is saved alongside the unsigned original. The original version can't be changed because all subsequent versions are appended. This is where you can find every digital signature ever created, along with every version of that signature. Signatures panel

In the Signatures panel, pick the signature, open it up, and then select Authenticated Version Viewable Here from the Option menu AX_NavOptions_Sm_N.png

When you click on the link for the older version, a new PDF will open up with the signer's name and contact details in the title bar

Use the drop-down menu next to "Document Name" to access the original Window menu

Assess various iterations of a signed document.

Once a document has been signed, a history of its revisions since its last version can be viewed.

In the Signatures tab, then choose the signature

Choose See the Current Version Compared to the Signed One from the Option menu AX_NavOptions_Sm_N.png

When you're finished, please destroy the working copy.

Believe a certificate of a signer

In order to verify the authenticity of a certificate, a user must add it to the user's trusted identity list in the Authorized Identity Administrator and adjusting its degree of trust manually Certificate security is commonly used by end users, who exchange certificates as needed. On the other hand, they can add certificates from signatures in signed documents directly and then establish trust levels. However, businesses frequently have employees verify the signatures of others without carrying out any additional work. Acrobat verifies the validity of each certificate in the chain until it reaches a trusted root certificate. It is recommended that administrators either preconfigure client installations or give users the option to add a trust anchor or anchors. Certificate-based signatures can be verified with the help of information available at About certificate-based signatures.

In the case of digital signatures, Adobe is unable to automatically validate those added with a self-signed certificate because the certificate is not included in Adobe's list of Trusted Identities. To put it simply, a self-signed certificate is one that you have created on your own using an external program. You can't check the signature by hand until Adobe accepts the certificate. A warning that "at least one signature has problems" will appear if you open such a PDF.

Adobe advises against adding a self-signed or otherwise arbitrary certificate to the Trusted Identities list.

Adobe's Trusted Identities list needs to be updated with the certificate used to apply the digital signature.

To add a signature, select the Signatures tab on the left.

To view the signature's properties, right-click on it and choose the option to "Show Signature Properties."

Select the option to Display Signer's Certificate in the Signature Properties dialogue box.

To add a certificate to your list of trusted ones, open the Certificate Viewer's Trust tab and click the Add button.

If a dialogue box asking you to confirm your trust settings appears, click OK.

Digital signatures and PDF portfolios

Partially-complete PDFs can be signed inside of a Archive of PDF Files , or affix your Catalogue in Portable Document Format as a whole Signing Using a component PDF prevents the PDF from being edited and protects the data within. All the individual PDFs must be signed before the final agreement can be signed. Digital Portfolio in Portable Document Format to complete it You may also put your signature on the The Portfolio PDF as in order to secure the PDF content of the entire project at once

  • Visit the PDF Signing Guide to learn how to authenticate a PDF. After signing, the PDF is downloaded to the Portable Document Format Portfolio

  • To sign a EPortfolio PDF Collectively, please sign the cover sheet ( View > Portfolio > Sheet Protector ) After you have signed the Sample Portfolio in Portable Document Format You can't sign the individual documents, but not the whole. However, additional signatures can be added to the cover page if necessary.

Secure documents with digitally signed addenda to individual PDF files

In addition to signing the cover sheet, you can also sign any accompanying documents. Opening an attached PDF in a new window allows for the application of signatures. Choose "Open with" from the context menu when you right-click the file. Open File through the right-click menu that appears when you right-click The signatures on the EPortfolio PDF access the document's message bar and signatures pane by going to the cover sheet.

Authenticated and Signed Portable Document Format (PDF) Portfolios

A signed or certified document Foldable Document Format (PDF) Portfolio includes a signature or signatures that validate or certify the Portfolio in Portable Document Format The most telling signature can be found in Signed ID Card where tools are kept The cover sheet contains a complete list of signatures and their corresponding information.

Signature Badge in Acrobat
The Signature Badge is a convenient way to solution to confirm the PDF Portfolio's legitimacy

  • See the signatory's name and organization on the EPortfolio PDF put the mouse cursor over the Badge with a Signatory's Name on It

  • See the signature in the Stamped with Your Initials To see the, visit the Signed ID Card Cover letter and resume Signatures pane of information open on the left side of the screen

If the Documentation in Portable Document Format if a stamp of approval or certificate of certification turns out to be faulty ID Badge with a Signatory's Name on It Displays a Caution Icon Put the mouse pointer over a to see a detailed description of the issue. Identification Card with a Signature with a red alert symbol There are several different warning symbols depending on the circumstance.

DigSig Admin Guide ( lists and explains all known warnings.

Data in XML Forms Architectures (XFA) forms can be signed using XML data signatures, which are supported in both Acrobat and Reader. All events on the form, such as button clicks, file saves, and submissions, are signed, validated, and cleared according to the author's XML instructions.

The W3C's XML-Signature standard is followed by XML data signatures. Similar to PDF digital signatures, XML digital signatures guarantee document authenticity, integrity, and irrefutability.

There are several possible data verification states for PDF signatures. If the user makes a change to the PDF's signed content, certain states are triggered. XML signatures, on the other hand, can only be in one of two data verification states: valid or invalid. When a user modifies the XML signature, the state transitions to invalid.

Create a system to verify signatures over time

Validity of a signature can be checked long after it was originally signed using long-term signature validation. All the necessary elements for signature validation must be embedded in the signed PDF for it to be long-lastingly valid. These can be embedded either at the time of signature creation or later.

The validity of a signature is time-sensitive, and it expires if the PDF is not properly completed. These constraints arise because signature-related certificates eventually become invalid. Once a certificate's expiration date has passed, the issuing authority is no longer obligated to report any changes to the certificate's revocation status. The signature can't be verified unless the signature's revocation status is in compliance.

The signing certificate chain, the certificate revocation status, and perhaps a timestamp are all necessary elements for establishing the signature's validity. The signature can be validated without resorting to external resources if all necessary elements are present and embedded at the time of signing. If the necessary components are made available, Acrobat and Reader can embed them. Creators of PDFs need to grant Reader users permission to use the file ( File > Keep Separately > A PDF Reader With Extra Features )

A timestamp server with the right settings is necessary for embedding timestamps. It's also important to remember to adjust the signature validation time to Protected Time ( Preferences > Security > Preferences in the Future > Verification tab) Without any configuration from the signer, CDS certificates can embed verification information like revocation and timestamp into the document. Signer must have access to the internet in order to retrieve necessary data.

Verify that the computer can communicate with the sufficient network assets

Verify that the favored Mark the Signature as Revocable stays as the top pick Preferences > Signatures > Development and Outward Showing : More ) It is set as the default option.

The availability of a full certificate chain is a prerequisite for The PDF is updated mechanically with new information. In case a time-stamping server has been set up, a time stamp will be included.

There are processes in which validating a signature is an integral part of the workflow. not available at signing but available for purchase after the fact To give just one illustration: A company executive on the road could use a laptop to digitally sign a contract. by air The computer is unable to connect to the web and therefore cannot Signature enhancements including a time stamp and the ability to revoke the signature In the future, when everyone with Internet access can verify the signature, can supplement the PDF with this data Signature verifications in the future can benefit from this data as well

A computer's ability to connect to the correct system means, then right-click the PDF signature to "Properties"

Choose Include Authentication Data

Part 4 of the ETSI 102 778 PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures (PAdES) standard is met by the information and methods used to include this long term validation (LTV) information in the PDF. Visit for additional details. If the signature is invalid or was generated by the sender, the command will not execute. Additionally, if the current time is equal to the verification time, the command will be disabled.

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