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An Indian take on the classic American board game Monopoly is available under the name "The Bussiness Game." In order to win Business Game, players need to make many sound decisions, in contrast to simpler board games like Ludo or Snake and Ladder. Of course, luck still plays a significant role in the game, but it does so much less For those who tire of playing by the book, there are countless alternatives to the standard rules.

How To Play Business Game The American board game Monopoly served as the inspiration for the business genre.

The fundamentals of playing Business Game are outlined in this article. (This is a guide for playing Business Game in English; if you want to learn the game in Tamil, Hindi, or Telugu, just type "Business Game rules" into Google Translate.)

The Rules of the Business Card Game

Two to four players plus a banker (or one player taking on both roles) make up a full deck.

How To Play Business Game Instructions for the Businessman Board Game


  • Card game board for the workplace
  • Each participant has their own token.
  • Bills of value (numbers written on paper can serve as currency).
  • 2 dices
Business Game In the game of Business, paper scraps can serve as currency.

Each participant will receive Rs 15,000 (approximately $1,750) at the beginning of the game. Dice are rolled in turns. If someone gets 12, they may begin to leave. All the other players are still at the initial stage. In order to begin purchasing Property, players must first move beyond their initial position (the GO space). Once a player enters the GO zone, they are rewarded with Rs 1,500. A player receives an additional roll if they roll a double.

Business Game For the Real Estate Game, the first player to roll a 12 moves, and buyers must move their piece past GO once.

Each player attempts to amass the most money by going clockwise around the board. Those who have more debt than they can reasonably pay off are eliminated from competition. The player with the most money when the clock runs out is the winner.

When a player lands on one of the many unique spaces on the board of Business Game, a variety of events will occur.


If a player visits a city but is unable to purchase it, the bank will hold an auction and sell it to the highest bidder. The Property won't be sold if no interested party comes forward to make an offer. Each city's cost is listed on the board. Buying everything you can when you land on it is the standard strategy in Business Game.

A player will owe you rent when they set foot on your land. The rent is doubled if you own all the cities of the same color. You can increase your rent by constructing dwellings on your property. Depending on a number of factors, a home's price can range from Each lot must have a similar number of dwellings built upon it.

Business Game It's impossible to succeed without careful management of your assets and finances.

If the bank has run out of houses, players will need to wait until someone else sells one back to the bank. A bank may sell its last remaining home at auction to the highest bidder if there is intense competition for it.

One's property can be sold to the bank or to other players.

Luck and the Commons Fund

The player who lands on either of these spaces must draw a card from the appropriate deck and perform the action specified on the drawn card. Money, location, and even jail time are all up for grabs for the players. A unique "get out of jail free" card is also included. Once a player has read this card, they should put it back at the bottom of the deck. The entire range of card effects is displayed there.

Business Game cards Instructions for Playing a Business Card Game, Including Where to Find Chance and Community Chest Cards


In the event that a player is placed in Jail, they will be unable to move until they are released. However, they can still collect rent, purchase homes, bid in auctions, and engage in trades with other players. As soon as a player is placed in Jail, their turn is over. An inmate can be sent there via the following methods:

  • Whenever a player receives this message from a Chance or Community Chest card,
  • Triple doubles on a single turn
prison Business Game These are all the ways to get yourself thrown in jail while playing the "Business Game."

Ways to Avoid Going to Prison:

  • On your next turn, roll a double.
  • Play the trump card and avoid jail time.
  • You must pay the bank a Rs 200 fine before proceeding to the next round. The first time the player crosses GO after leaving Jail, they will not receive Rs 1,500.

Rolling dice and getting the normal "Jail" result has no effect.

Having one's freedom severely restricted is not always a bad thing. Players who are new to the Business Game and don't yet know the ropes usually try to get out of Jail as soon as they can. Late in the game, when many players have Property, staying in jail can increase your earnings by preventing you from having to pay rent to other players.

Income Tax

If a player lands here, he or she must give Rs 200 to the bank.

Club House

Every time a player lands here, they must pay Rs 100 to the banks in order to use it.

Rest House

The turn of any player who lands on the Rest House is skipped.

The Ultimate Wrap-Up on How to Succeed in Business

These are the fundamentals of the International Business Game. However, playing Business Game in person with friends is still the best way to learn the rules and get used to the game quickly. When playing, the optimal number of players is 4.

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