Avoid Unwanted Calls with These 10 Genius Tactics to Make Your Phone Inaccessible

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Looking to avoid those pesky phone calls that always seem to come at the worst times? We've got you covered with 10 simple tricks that will make your phone less accessible and less likely to be disturbed by callers.

Many of us have experienced the frustration of unwanted phone calls, whether they're from friends, family, or even telemarketers. But with these tricks, you can ensure that your smartphone remains inaccessible to callers, giving you the peace and privacy you deserve.

10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

To keep your phone locked and out of reach, consider following these 10 tips:

  • 10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable and Dodge Unwanted Calls

This helpful article outlines 10 tricks to make your phone less accessible and avoid unwanted calls. From locking your phone to disabling location services and push notifications, there are plenty of ways to keep your device out of reach.

10 Tricks to Make Your Phone Not Reachable

Simple Tricks to Make Your Smartphone Less Accessible

Looking to make your smartphone less accessible? There are a few simple tricks that you can try. For example, you can wrap your phone in aluminum foil and seal it shut with duct tape, which will block electromagnetic waves from reaching the device. Alternatively, you can put your phone in rice for a few hours to make it inaccessible. Just make sure to disable location services and push notifications if you don't want people knowing where you are.

If you're feeling really cautious, you can also lock your screen with a passcode or by drawing a padlock onscreen. This will help ensure that only you can access your device.

And if you're still getting unwanted calls, try switching your network mode to 4G/LTE. This will make your phone unreachable to anyone on a different network.

Turn on Airplane/Flight Mode

The simplest and most effective way to make your phone not reachable is to turn on airplane/flight mode. This will ensure that the network operator detects your phone as being out of coverage area, making you appear unreachable to callers. To turn on airplane mode, simply look for the option in your phone's quick settings bar or hold down the power button for a few seconds. It's that easy!

So next time you need some privacy or just want to avoid unwanted interruptions, try out these simple tricks to make your phone less accessible and more secure.

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Switch Your Mobile Network

Getting unwanted calls is an annoying experience that you can avoid easily by changing the network provider on your phone. You can either add a particular contact to the block list or change the mobile network. It is recommended that you update your settings regularly to keep up with the changes in available mobile networks. A variety of methods can be used for blocking calls, and the best approach is to experiment with various techniques and pick the one that suits you the most.

Changing the mobile network provider can successfully prevent unwanted calls without tipping off the caller. The process is also relatively straightforward - all you need to do is go to the system settings and access the mobile and network settings. Once there, click on the manual selection option and pick a network that is not yours. Your phone will be unreachable once you select the network. You can disable this setting later and choose your actual operator. While other tricks to make your phone untraceable exist, this is a reliable one. If your Android device lacks a 4G network but supports 4G LTE, you can make your phone untraceable by selecting the 4G/LTE network mode.

Alter Your Network Mode

It can be vexing when your phone rings incessantly. The solution to this problem is changing the network mode on your phone to block people from detecting your device using cell tower signals. Change your network mode to "airplane" or "off" to prevent unwanted calls from reaching you. You can still use a contact blocker app to stop the number from calling you if they get through. Keep your phone protected with a quality security app and a robust password.

Switching the network mode is another useful trick for making your phone untraceable. By default, your smartphone selects the best available network and the strongest signal. However, you can also manually select a network, and if you choose one that is not available, your number will become unreachable. To utilize these tricks to make your phone untraceable, visit the Settings menu on your device, select network settings, and then select "Manual" under network selection.

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Select Your Network Manually

To make your phone untraceable, go to Settings > More Settings > Network Selection > Automatic or Manual. Choose manual and wait for 10-15 seconds; your smartphone will display available networks within your reach. Once you pick a network, your phone will lose signal and become untraceable. This is another easy trick to make phone untraceable. Simply go to Settings > More Settings > Network Selection > Automatic or Manual and choose network manually. Wait for 10-15 seconds, and the phone will display available networks within your reach. Once you pick a network, your phone will lose signal and become untraceable.

Forward Your Call

Don't let your phone ring continuously! Here are 10 tricks to make your phone untraceable and avoid unwanted calls. One trick is to forward calls to an expired number. All you need is an old, expired number. Access the call settings on your mobile phone and find the call forwarding option. Enter the expired number that's no longer in use. However, keep in mind that the caller may realize the call is being forwarded on purpose. This is a little tricky but straightforward. Forward calls from your network to any landline number and try calling your number. It will say that the network cannot reach you right now, which makes your phone untraceable.

