All Methods for Resetting Your Xiaomi Smartphone

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There are a variety of options available to you if you own a Xiaomi smartphone and wish to perform a factory reset. One could want to perform a factory reset for any number of reasons. If your Xiaomi smartphone has become unresponsive over time, for instance, a factory reset may bring it back to life. The best way to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands when selling your Xiaomi smartphone is to wipe all of the data from the device.

Here, we'll show you how to reset your Xiaomi phone in the most secure and streamlined way possible. If you follow the instructions carefully, you should have no trouble resetting the device.

Methods For Resetting Your Xiaomi Device

A Few Things to Consider Before Resetting Your Xiaomi Smartphone

  1. Please make sure to create a backup of your Xiaomi phone if it contains any particularly sensitive or important information before performing a factory data reset.
  2. You could potentially brick your Xiaomi phone by interfering with the reset process.
  3. Your Xiaomi smartphone's battery will need to be fully charged before you can perform a factory reset.

1. Soft Reset Your Xiaomi Device

Performing a soft reset on your smartphone is an easy way to reset it, as it simply reboots all of its systems. You may not need to resort to a full factory reset if you first try a soft reset on your Xiaomi smartphone if it is running slowly or has frozen while an app or instance was running.

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Similarly, a soft reset can help fix common issues like a broken network connection or faulty sensors. Here are the measures you must take to perform a soft reset on your Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. Find your Xiaomi phone's power button.
  2. For the power options menu, press and hold the power button for a few seconds.
  3. Select the Restart option.
  4. Just be patient while the system reboots.
  5. Voila

Xiaomi smartphone soft reset

Because of this, it's clear that a soft reset of your Xiaomi smartphone is a simple procedure that should, in theory, quickly and painlessly fix common issues. However, if your Xiaomi smartphone doesn't respond to your press and hold of the power button, you can force a restart by holding the button down for about 10 seconds.

2. Unlocking Your Xiaomi Phone and Performing a Factory Reset

Xiaomi smartphones have a lock screen password that can be reset by performing a factory reset if you have forgotten it and cannot access the device in any other way. If you want to wipe your Xiaomi smartphone clean and aren't concerned about losing any data in the process, you can do a factory reset through the device's recovery mode. These procedures must be carried out in order to achieve your goal:

  1. To turn on your Xiaomi phone, look for the power button.
  2. When the power menu appears, release the button.
  3. Select the Power off menu item.
  4. After the Xiaomi smartphone has been turned off, simultaneously press and hold the power and volume up buttons.
  5. Release the power button while still holding the volume up button until the Xiaomi/Mi/POCO logo appears, at which point you will feel a vibration.
  6. Sooner or later, your Xiaomi device will prompt you to enter Recovery Mode.
  7. Using the volume controls, get to the setting called "Wipe Data."
  8. You can erase all data by pressing the power button and selecting the appropriate option.
  9. When prompted, select "Delete All User Data" by pressing the power button again.
  10. When prompted, select the Confirm button.
  11. A completion prompt will appear on your Xiaomi device once the process is complete.
  12. The option to return to the primary menu can be accessed by clicking Here.
  13. Just restart, and everything will be fine Congratulations, you have just finished resetting your Xiaomi mobile device.

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The necessary procedures are depicted graphically below:

You Should Also Back Up Your Xiaomi Phone

While one of the quickest ways to reset your Xiaomi smartphone is through the recovery menu, this process may still seem intimidating or time-consuming to you. In addition, if you reset the device from the recovery menu, all of your information will be lost.

If you have access to your Xiaomi smartphone and would like to create a backup of its data before performing a factory reset, the most secure method is to use the phone's settings menu. This is how you can factory reset your Xiaomi phone from the settings menu:

  1. Go to your Xiaomi phone's settings page.
  2. The Factory Reset option can be accessed from the About Phone or Additional Settings menu.
  3. To completely reset your device to its factory settings, select the menu option to "Erase all data"
  4. Please enter your password, PIN, or pattern to continue.
  5. A backup can be created before resetting your Xiaomi smartphone by selecting the Back up option.
  6. Press Factory Reset if you don't want to make a backup.
  7. Ten seconds later, proceed by selecting Next.
  8. Ten seconds later, select OK by touching the screen.
  9. Just give your Xiaomi phone a few minutes to reset.
  10. After this, your Xiaomi smartphone will power on without your intervention, and you can configure it in the same way you did when you first got it.

Here's an illustration of the procedure to follow:

If you have forgotten the lock screen password and are unable to access the device, this method is just as helpful as the recovery mode reset. On the other hand, the ADB factory reset method necessitates the use of a personal computer or laptop in addition to your Xiaomi smartphone, unlike the aforementioned three options. Following these steps will allow you to reset your Xiaomi device using the ADB tools:

  1. Switch off your Xiaomi device.
  2. Quickly launch Fastboot by pressing and holding the power and volume-down buttons until the screen appears.
  3. You can do this by plugging a USB cable that is compatible with your Xiaomi smartphone into your computer.
  4. To get started, get the ADB and Fastboot Tools for your PC.
  5. Launch the Android Debug Bridge Fastboot Tool
  6. Open a New Command Prompt Window by Clicking the Right Mouse Button
  7. Press enter after typing Fastboot_W into the command prompt.
  8. After a brief pause, type "Fasboot Reboot" and press the enter key.

Xiaomi Factory Reset

You have successfully factory reset your Xiaomi smartphone and can now begin using it as new.

In addition, here's the full rundown on how to activate your new Xiaomi Redmi or Mi smartphone:

You can easily and quickly reset your Xiaomi smartphone using these methods. The Xiaomi device reset instructions provided here should prove useful. If so, please let us know what you think by commenting below.

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