Area in Square Feet for 1 Guntha

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Getting an accurate result when converting between different units of measure requires a proper formula and careful calculations. If you don't, you'll make a fool of yourself and the other person. However, we ask that you not be concerned, as we have provided a guide that will teach you the most effective and simple method for converting 1 Guntha to Square Feet. Relax and begin reading.

How Many Square Feet Are in One Guntha?

Land measurement units will naturally vary from one state to the next, as you well know. Commonly used units of measurement include the square yard, square foot, acre, square meter, hectare, and guntha. One Guntha is equivalent to about 1,089 square feet, as we saw earlier. ft In most cases, this is the standard unit of measurement for plots of farmland in Northern India.

Knowing how much land you're buying or selling for will be a breeze now that you know how to convert 1 gunta to square feet. When looking to buy land in different regions of India, the Guntha measurement will come into play. If you're a buyer, it's important to have a rough idea of the land's dimensions so you can budget appropriately for building, fencing, and other improvements. Sellers can benefit from knowing the conversion from Guntha to square feet in order to set a fair price for their property.

If you'd like to save time and effort, you can use one of the many available online calculators to convert measurement units. You can expect to become more proficient in the future, though, with consistent effort and a deep understanding of the material at hand. If you're thinking about making a career change into real estate, you should definitely brush up on this information.

Conversion Factor for 1 Gunta to Sq. Ft.

One Guntha is equal to one Gunta (or square foot), so you should be familiar with this conversion. The most widely used conversion factor between guntha and square feet is 1:1.  

The area of 1 guntha is 1,089 square feet. The value of 1 square foot is equal to zero. Guntha (00091827) If you need to make a conversion, use this standard model.  

Converting Guntas to Square Feet: A Formula and an Example

It's easy to calculate how many square feet are in 1 Guntha. The list is as follows:

1 Guntha is equal to 1,089 square feet.  

Any given quantity of Gunthas can be converted to its equivalent in square feet using the provided formula.  

While 1 ft2 is equal to 0 Guntha (000918)

Use this guide to easily convert any area measurement to Guntha.  

Let's look at some examples to see how Gunta and square feet are related.  

Converting 10 Gunthas to Square Feet (First Example)

There are 10890 square feet in 10 gunthas.  

Second Example: Changing 2 Gunta to Sq. Ft.

Squaring off 2 gunta yields a total area of 2*1089, or 2168 square feet.  

Third Example: Five Guntha to Square Feet Conversion

5445 square feet is equal to 5 times 1089 square meters, or 5 guntha.  

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Guntha vs. square feet: the conversion

Both are used to quantify land area, but there are some key distinctions between them.

Comparative Framework


Feet square



Sq ft, ft 2


Total area can be measured with this unit. Its primary function is to determine the dimensions of a given plot of land.

United States Imperial Unit; S standard measure of landmass, adopted on a global scale  


Its primary use is in determining the dimensions of any given plot of land.

Its primary use is in the measurement of residential areas, such as apartments and rooms.


One guntha is equal to 1,089 square feet.

That means a square foot is smaller than a Guntha.  

1 sq ft = 0 Guntha (000918)

In other words, this means that a square foot is larger than a Guntha.  


The majority of its users can be found in India, though it is also widely spoken in Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.  

Its use is ubiquitous.  

Conversion Table from Gunthas to Square Feet

If you're interested, here's a Gunta to square foot conversion table:  

Here is a string of numbers that can be rounded to four decimal places.

