Capture Your Screen in Style with Samsung Galaxy M32 Screenshot Feature

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The Samsung Galaxy M32 boasts a crucial feature of modern smartphones and tablets - the ability to take a snapshot of whatever appears on your device's screen. Whether you want to save juicy tidbits from WhatsApp conversations, captivating stories from Instagram, steamy messages from Tinder, or thrilling video frames from Facebook, the screenshot function has got you covered.

Samsung Galaxy M32

Fortunately, no third-party apps are necessary. Android 11, One UI 3.1 Operating System comes equipped with this practical feature. However, suppose you're hoping to record a video that features your M32's screen, such as video calls, web pages, or online videos. In that case, you can follow the steps outlined in the following tutorial: Record screen from Samsung Galaxy M32

Table of Contents:

  • First method:
  • To capture a Samsung Galaxy M32 screenshot, follow these straightforward steps:
  • Estimated time: 2 minutes.

1- First step:

Navigate to whatever screen you want to capture on the Samsung Galaxy M32. Whether it's a chat, a web page, or an app, this step is essential for capturing the perfect shot!

2- Second step:

Home screen

You have two options to achieve your goal. First, you can use Android's native system to take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing down on the power key and the volume key. Second, Samsung's system enables you to move your palm across the screen's right or left side to activate the capture. A flash indicates that you have succeeded. This gesture might not be accessible based on your device's software version. Activate it first by going to "Advanced functions" in Settings and choosing the "Move palm to capture" option.

3- Third step:

Screenshot in Samsung Galaxy M32

Once you snap the screenshot using the Galaxy M32, a flash on the screen signifies that you've succeeded. Depending on the version of software installed or your model's region, a black bar will pop up at the screen bottom. You can open or edit the screenshot, apply long or scroll screenshots, or share your result. Alternatively, a quiet notification signals that you've taken the screenshot. A simple click on that notification will convey the image and its manipulation options.

4- Fourth step:

Samsung screenshot notification

The image that you have just captured saves automatically in your mobile device's photo gallery. This gallery icon looks like an instant photo and should appear on your device's home screen. The software's version determines if your gallery application is Google Photos, in which case you'll find the photo saved under a star-like icon made of paper, with each point featuring a different color.

%s Photo Gallery

Step 5:

    Access the image gallery and behold a plethora of your most cherished photos, diligently sorted by date. Locate the precious capture recently taken on your Galaxy M32 and commence the final touches to make it truly extraordinary. Trim it to perfection, swiftly share it with loved ones, or proudly display it on your preferred social network.

    %s Photo Gallery

    Judging by user feedback, the capture screen on the Samsung Galaxy M32 receives a mediocre rating of 2.96 out of 10, based on 169 votes.

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