By Road from Delhi to Manali: Essential Travel Data

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Manali, in the Himalayas, is one of India's most well-known and oldest tourist destinations. Amazing views of the Greater Himalayas, as well as ancient Hindu and Buddhist communities and a thriving international culture, make this destination appealing to those seeking solace in offbeat destinations. To what extent are you prepared to travel with us from Delhi to Manali?

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Reasons to Take the Trip from Delhi to Manali

Manali is the place to be for wanderers, artists, and spiritual seekers thanks to its stunning location at the foot of the Greater Himalayas and its vibrant, multi-ethnic communities.
Take advantage of all there is to see and do between Delhi and Manali on your road trip. Drive in style with a Savaari, and tailor your experience to fit your preferences, schedule, and budget.

Delhi Manali Roadtrip

A Road Trip from Delhi to Manali

Taking the road from Delhi to Manali is the best way to see the dramatic changes in landscape and culture as you travel from the urban centers to the smaller towns and villages and finally to the pine-covered hills and lush valleys of Himachal. When you book a trip with us from Delhi to Manali, you'll get to see the beautiful natural scenery of Himachal Pradesh and the rural landscapes of Haryana and Punjab. If you book one of our flexible vacation packages, you can easily fit in a visit to any of these landmarks. The best ways to drive from Delhi to Manali are discussed here.


Overview of the Delhi to Manali Route

Drive Time from Delhi to Manali 550 kms Time it takes to fly from Delhi to Manali 403 kms How Long Does It Take to Drive From Delhi to Manali? 11 hours What is the Train Time from Delhi to Manali? 8 hours From Delhi to Manali, how long does a plane ride take? Exactly 1 hour and 20 minutes Preferred Paths Route 44 connects Delhi with Manali. Highway 9 from Delhi to Manali Favorable Seasons for Travel The summer months of April-June and the winter months of December-February

When to Drive from Delhi to Manali for the Best Weather

Manali has typical mountain climate, with cold, snowy winters and mild, sunny summers. Heavy rain and floods occur between July and September, causing landslides and roadblocks during the rainy season. You can visit Manali in the summer or the winter, depending on your preferences and the weather. Visit between December and February to see snow. Aside from that, the best time to take advantage of all that nature has to offer is during the spring and summer, when the weather is both warm and dry. When it starts to snow here varies from year to year, so it's best to check the forecast before making any plans.

Roads that Many People Take to Get from Delhi to Manali

How far and how long it takess to get from Delhi to Manali via National Highway 44 (Route 1)

It is a 536-kilometer (12-hour) journey from Delhi to Manali using this route. Good news for vacationers: the road is in fine shape and accessible.

Trip Itinerary: Delhi — Kurukshetra — Chandigarh — Shimla — Naggar — Manali
Delhi Manali Route 1

The Best Stops Along the Way

  • Panipat Visit the Panipat Memorial and Museum and the site of the famous battle.      
  • Kurukshetra The peaceful Brahma Sarovar and other Mahabharata-era sites are within easy reach.
  • Chandigarh - If you're in India and you have a few days to spare, you should definitely take a trip to the most beautifully planned and stunning city in the country.      
  • Bilaspur The Bhakra-Nagal Dam, as seen from a distance.
  • Mandi Mandi is a hub for transportation and commerce, and its two lakes, Prashar and Rewalsar, are well-known attractions.
Delhi Manali Prashar Lake Lake Prashar
  • Kullu Here is your first glimpse of the Himalayas. Stop by the Kullu market just off the highway for some tea and Tibetan souvenirs.
  • Naggar Visit the historic Naggar Castle

Dining options en route

  • Haveli, Murthal, Haryana; a landmark family restaurant and food complex with a themed setting and opulent interiors located on the side of a major highway in the city.
  • Amrik Sukhdev, Sonipat is a well-liked and frequently-visited highway-side restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines both on the buffet and à la carte.
  • Cafe Pooran Singh, Ambala Cantt Old dhaba run by a family, well-known for its homemade lunches.
  • Bahadur Dhaba, Bilaspur - Popular with tourists, this local eatery serves up homestyle Indian cuisine and light snacks.
  • One of the oldest restaurants along the route, Chawla's in Mandi is known for its delicious Punjabi cuisine.