Guntha Foot Squared Inch to Square Meters 1 guntha 1089.00000005 sq ft There are 1089 units in a guntha. Inches per square foot 2 guntha 2178.0000001 sq ft There are 2178 sen in 2 guntha. Square feet: 0.0000001 3 guntha 3267.00000015 sq ft Three guntha is equivalent to 3267 1/15 of a square foot 4 guntha 4356.0000002 sq ft It's equal to 4356 in 4 guntha Inches per square foot 5 guntha 5445.00000025 sq ft 5.4455 in terms of 5 guntha 0.0025 square inches 6 guntha 6534.0000003 sq ft There are 6534 units in 6 guntha. 3 square inches 7 guntha 7623.00000035 sq ft There are 7623 sevens in a guntha. area = 0.00000035 ft2 8 guntha 8712.0000004 sq ft Eight guntha is equivalent to 8712 square feet = 0.0000004 9 guntha 9801.00000045 sq ft A 9 guntha note is equivalent to 9801 decimal places. 45 square inches 10 guntha 10890.0000005 sq ft It takes 108.90 milimeters to equal one guntha. Inches per square foot 11 guntha 11979.00000055 sq ft 11979 is the equivalent of 11 guntha. 55 square inches 12 guntha 13068.0000006 sq ft There are 13068 units in 12 guntha. Inches per square foot 13 guntha 14157.00000065 sq ft 14157 is the equivalent of 13 guntha. area = 0.00000065 ft2 14 guntha 15246.0000007 sq ft 15246 is the equivalent of 14 guntha. Inches per square foot 15 guntha 16335.00000075 sq ft There are 16335 sen in 15 guntha. 0.0075 square inches 16 guntha 17424.0000008 sq ft 17424 sen is equal to 16 guntha. square feet = 0.0000008 17 guntha 18513.00000085 sq ft 18513 is the equivalent of 17 guntha. 8 square inches 18 guntha 19602.0000009 sq ft 18 gnt = 19602 9 square inches 19 guntha 20691.00000095 sq ft There are 20691 19 guntha in a gram. area = 0.00000095 ft2 20 guntha 21780.000001 sq ft Twenty guntha equals 21780 sen. square inches 21 guntha 22869.00000105 sq ft There are 22869 units in a guntha. 0.00000105 ft2 22 guntha 23958.0000011 sq ft Approximately 23958 in 22 guntha 0.00000011 ft2 23 guntha 25047.00000115 sq ft The conversion factor from 23 guntha to decimal equivalents is 25047. 0.00000115 ft2 24 guntha 26136.0000012 sq ft 26136 is the equivalent of 24 guntha. 0.001 square inches 25 guntha 27225.00000125 sq ft 27225 is equal to 25 guntha. 1/125,000 of a square foot 26 guntha 28314.0000013 sq ft The value of 26 guntha is 28314. 0.000013 acres 27 guntha 29403.00000135 sq ft In terms of numbers, 27 guntha is equivalent to 29403. 0.00135.035 ft2 28 guntha 30492.0000014 sq ft 30492 is the equivalent of 28 guntha. 0.000014 acres 29 guntha 31581.00000145 sq ft 31581 sen is equivalent to 29 guntha. Inches: 00000145 Area: 30 guntha 32670.0000015 sq ft What is 30 Guntha in Decimal Form? 0.000001500 square inches 31 guntha 33759.00000155 sq ft 33759 is the equivalent of 31 guntha. Square Feet: 0000155 32 guntha 34848.0000016 sq ft There are 34848 in 32 guntha. 0.000016 acres 33 guntha 35937.00000165 sq ft There are 35937 33 guntha in a kilo. 0000165 linear inches 34 guntha 37026.0000017 sq ft 37026 is the equivalent of 34 guntha. 0.0000017 acres 35 guntha 38115.00000175 sq ft There are 38115 units in a guntha. 1/7 of a square foot 36 guntha 39204.0000018 sq ft There are 39204 36 guntha in a kilo. 0.000018 acres 37 guntha 40293.00000185 sq ft 40293 is the equivalent of 37 guntha. 0000185 square inches 38 guntha 41382.0000019 sq ft There are 41382 units in a guntha. 0.000019 acres 39 guntha 42471.00000195 sq ft The conversion factor between guntha and tens of thousands of square feet: 0.000000195 40 guntha 43560.000002 sq ft Converting to a fraction, 40 guntha is equal to 43560 fraction of a square inch 41 guntha 44649.00000205 sq ft 44649 is the equivalent of 41 guntha. Area equal to.00000205 square feet 42 guntha 45738.0000021 sq ft 42 gntha is equal to 45738 thng 0.0021 square inches 43 guntha 46827.00000215 sq ft When converted to a decimal, 43 guntha is equal to 46827. square feet per inch squared 44 guntha 47916.0000022 sq ft There are 47916 44 guntha in a kilo. 0.000022 acres 45 guntha 49005.00000225 sq ft 45 gngt equals 4905 square feet = 0.00000225 46 guntha 50094.0000023 sq ft 50094 sen is equal to 46 guntha. 0.0023 square inches 47 guntha 51183.00000235 sq ft 51183 sen is equal to 47 guntha. 00000235 linear inches 48 guntha 52272.0000024 sq ft The conversion factor for 48 guntha is 52272. 