All Methods for Resetting Your Xiaomi Smartphone

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There are a variety of options available to you if you own a Xiaomi smartphone and wish to perform a factory reset. Resetting a device can be done for a variety of reasons. Resetting your Xiaomi smartphone, for example, could give it new life if its performance has slowed down over time. Protect yourself from identity theft by wiping your Xiaomi smartphone before selling it.

Methods that are both secure and simple for resetting your Xiaomi smartphone are outlined in this article. If you follow the instructions carefully, resetting your device will be a breeze.

How to Factory Reset Your Xiaomi Device

Resetting Your Xiaomi Smartphone: Some Advice

  1. Please make a backup of your Xiaomi phone if it contains any particularly sensitive or important information before performing a factory reset.
  2. Avoid stopping the reset process prematurely, as doing so could damage your Xiaomi smartphone.
  3. Xiaomi recommends fully charging your device before performing a factory reset to avoid losing any data.

1. Soft Reset Your Xiaomi Device

A soft reset is a simple method of resetting your smartphone that simply restarts all of its processes. Xiaomi smartphones typically benefit from a soft reset before a more drastic factory reset is necessary, so try that first if your device is running slowly or has frozen while an app or instance was running.

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As such, a soft reset can be used to fix common issues like those related to network connectivity, a faulty sensor, and more. Here are the steps you need to take in order to perform a soft reset on your Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. To turn on your Xiaomi phone, look for the power button.
  2. Hold down the power button for a few seconds until the menu appears.
  3. Select the Restart option.
  4. Just be patient while the system reboots.
  5. Voila

Xiaomi smartphone soft reset

So, it's clear that a soft reset of your Xiaomi smartphone is a simple process that should, in theory, fix common issues without requiring much time or effort on your part. Even if your Xiaomi smartphone doesn't respond to your power button press, if you keep holding it for about 10 seconds, it will restart.

How to Unlock a Xiaomi Phone and Perform a Factory Reset

Xiaomi smartphones have a lock screen password that can be reset by performing a factory reset if you have forgotten it and cannot access the device in any other way. If you have no attachment to the information on your Xiaomi smartphone and wish to wipe it clean, you can do a factory reset by entering recovery mode. Take these measures to accomplish your goal:

  1. How to find the power button on your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. To access the power settings, press and hold the power button until the menu appears.
  3. Select the Turn off power button option.
  4. If your Xiaomi phone is off, hold down the power button and the volume up button until the screen turns back on.
  5. You can release the power button while still holding the volume up button until the Xiaomi/Mi/POCO logo appears, at which point you can release the volume up button.
  6. In a short while, your Xiaomi device will begin displaying the Recovery Mode screen.
  7. Use the volume controls to access the option to delete all data.
  8. When you press the power button, the option to delete all data will appear.
  9. You can erase everything by pressing the power button again and choosing that option.
  10. Select the Confirmation button.
  11. When it's done, your Xiaomi device will notify you with a success prompt.
  12. To return to the main menu, select the corresponding option.
  13. All it takes is a reboot. You have just finished resetting your Xiaomi mobile device.

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Here is a diagram depicting the procedure to be followed:

You Should Also Back Up Your Xiaomi Smartphone

One of the quickest ways to reset your Xiaomi phone to factory settings is through the device's recovery menu. However, some users may find this process to be too complicated or time-consuming. In addition, resetting the device from the recovery menu will permanently delete all data.

Resetting your Xiaomi smartphone through the phone's settings menu is the most secure option if you can access the device and want to create a backup before resetting it. Follow these instructions to factory reset your Xiaomi device:

  1. Go to your Xiaomi phone's settings page.
  2. Locate Factory Reset in the About Phone or Additional Settings menu.
  3. To completely reset your device to factory settings, select the option to delete all user data from the settings menu at the very bottom of the screen.
  4. Please enter your password, PIN, or pattern to continue.
  5. Before wiping your Xiaomi smartphone, you can use the Back up button to create a copy of all of its contents.
  6. Press the Factory Reset button if you do not wish to make a backup.
  7. Click Next after 10 seconds.
  8. If you still see the loading screen after 10 seconds, select OK.
  9. Just give your Xiaomi phone a few minutes to reset.
  10. Your Xiaomi smartphone will now power on without your intervention, and you can configure it in the same way you did when you first got it.

Take a look at this diagram for a visual guide to the process:

If you've forgotten your device's lock screen password and can't get in, this method can help you get in, just like the recovery mode reset can. However, the ADB factory reset method requires a desktop computer or a laptop in addition to your Xiaomi smartphone, unlike the first three methods. Here are the steps you need to take to use the ADB tools to factory reset your Xiaomi device:

  1. Please turn off your Xiaomi device.
  2. To enter Fastboot mode, press and hold the power and volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.
  3. Use a USB cable that is compatible with your computer to link your Xiaomi smartphone to it.
  4. To get started, get the ADB and Fastboot Tools for your PC.
  5. The Android Debug Bridge Fastboot Tool must be activated.
  6. To bring up the Command Prompt, right-click on this
  7. At the command prompt, enter Fastboot_W.
  8. After a brief pause, type "Fastboot Reboot" and hit "enter."

Xiaomi Factory Reset

This will successfully reset your Xiaomi smartphone, allowing you to begin using it again from scratch.

Also, here's the full rundown on how to activate and set up your new Xiaomi Redmi or Mi smartphone.

Xiaomi smartphones can be easily and quickly reset using these methods. This article should have provided all the information you needed to factory reset your Xiaomi device. If so, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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