Becoming a Professor in India: Meeting Requirements for Qualifications and Age Limitations

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Steps to Achieve a Professorship in India

Many aspiring educators often ask how to differentiate between a teacher and a professor, and how to achieve professorship in India. One fundamental distinction is that teachers work in primary and secondary schools, whereas professors serve in universities and colleges. Additionally, the job requirements, qualifications, skills, and responsibilities of teachers and professors vary.

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    Definition of Professorship

    A professor is someone who teaches at a university or college and has a doctoral degree and other qualifications specified in the eligibility criteria. Individuals must clear a series of exams, including NET or SET, to be a qualified professor.

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    Requirements to Qualify for Professorship in India

    Individuals aspiring to become a professor in India must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to increase their chances of obtaining the position in various universities and colleges. Candidates who fail to meet these requirements will not be considered for the position.

    Minimum of ten years of teaching experience in a university or college, and/or research experience at the university level, national-level institutions, or industries, including guiding doctoral-level research candidates.

    Ph.D. qualification(s) in concerned/allied/relevant disciplines with published work of high quality, actively engaged in research with evidence of published work, including 10 publications in refereed journals.

    Contributions to educational innovation, design of new curricula and programs, and technology-mediated teaching-learning procedures.

    A score equal to or greater than the minimum score specified in the Academic Performance Indicator (API)-based Performance-Based Appraisal System (PBAS).

    Master's Degree with at least 55% marks from an Indian University in a relevant subject or an equivalent degree from an accredited foreign university.

    Cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) organized by the University Grants Commission (UGC), the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), or similar examinations accredited by the UGC, such as SLET/SET.

    A relaxation of 5% at the academic and master's levels for the Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe/Differently-abled (Physically and visually differently-abled) categories for eligibility purposes and assessing outstanding academic records during direct recruitment for teaching positions.

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    Age Restrictions for Professorship in India

    In India, there is no age limit for the position of Professor. Candidates applying for the Professor position can do so according to the eligibility criteria set by the respective university, college, or institution. For the post of Professor, there are no upper or lower age restrictions based on eligibility criteria. However, some universities, colleges, or institutions may require a minimum age based on their recruitment guidelines and criteria.

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    Professor's Salary

    The salary structure for a Professor in India can be found in the following table. Professors in India are paid based on the 7th Pay Commission, so the TA, DA, Gross Salary, and Basic Salary are the same for professors in government institutions. To know more, please refer to the table below.

    Basic Salary

    The compensation package for this position includes a gross salary of around Rs. 247,866. This is made up of several components, including a base salary of Rs. 1,44,200. Additionally, there is a DA of 38% which amounts to Rs. 54,796. HRA, which is calculated at 27% for Class X, amounts to Rs. 38,934. Furthermore, there is a TA component of Rs. 7,200 and a DA of Rs. 2,736 on top of that. Overall, the package provides an attractive and competitive compensation structure.

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