0.0000024 square inches 49 guntha 53361.00000245 sq ft It takes 53361 sen to equal 49 g. 0.00000245.0245 ft2 50 guntha 54450.0000025 sq ft Fifty guntha is equivalent to 54450 Inches per square foot 51 guntha 55539.00000255 sq ft In other words, 51 guntha is equivalent to 55539 0.0025 square inches 52 guntha 56628.0000026 sq ft There are 56628 sen in 52 guntha. square feet = 0.0000026 53 guntha 57717.00000265 sq ft There are 57717 guntha in a yard. Square Footage: 0.000000265 54 guntha 58806.0000027 sq ft There are 58806 guntha in a yard. 0.000027 acres 55 guntha 59895.00000275 sq ft It takes 55 guntha to equal 59895 00000275 linear inches 56 guntha 60984.0000028 sq ft There are 60984 guntha in a yard. area = 0.0000028 ft2 57 guntha 62073.00000285 sq ft 62073 is the same as 57 guntha. Size: 0.000000285 ft2 58 guntha 63162.0000029 sq ft 63162 is the same as 58 guntha. Zero metric square feet 59 guntha 64251.00000295 sq ft 64251 satang is equal to 59 guntha. 0.00000295.0295 ft2 60 guntha 65340.000003 sq ft There are 65340 sen in 60 guntha. square inches 61 guntha 66429.00000305 sq ft 66429 sen is equivalent to 61 guntha. Area = 0.00000305 ft2 62 guntha 67518.0000031 sq ft There are 67518 guntha in a yard. 0.00000031 ft2 63 guntha 68607.00000315 sq ft The conversion factor for 63 guntha is 68607. square feet = 0.000000315 64 guntha 69696.0000032 sq ft Sixty-four guntha is equal to 69696 0.000032 acres 65 guntha 70785.00000325 sq ft There are 70785 guntha in 65 dollars. Square Footage: 0.000000325 66 guntha 71874.0000033 sq ft 71874 is the equivalent of 66 guntha. 0.0033 square inches 67 guntha 72963.00000335 sq ft Seventy-seven guntha is equivalent to 72963. Square Footage: 0.00000335 68 guntha 74052.0000034 sq ft 74052 sen is equivalent to 68 guntha. area = 0.0000034 ft2 69 guntha 75141.00000345 sq ft 75141 baht is equal to 69 guntha. square feet = 0.000000345 70 guntha 76230.0000035 sq ft There are 76230 70 guntha in a 0.000035 acres 71 guntha 77319.00000355 sq ft The conversion factor between guntha and metric systems is 71:7,319 The area is 0.00000355 square feet 72 guntha 78408.0000036 sq ft There are 78408 guntha in 72 g. 0.00360036 meters 73 guntha 79497.00000365 sq ft 79497 sen is equivalent to 73 guntha. Square Footage: 0.00000365 74 guntha 80586.0000037 sq ft 80586 sen is equivalent to 74 guntha. Zero metric square feet 75 guntha 81675.00000375 sq ft 81675 baht is the same as 75 guntha. 0.0000375 meters square 76 guntha 82764.0000038 sq ft There are 82764 guntha in a pound. Zero metric square feet 77 guntha 83853.00000385 sq ft There are 83853 guntha in a pound. square feet = 0.000000385 78 guntha 84942.0000039 sq ft There are 84942 guntha in a yard. Zero metric square feet 79 guntha 86031.00000395 sq ft 86031 baht is equal to 79 guntha. square feet = 0.000000395 80 guntha 87120.000004 sq ft 87120 is equal to 80 guntha. Inches per square inch 81 guntha 88209.00000405 sq ft Eighty-one guntha is equivalent to eight thousand two hundred and nine. feet squared = 0.00000405 82 guntha 89298.0000041 sq ft The conversion factor for 82 guntha is 89298.0. square feet = 0.0000041 83 guntha 90387.00000415 sq ft This is the equivalent in digits of the number 90387 for 83 guntha. square feet = 0.00000415 84 guntha 91476.0000042 sq ft 91476 is the same as 84 guntha. area = 0.0000042 ft2 85 guntha 92565.00000425 sq ft To convert 85 guntha to 92565 fractional square inches 86 guntha 93654.0000043 sq ft 93654 baht is equal to 86 guntha. Zero metric square feet 87 guntha 94743.00000435 sq ft 94743 is the same as 87 guntha. Square Footage: 0.00000435 88 guntha 95832.0000044 sq ft 95832 is the equivalent of 88 guntha. 4 square inches 89 guntha 96921.00000445 sq ft Expressed in terms of sen, 89 sen is equal to 96921 guntha. square feet = 0.00000445 90 guntha 98010.0000045 sq ft There are 98010 sen in 90 guntha. Inches per square foot: 91 guntha 99099.00000455 sq ft There are 99099 satang in 91 guntha. square feet = 0.00000455 92 guntha 100188.0000046 sq ft To convert 92 guntha to decimal form, use the following formula: 0.000046 acres 93 guntha 101277.00000465 sq ft It takes 101277 guntha to equal 93 guntha. square feet = 0.00000465 94 guntha 102366.0000047 sq ft 102366 is the same as 94 guntha. square feet = 0.0000047 95 guntha 103455.00000475 sq ft 95 gndh = 103455 kng square feet = 0.00000475 96 guntha 104544.0000048 sq ft A 96-guntha bill is equivalent to 104544 dollars. 0.000048 acres 97 guntha 105633.00000485 sq ft 105633 is the same as 97 guntha. 0.00000485.0485 ft2 98 guntha 106722.0000049 sq ft There are 106722 baht in 98 guntha. square feet = 0.0000049 99 guntha 107811.00000495 sq ft It takes 107811 guntha to equal 99 sen. Square Footage: 0.00000495 100 guntha 108900.000005 sq ft 108.900 baht is equal to 100 guntha. square inches

