Central Bureau of Investigation 2022 UPSC Civil Services IPS & SSC CGL CBI Sub-Inspector Eligibility, Selection, & Salary

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Steps to Taking the CBI Exam and Becoming an Agent Eligibility, age limit, educational qualification, selection process, and salary after 7th Pay Commission for the Central Bureau of Investigation's IPS Officer and SSC CGL Sub-Inspector Exams

How to Become CBI Officer?

How to Apply for a Job at the CBI

The Path to a Career in the CBI There are three different entrance exams that can lead to a job with the Central Bureau of Investigation: the Departmental Competitive Exam, the SSC CGL Exam, and the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Officers in India's Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are tasked with looking into high-profile crimes. India's primary police agency, the CBI is known worldwide. Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions, Government of India

Seeking Information on How to Join the Intelligence Bureau as an Officer?

There are seven sub-offices under the CBI's jurisdiction. Different divisions focus on different kinds of probes. The various limbs are:

  • The Department of Anti-Corruption
  • The Organized Crimes Section
  • Office of Economic Crimes
  • Policy and International Police Coordination Section
  • The Department of Management
  • Specifically, the Prosecutions Department
  • Central Forensic Science Laboratory of the Division

The Central Bureau of Investigation in India is a demanding organization to join. Physical and mental health are prerequisites for membership in this elite group.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is accepting applications for the Sub-Inspector (SI) Post through the SSC CGL Recruitment Exam from candidates between the ages of 20 and 30. To be a Sub-Inspector (SI) in the CBI, you need a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution. Therefore, college grads in their 20s and 30s are encouraged to apply.

Information on How to Become a CBI Sub-Inspector

Post Name

Investigatory Bureau of the United States Central Subinspector

The Authorized Website for Signup

ssc nic in


Candidates for Group B/Posts not found to be accessible to people with disabilities

Pay Scale

Starting at a salary of Rs. with a grade pay of Rs. 4600 on top of any allowances allowed by the Federal Government The 7th Pay Commission recommended a salary of approximately Rs. 61000 to Rs Approximately ,000 (old HRA, SIA, DA, TA included; may vary slightly based on assignment).

Age Limit

Prospective candidates should be between the ages of 20 and 30.

Maximum Allowable Age


Discomfort With Age


3 years


5 years

PwD Gen

10 years


13 years

Disabled Person Native American or Alaskan Native

15 years


On the closing date, subtract 3 years from your actual age based on your military service.

SKILLS (REQUIRED AND FAVORABLE), With Particular Focus on Education

Possession of a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent from an accredited institution is required.

Methods of Choosing

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) holds an annual Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Exam, which is divided into four parts that must be passed in order. There will be four sections to the SSC CGL 2021-22 Exam: e including Tiers I, II, III, and IV.

Physical Requirements


Men's 165 cm in height.

The standard height for women is 150 inches.

Relaxed Hill Tribe and Hill Man Height: 5 Cm


76 cm expanded (this requirement shall not apply to female candidates).


The ability to see clearly (with or without correction)

One eye has 20/20 distance vision, while the other has 6/9 vision.

Distance vision: 0.0 There are 6 in the good eye and 0 in the bad. To the other eye, a 8.


Candidates who successfully complete the training program usually end up working in the CBI's Delhi Zone. Although CBI postings are available throughout the country, they are most frequently found in major metropolitan areas such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, etc.


Candidates selected for Special Investigator (SI) positions in the CBI will undergo rigorous training before being hired. CBI Academy, Ghaziabad is where trainees spend 42 of the 59-week training period.

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is used for the recruitment of CBI Group A officers. Union Public Service Commission holds exams for entry into the Indian civil service, including the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), and the Indian Forest Service (IFS). There are three parts to the UPSC Civil Services Exam: the UPSC Prelims, the UPSC Main, and the UPSC Personality Test, also known as the UPSC Interview.

Achieving Appointment as a CBI Officer via the Indian Civil Service (IPS) Exam

Post Name

FBI Agent (Group A)

Visit the Authorized Registration Site

upsc gov in


Services in the "A" group


The starting monthly salary for an IAS officer is Rs 5610.00(TA, DA, and HRA are additional)

Age Limit

The applicant's age range is limited to between 21 and 32.

Maximum Allowable Age


Less Strict Upper Age Limit

Castes and tribes that have been designated as "Scheduled"

5 Years

Disadvantaged Group Apartheid

3 Years

Disabled members of the armed forces who were released from service as a result of injuries sustained during operations in an area of conflict or with a foreign power

3 Years

Veterans with at least five years of service, including commissioned officers and ECOs/SSCOs

5 Years

BETTER EDUCATION (Mandatory & Preferred)

The minimum qualification for this position is a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited institution.

Techniques of Choosing

There are three parts to India's civil service exam (officially called the UPSC Civil Services Exam):

Preliminary Civil Service Examination (Objective)

Written Test for the Civil Service (Main): Descriptive Task

Assessment of Characteristics or Interview


Each of the four major cities in the country has a CBI office dedicated to investigating and prosecuting Economic and Special Crimes. It is based out of New Delhi. Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are the other major metropolises.

As an Officer in the IB, you'll be a part of a prestigious government agency with access to excellent benefits and a competitive salary.

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Those hoping to enter the civil service must first pass the SSC Combined Graduate Level Exam and the UPSC Individuals Performance Test (IPS).

Anyone applying should be in their twenties or thirties.

The applicant must be between the ages of 21 and 32.

Male candidates must meet height, eyesight, and chest requirements, while female candidates must meet only height and eyesight standards.

UPSC Civil Services (IPS) - CBI Officer (Group A); SSC CGL - Sub-Inspector in the Central Bureau of Investigation (SI in the CBI) Group B Post

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