The state of the highway from Delhi to Manali on NH 44

Many tourists take this route because it's the quickest between Delhi and Manali. The highway tolls are standard, but the road conditions are superior due to the lack of construction along this route.

Time and travel distance between Delhi and Manali via National Highway 9 (Route 2)

Road trip time from Delhi to Manali via National Highway 9

This is a more time-consuming and lengthy route from Delhi to Manali than the alternative. On top of that, the road quality varies greatly along this path. Traveling the 592 kilometer (about 374 mile) distance between Delhi and Manali typically requires 14 hours. Before setting out on a trip from Delhi to Manali, it is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the current road conditions by consulting a live map and checking for updates regularly. Listed below is a simple road map for the drive from Delhi to Manali:

To get to Manali from Delhi, you'll first stop in Hansi, then Patiala, and finally Mandi.
Delhi Manali Route 2

Tourist Attractions en Route

  • Visit the mirrored palace of Sheesh Mahal, once the residence of the Maharaja of Patiala, and the 18th-century royal palace of Qila Mubarak in Patiala.
  • In Swarghat, you can detour to the serene area around Gobindsagar Lake.
  • Bilaspur, where the Bhakra-Nagal Dam can be seen in the distance
  • Prashar Lake and Rewalsar Lake are two of Mandi's claims to fame; the city itself is a significant transportation and commercial hub.
  • First glimpse of the Himalayas can be had in Kullu. Another great place to get tea and Tibetan souvenirs is the Kullu market, which is conveniently located right next to the highway.
  • In Naggar, you can see the historic Naggar Castle.
Delhi Manali Qila mubarak Salam and Happy New Year

Traveling with food: nearby restaurants

  • Roadside restaurant in Rhotak frequented by late-night travelers, dubbed "Star Highway."
  • Located in classic highway dhaba style, Bhai Ji Da Dhaba, Hansi serves up hearty, home-cooked meals.
  • Famous restaurant in Patiala known for its chicken dishes, Chawla's Chicken Treat
  • Rupnagar's Heritage Haveli is a family-friendly restaurant with a rural vibe that specializes in Northern Indian cuisine.
  • Bahadur Dhaba, Bilaspur: a well-known local eatery that also caters to tourists with its tasty, inexpensive traditional dishes and quick bites
  • The Chawla's in Mandi is one of the oldest restaurants along the highway, serving authentic Punjabi cuisine.

Report on the State of the National Highway 9 From Delhi to Manali

This is an alternative way to travel from Delhi to Manali. There is slightly more traffic on this route between Delhi and Manali, especially near the cities.

Most Direct Path from Delhi to Manali

Both of these itineraries offer appealing detours, with opportunities for sightseeing and dining. Thus, either can serve as an excellent departure point for a trip. However, if you're in a rush and want to get from Delhi to Manali as quickly as possible, then you should take Route 1.

Possible alternate routes between Delhi and Manali

The Train Ride to Manali

The train is another viable option for making the journey from Delhi to Manali. You can take an express train from Delhi to Chandigarh or Kalka, but not directly to Manali. Take a bus or cab from Chandigarh to Kalka, where you can transfer to the single-gauge trains that will take you to Manali.

Train tickets from Delhi to Manali can be purchased at the lowest prices on the official Indian Railways website or through any number of aggregator sites. What you pay for a train ticket is determined by several factors, including the route taken and the time of year. The train journey Depending on the train, the journey can take anywhere from 10 hours to 23 hours. Taxis to Manali can be reserved in Delhi as well.

There are 17 weekly trains to Kalka and 7 daily trains that leave from Delhi, and there are 70 weekly trains to Chandigarh and 34 daily trains that leave from Delhi. Those traveling from Delhi to Kalka should take the KALKA SHATABDI SUPERFAST EXP (12011), while those traveling to Chandigarh should take the NEW DELHI CHANDIGARH SHATABDI (12045). You can get the most up-to-date train schedule by visiting IRCTC.