Forget about Guntha, what's his name?

You should know that Guntha, or Gunta (as it is also called), is a measurement for total area before attempting to convert 1 Guntha to square feet. This is one common method of determining the size of a piece of property.  

For reference, in India, 1 Guntha is equal to 1,089 square ft, i e 33 x 33 feet (10 x 10 meters) 120 is also the equivalent of 1 Guntha. Square Meterage: 101 x 999 The area is 1714 square feet, or 16 Annas. There are seven Annas to one. Square feet: 5624 (six square 3322 square feet One acre equals 40 Gunthas.

Guntha is currently in use,

Land area is measured using the Guntha, or Gunta as it is sometimes referred to in common parlance. Its primary market is India, but it is also widely spoken in other countries like Pakistan, etc.  

It's a useful tool for determining the dimensions of a specific piece of real estate. This is a common method of land measurement in many parts of India, including several different states. Therefore, it is crucial to understand more about the same and the conversion to square feet in order to determine the appropriate dimensions, sizes, and appropriate buying or selling prices.

Sq. Ft. = What?

In many parts of the world, the square foot is the de facto standard unit of measurement. In the United States, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Canada, Bangladesh, and even the United Kingdom (United Kingdom), the square foot is the predominant area unit in use. Most people will recognize it as the space occupied by a square with sides of 1 foot.

It's important to know that 1 square foot is equal to 0 centimeters, 144 square inches, and 1/9 of a square yard. A Space of 09290304 Square Feet The square footage of an acre is roughly 43, 560 feet.

Current Sq. Ft. In Use

When people are looking for a home, plot of land, office space, or apartment, the square foot or square feet comes into play as the primary measurement unit for land area.  

This is the universal standard for gauging land or other flat areas. Among the many mechanisms available for figuring out the dimensions of any space, including apartments, the laser device is the most cutting-edge.  

Straight corner-to-corner measurements are often aided in by the real estate industry, businesses, and other developers. Areas that are longer or wider than their end-to-end dimensions can also be subtracted. Thus, the square foot is not only important in India's real estate market, but also in markets around the world.  

FAQs :

The area equal to 1 Guntha or 1 Gunta will be 1,089 square feet. This is the typical method of computation.

The size of 1 Guntha is 1,089 square feet.

To convert from guntha to square feet, multiply the area in guntha by 1089. Ft

Land areas in India and its neighbors are measured in guntha. It is most commonly applied to individual sections of land. Homes, apartments, offices, and other types of buildings all use the square foot as their standard unit of area measurement.

The acre is another common measure of land area around the world. The area of 1 acre is approximately 43,560 square feet.

There is no such thing as one square foot in size. A. Guntha (000918) So, 1 Guntha is found by dividing 1 square foot by zero. R. Guntha 000918

Zero Gunthas equal one unit. Guntha = 000918, or 1089. 32 Guntha

Area in Guntas: 1,089 square ft

2 Gunta = 2178 0000001 sq ft

1200 square feet is equal to 30 by 40 feet.

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