Capturing a Screenshot on a Samsung Mobile or Tablet

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Whether you've achieved a new milestone in a game or need to preserve an essential document, you can effortlessly capture it by employing the screenshot feature on your Galaxy phone or tablet. The process may differ slightly depending on the specific device you own, but rest assured, it remains a convenient and straightforward method of saving images onto your device.

Please note that certain aspects, such as available screens and settings, may vary depending on your wireless service provider, software version, and device model. Additionally, bear in mind that the screenshot function may not operate while using Secure Folder.

Regardless of the Galaxy phone or tablet within your possession, the steps for capturing a screenshot exhibit similarities. However, there may be slight variations based on the model. Prior to initiating the screenshot process, locate the physical Power and Volume Down keys on your device.

In most cases, you'll find the Volume keys situated on the left side, with the Power button (or Side key) positioned on the right. Nevertheless, certain models may feature reversed key locations or consist of all the keys on a single side!

Upon desiring to capture a screenshot, simply hold down both the Volume Down key and the Power key (or Side key) simultaneously. You'll notice the screen momentarily flash, indicating the successful capture of the screenshot.

Certain tablets may possess a physical Home key instead. Should this be the case, press and hold both the Power key and the Home key simultaneously to capture the screenshot.

Keep in mind that not all Galaxy devices may be equipped with this function. For instance, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite does not support the Palm swipe to capture feature due to hardware limitations. However, you can still employ alternative methods, such as using the tablet keys or accessing the Air command menu, to capture a screenshot. Eventually, you can view and distribute your captured screenshots through the Gallery app.

Wait, there's an additional manner in which you can capture a screenshot! On select devices, you have the option to utilize Palm swipe to effortlessly capture screenshots without needing to press any physical buttons.

To enable this feature, navigate to the Settings menu, search for and select the Palm swipe to capture option, and toggle the switch next to it. Once activated, all you need to do is swipe the edge of your hand across your phone's screen to effortlessly capture screenshots.

If you have set up Bixby Voice or Google Assistant, capturing a screenshot is as easy as using a voice command. Instead of manually pressing buttons, simply utter "Hey Bixby, I command you to capture a snapshot!" and let Bixby do all the work. You can even go further and concoct complex commands like "Hey Bixby, take a screenshot and share it on the realms of Twitter."

However, if your allegiance lies with Google Assistant, fear not! It too possesses the ability to snatch screenshots with a mere utterance of "Hey Google, I beseech you to capture a screenshot!"

Now, if you constantly find yourself wielding an S Pen alongside your trusted Galaxy phone or tablet, why not employ its power to take screenshots as well? The S Pen's magnificent Screen write feature can swiftly capture a fleeting moment of your digital endeavors.

Please note that only devices blessed with a preinstalled S Pen, or those compatible with the majestic S Pen Fold edition or S Pen Pro, can partake in the art of screenshot-taking with the sacred S Pen.

To utilize this awe-inspiring ability, gracefully remove your S Pen from its resting place and gracefully navigate to the sacred screen you wish to immortalize. With utmost grace, tap the Air command menu icon using your divine S Pen and gracefully select the option labeled "Screen write." Lo and behold, your loyal device shall bow to your command, capturing a screenshot of the very page in front of you. Should you wish to grace this digital masterpiece with your mighty penmanship or artistic virtuosity, feel free to do so using the provided controls. And when you have deemed your work complete, graciously tap the Save icon, and the screenshot shall find its eternal home within the majestic halls of the Gallery.

But wait, there's more! The magnificence of the S Pen knows no bounds. With the power of Smart Select, you can capture not only the entire image but also select specific parts that enthrall you and leave the rest forgotten in the annals of technological history.

And fear not, for salvation is found in the Edge panel of your cherished device. By bestowing the magnificent Tasks Edge panel and the blessed Take screenshot shortcut upon it, the process of capturing a screenshot shall become even more effortless.