Train Name Departure Arrival Duration Examine Availability Kalka Shatabdi (12005) 17:15 21:20 04 hr 05 min Click Here Uhl Janshatabdi, or 12057, 14:35 19:05 04 hr 30 min Click Here Queen of the Himalayas (No. 14095) 05:35 11:10 05 hr 35 min Click Here Express 12925 to Paschim 11:05 16:45 5 hr 40 min Click Here To send an email to the 12311 group, enter: Hwh Dli Klk 21:30 04:35 07 hr 05 min Click Here Snsi Klk Sup Express (22455). 07:50 12:20 04 hr 30 min Click Here

Tips for Getting to Manali Via the Air

From Delhi, you can catch one of many daily flights to Manali. Kullu-Manali Airport (KUU) is the closest major airport. There is a 1 From 5 hours, depending on the airway taken A car can be rented in Delhi at reasonable rates and driven directly to Manali.

Tickets from Delhi to Manali can be purchased for anywhere between Rs 5000 to Rs Up to 10,000, depending on when you book, how much you save, and when you go. You can book cheap flights from Delhi to Manali at any travel website.  

Manali's taxi service, while not the cheapest, is dependable and will get you to your hotel quickly and in comfort.

Discover Manali with This Convenient Localization Guide

Manali was once a sleepy Himalayan village, but nowadays it's a bustling cultural center with a vibrant nightlife, thriving art scene, and exciting outdoor activities. Tourists can find whatever they're looking for in Manali, from a quiet retreat to a wild nightlife scene. Manali is famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, verdant forests, and rushing rivers, but it also has countless opportunities for outdoor recreation. Make the most of your time in Manali with the help of our comprehensive travel guide and suggestions. To get where you need to go, you can also easily hire a tempo traveller in Delhi.

Tourist Attractions in Manali

Manali Gompa, Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa, and Himalayan Nyingamapa Gompa are three Buddhist monasteries that should not be missed on any trip to Manali. Other attractions in the area include the nature park of Van Vihar, the Hadimba Temple, hidden in the woods, and the Vashisht Temple with its hot springs. You can find a variety of stores and restaurants along Mall Road. Paragliding and skiing (in the winter) in the Solang Valley are essential parts of any Manali vacation.  

To see all of Manali's best attractions, it's best to hire a taxi.

Checklist for a Manali Vacation

  • Booking weeks in advance is essential if you plan on traveling over the Christmas/New Year period.
  • When taking extended hikes to nearby destinations like Bijli Mahadev, Chandratal, Deo Tibba, etc. It's highly recommended that you join a local, reputable adventure company.
  • Extreme temperature swings are possible in February and March, so it's important to book a room with a functional heating system.
  • Because snowfall can persist into May, it's best to double-check with a local before setting out on a drive or trek to Rohtang Pass.

Where to Eat at Manali's Hotspots, According to Savaari

  1. The Cafe at Johnson's on Circuit House Road
  2. Bahang, India; Café 1947; Close to Nehru Kund
  3. Old Manali, People Art Café &Lounge, Manu Temple Road
  4. Spoons, Mall Drive Chopsticks
  5. Café Drifter, Old Manali's Manu Temple Road
  6. Nirvana Cafe, Ancient Manali
  7. Old Manali's Lazy Dog Bar, on Manu Temple Road

To easily access these popular restaurants, rent a car in Manali.

Manali Lodging: Hotels & Resorts

Hotel Address A Stay at the Manali Inn Postal Address: 1800 11 3939; Physical Address: NH 21, Rangree, Near Indian Petrol Pump; Postal Code: 175131; City: Manali; Country: Himachal Pradesh Resort in Apple Country Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131 Phone: 098166 00188 Log Huts Area Road Log Huts Area, District Kullu Fruit Tree Veggies You can reach us at 093501 71709 or visit us at Log Huts Area Road, Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131. Fog Hills Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175103 Prini / 094182 34297 Blue Magpie, to Put It Another Way Address: Jhadang Village, Chichoga Road, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175131 Telephone: 099155 43910

Getting Around Manali and the Surrounding Area

Destinations Distance Time Taken From Manali to Naggar 23 km 37 mins Between Manali and Kullu 41 km 1 hour The Journey from Manali to Kasol 76 km 2 hours From Manali to Bir 158 km 5 hours From Manaslu to Mandi 109 km 3 hours Distance from Manali to Tirthan Valley 105 km 3 hours From Manali to Shimla 248 km 7 hours Chandigarh to Manali 308 km 8 hours Moving from Manali to Leh 427 km 11 hours

Enjoy a stress-free trip by renting a car with Savaari.

How to Travel from Delhi to Manali by Car, Train & Flights
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