Bypassing Unwanted Calls

Having an unexpected call can be a hassle, especially if you're not in the mood to converse with someone. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can utilize to make your phone unreachable and block unwanted calls. One of them involves changing your number with the aid of a service like FreedomPop while still retaining your current number. In the event that an unwanted call does sneak through, you can quickly end it by pressing the red button before you hear anything. Another trick is to disable your phone's reception or SIM card. Finally, you can also block certain ID numbers from calling by tweaking your phone's settings.

If you want to take a more extreme approach, removing the SIM card altogether can render your phone unreachable. It's as simple as switching off your phone, taking out the SIM card, and reinserting it again. Your number will remain unreachable until you restart your device.

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Third-Party Applications

Nobody likes getting unsolicited solicitations, especially on busy days. That's why it's important to know some neat tricks to keep your phone unreadable and block calls you don't want. First off, enable the screen lock option, even if it's for a short period. This ensures that no one can access your device without your consent. Second, disable any unnecessary extensions and app notifications to extend battery life. Third, watch out for shady third-party apps that aren't as helpful as they claim and only end up draining your battery. Lastly, keep your phone locked if you don't want intrusive business or telemarketer calls or texts. By applying these easy-to-follow tips, you can keep these nuisances at bay.

There are some apps such as "Phone Signal Jammer" and "PilferShush Jammer" that claim to block cell reception and make your phone unreachable. These apps are only available on Android and are free to use, but their functionality varies depending on your device. Try it out on your device to see if it works.

It's essential to prioritize smartphone security, no matter who you are or where you are. That's why it's crucial to know the 10 tricks to make your phone unreachable and block unwanted calls. To start, only enable location services when necessary to complicate criminals' phone tracking. Additionally, ensure your device's software is up-to-date by downloading the latest security patches and updates from Apple or Google Play Store. Lastly, if your phone is lost or stolen, remove the battery and never turn it on again. This makes the device useless, and the thief won't be able to access your personal data or photos.

Simply removing your smartphone battery without switching it off can make your phone unreachable. This convenient method is as easy as it sounds, and all you have to do is remove the battery without turning off the device. Your phone will remain unreachable until you turn it back on. To check, try calling your mobile number from another device, and if it doesn't ring, that's a sign it's unreachable. Remember to keep your phone on while you remove the battery, or else this trick won't work.

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    Protect Your Privacy with Aluminum Foil: A Trick to Deter Unwanted Calls

    Are you fed up with receiving calls from people you don't want to talk to? Do you wish there was a way to make your phone seem out of reach? There is! This simple trick involves utilizing aluminum foil to wrap your phone, rendering it temporarily disconnected from any mobile network. The foil effectively weakens the signal and prevents your phone from receiving calls or texts. You can make use of this hack for both Android and iPhone devices by following these easy steps:

      1. Wrap your phone entirely with aluminum foil.

      2. Avoid using your phone when you are inside a building.

      3. Avoid using your phone when you are near any electromagnetic field source.

      This trick is particularly useful if you are experiencing poor network connectivity in your home or office. Once your phone is wrapped in foil, your device's radio antenna will be unable to receive any mobile network signals. Your smartphone will not be reachable by any callers, making it an effective way to deter unwanted calls.

      Block the Number

      While wrapping your phone in aluminum foil is an effective way to block unwanted calls, it is not always convenient. This trick usually works better on Android devices and may not be as useful on an iPhone. If you want to permanently block a specific number, the best option is to use your phone's built-in call blocking functionality. Simply select the recent calls menu and manually enter the numbers you want to block. If you want to check if the number is being blocked, try calling it from another phone number, and see if you get the message "the number you dialled is currently busy" or "the number you dialled couldn't be reached."


      By following the tips and tricks shared in this article, you can keep your smartphone safe from unwanted callers. Whether it's blocking phone numbers, disabling applications or forwarding calls, you can protect your privacy and avoid frustrating conversations. Keep visiting our blog for more useful tips on how to keep your phone safe and secure.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. How can I avoid annoying callers?

      One of the easiest ways to avoid unwanted calls is to install an app like Blockphone or Blocklist. These apps help you filter and block spam calls, telemarketing calls, and other types of undesired calls. You can also use caller ID spoofing software or block unknown numbers that you do not recognize.

      2. Can I register my number on the national Do Not Call list?

      Yes, you can register your number on the national Do Not Call list by calling 18883821222 voice or 18662904236 TTY. You can also add your personal wireless phone number to the national Do-Not-Call list on donotcall.gov.

      3. How can I block numbers on my Android phone?

      The steps for blocking numbers on an Android phone will differ depending on the device and operating system version. However, you can typically find the option to block and/or report spam by tapping on the number you want to block and selecting the appropriate menu item.

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