Capturing a Screenshot on a Samsung Mobile Device or Tablet

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If you've recently achieved a higher level in a game or need to safeguard an important document, you can conveniently capture it by utilizing the screenshot feature on your Galaxy phone or tablet. The process may vary depending on the specific device you own, but rest assured, it is a simple and hassle-free way to preserve images on your device.

Kindly note that the availability of screens and settings may differ depending on your wireless service provider, software version, and device model. Additionally, please be aware that the screenshot function might not function properly while you are in the Secure Folder.

Regardless of the Galaxy phone or tablet you possess, the steps for capturing a screenshot are quite similar, although there may be slight variations based on the model. Before proceeding, you will need to locate the Power and Volume down keys.

On most devices, the Volume keys are typically situated on the left side, while the Power button (or Side key) is positioned on the right. However, in certain instances, the placement of these keys could be reversed. Alternatively, all the keys might be positioned on the same side!

To capture a screenshot, simply press and hold the Volume down key and the Power key (Side key) simultaneously. The screen will momentarily flash, indicating that a screenshot has been successfully captured.

In the case of certain tablets, there might be a physical Home key instead. To capture a screenshot in this scenario, press and hold the Power and Home keys simultaneously.

Please note that this function might not be accessible on all Galaxy devices. For instance, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite does not support Palm swipe to capture due to a hardware limitation. However, you can use the tablet keys or the Air command menu as alternatives to capture a screenshot. You can then view and share your screenshots using the Gallery app.

Wait, there's another method to capture a screenshot. On select devices, you have the option to utilize Palm swipe to capture, eliminating the need to press any buttons.

To enable this feature, navigate to Settings, search for and select Palm swipe to capture. Next, toggle the switch located beside Palm swipe to capture. Subsequently, you'll be able to capture screenshots effortlessly by swiping the edge of your hand across your phone's screen.

If you have set up Bixby Voice or Google Assistant, you have the capability to capture a screenshot using voice commands. Instead of manually pressing buttons, simply say "Hey Bixby, take a screenshot" and Bixby will automatically capture the contents of your screen. You can even issue more complex commands like "Hey Bixby, take a screenshot and share on Twitter."

For those who prefer using Google Assistant, you can achieve the same result by saying "Hey Google, take a screenshot."

If you frequently use an S Pen with your Galaxy phone or tablet, why not utilize it to take screenshots as well? With the S Pen's Screen write feature, capturing a quick screenshot of your current activity is a breeze.

It's important to note that only devices that come with a preinstalled S Pen or are compatible with the S Pen Fold edition or S Pen Pro can utilize the S Pen for taking screenshots.

To use the S Pen for capturing a screenshot, detach the S Pen from your device and navigate to the desired screen. Then, with the S Pen, tap the Air command menu icon and select Screen write. Your device will automatically capture a screenshot of the current page. If desired, you can use the available tools to write or draw on the screenshot. Once you're finished, tap the Save icon to store the screenshot in the Gallery.

Additionally, the S Pen can be used to select specific parts of an image using Smart Select. This feature allows you to capture only the desired area of the screen.

If you find it more convenient to utilize your device's Edge panel, it can also assist you in taking screenshots. By adding the Tasks Edge panel and the Take screenshot shortcut, you can easily access this functionality.

Follow these steps to enable the Tasks Edge panel and the Take screenshot shortcut:

1. Swipe left on the Edge panel handle located on the right side of the screen to open the panel.

2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom.

3. Swipe to the Tasks panel and select it.

4. Tap Edit under the panel.

5. On the right side, you will find your preferred shortcuts. Swipe to the left side and tap Take screenshots to add it to your shortcuts.

By following these instructions, you will have quick and easy access to taking screenshots using the Edge panel on your device.

Note: The option to automatically add the Take snapshots shortcut may be available.

You also have the option to choose or unselect additional shortcuts according to your preference. To eliminate a shortcut, simply tap the red minus symbol.

Important: You cannot exceed a total of twelve shortcuts.

Afterward, proceed to the screen you wish to capture.

Swipe left on the Edge panel handle once more to expose it. Swipe left again to access the Tasks panel.

Then, select Capture screen. Your device will capture an image of the current screen. From now on, you can effortlessly utilize this shortcut whenever you need to take a screenshot!

Is the webpage you want to capture too lengthy for a single screenshot? With scroll capture, you can effortlessly take multiple screenshots of the entire page and merge them into one comprehensive snapshot. This feature is compatible with all other screenshot methods as well. In other words, whether you use button combinations, palm swiping, or even the S Pen, you still have the option to employ scroll capture.

Access the screen you wish to capture.

Utilize any of the previously mentioned methods to take the screenshot.

When the Smart capture menu materializes, tap the Scroll capture icon - it resembles a downward arrow that bounces up and down.

Then, tap the icon again to initiate the scroll capture process.

Continue tapping the icon until you reach the bottom of the page or your desired location.

To categorize your screenshots, tap the hashtag icon in the Smart capture menu.

Recommended tags will appear, but you can also create your own. Tap Save to store your tag.

  • Once you have finished, simply tap outside of the Smart capture menu bar. To view the captured screen, tap on the preview of the screenshot or navigate to the Gallery.
  • Please note: The smart capture icon will not be visible unless you are on a large webpage, application screen, or image that requires scrolling. It may not function on certain websites. On newer devices, you cannot disable Smart capture as it is always enabled.

    No matter which type of device you possess, you will be able to access your screenshots in the same location. Simply navigate to and open the Gallery. You can also swipe downwards from the top of the screen to access the Notification panel, then select the screenshot notification.

    On some devices, you can tap on the Albums tab in the Gallery to find a collection of all the screenshots you have taken.

    Another method to access these screenshots, along with your videos, documents, and downloads, is through My Files. Simply navigate to and open the My Files application, then tap on Images under the Categories section to view your screenshots.

    You may desire to take things a step further by storing your screenshots on a microSD card, an OTG flash drive, or a personal computer to prevent overloading Gallery with excessive photos. There are numerous options available for transferring photos , such as using My Files to transfer your screenshots onto a microSD card.

    If you have just triumphed over a challenging level in a new game, share your victory with friends by sending a screenshot.

    To share a screenshot immediately after capturing it, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification panel. Then, tap the down arrow on the screenshot notification. Select Share, and then choose one of the available options for sharing the screenshot.

    Alternatively, you can share it at any time by opening the Gallery application. Choose the Albums tab, then tap on Screenshots. Press and hold the screenshot you wish to share, then select Share. Utilize one of the available sharing options.

    There are a few additional actions you can take when capturing a screenshot, such as adding a personal touch by editing it.

    Immediately after taking a screenshot, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose Edit (the pencil icon) to write or draw on the screenshot, or crop out any unnecessary portions. The cropped section will be saved in the Gallery.

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