To unlock this otherworldly power, gracefully swipe left on the wondrous Edge panel handle residing on the right side of the screen. Allow the panel to reveal itself, and with a single tap on the sacred Settings icon at the bottom, immerse yourself in a realm of options. Seek out the magnificent Tasks panel, appearing before your eyes, and proceed to select it, for it is your ultimate goal.

But lo! The journey does not end there. Tap the Edit option, granting you the ability to shape the panel according to your will. Within the depths of this interface, your most cherished shortcuts await, nestled on the right side. Swiftly traverse the realm, arriving at the left side, where the option to Take screenshots resides. With a single touch, enshrine this command among your most esteemed shortcuts, for it is a testament to your prowess and mastery in the realm of screenshot-taking.

Note: Automatic Addition of Take Screenshots Shortcut

  • If desired, you can also choose or unchoose additional shortcuts. To eliminate a shortcut, simply tap the red minus symbol.
  • Kindly be informed that you are unable to exceed twelve shortcuts.
  • Afterwards, proceed to the screen you wish to capture.
  • Swipe the Edge panel handle to the left once again, revealing it. Swipe left once more to access the Tasks panel.
  • Subsequently, tap on the option labeled "Take screenshot". This action will prompt your device to capture the current screen. Consequently, you can conveniently employ this shortcut whenever there is a need to capture your screen.

Is the webpage too lengthy to capture in a single screenshot?

Utilize the scroll capture function to take multiple screenshots of the entire page, which will then be combined into a single comprehensive screenshot. This method works seamlessly with all other screenshot methods, including button combinations, palm swipe, and even the S Pen.

  • Go to the desired screen you wish to capture.
  • Apply any of the aforementioned methods to capture the screenshot.
  • When the menu for Smart capture appears, tap the Scroll capture icon - this icon resembles a downward arrow and will rhythmically bounce up and down.
  • Next, tap the icon for a second time to initiate the scroll capture process.
  • Repeat tapping the icon until you reach the bottom of the page or your desired location.
  • Add tags to your screenshots by selecting the hashtag icon within the Smart capture menu.
  • Suggested tags will be provided, but you have the freedom to create your own tags as well. Save your tag by tapping the Save button.
  • Once you have finished, simply tap outside the menu bar for Smart capture. To view the captured screen, tap on the preview of the screenshot or navigate to the Gallery.
  • Please note: The smart capture icon will not show up unless you are on a large web page, app screen, or image that requires scrolling. It may not function on certain websites. On newer phones, you cannot disable Smart capture. It is always enabled.

    No matter what type of device you possess, you will be able to find and view your screenshots in the same location. Simply go to the Gallery and open it. Alternatively, you can swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification panel and then tap on the screenshot notification.

    On select devices, you can tap on the Albums tab in the Gallery to see a collection of all the screenshots you have taken.

    Another method to access these screenshots, as well as your videos, documents, and downloads, is through the My Files app. Just go to the My Files app, open it, and then tap on Images under Categories to view your screenshots.

    If you wish to take things a step further, you can save your screenshots onto a microSD card, an OTG flash drive, or a PC to avoid cluttering your Gallery with too many photos. There are various options for relocating photos, such as using My Files to transfer your screenshots to a microSD card.

    If you have just conquered that seemingly impossible level in a new game, celebrate your triumph by sharing a screenshot with your friends.

    To share a screenshot immediately after capturing it, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the Notification panel. Then, tap the downward arrow on the screenshot notification. Select Share, and then choose one of the available sharing options to share the screenshot.

    To share it at any time, open the Gallery app. Go to the Albums tab, and then tap on Screenshots. Press and hold the screenshot you want to share, and then tap Share. Utilize one of the available sharing options.

    There are a few additional actions you can take when capturing a screenshot, such as adding a personal touch by editing it.

    Immediately after taking a screenshot, a small menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose Edit (the pencil icon) to write or draw on the screenshot, or crop out a section that is not immediately necessary. The cropped portion will be saved in the Gallery.

    We appreciate your input!

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