Change the Mobile Phone Number Associated with Your NETC FASTag Account.

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Rapid progress in every industry has made more resources available to more people in more convenient ways. A wide range of systems, from tax collection to online money transfers to the fulfillment of various goals, are becoming easier to implement. Thus, the "Fastag Transfer" must also be mentioned among these innovations. We need to understand what Fastag is and the factors that contribute to it in order to learn more.

Radio frequency identification technology known as Fastag was first implemented by the Government of India's Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in October 2017. Fastag's primary function is to enable tolls to be paid instantly from linked pre-paid accounts. After the initial 5-year period, it will need to be recharged. Cashless payment of toll fees with nationwide interoperable electronic toll collection allows for uninterrupted traffic flow from one highway to the next, reducing congestion caused by toll plazas.

Now that Fastag has been created, there are many advantages to using it. The first and most obvious benefit is the money and time it saves on driving. With Fastag, the tag reader is always operational, and the appropriate toll is deducted without any human intervention. This eliminates the need for the driver to pull over to the toll booth. As a second point, the text message confirmation of a purchase Toll plaza deductions will be communicated via text message to the vehicle's registered owner or driver, whose account is linked with the Fastag. Third, online or digital recharge, which allows the customer to add funds to his Fastag account through various electronic payment systems like credit cards, debit cards, NEFT, and RTGS. The need for customers to physically carry cash is eliminated, and online statements are made available through the Fastag portal, which is designed exclusively for the convenience of the customers. Aside from this, it has a number of positive societal and environmental effects, such as lowering the amount of paper used and emissions into the atmosphere.

Having learned about Fastag, we should now be able to answer questions about its transferability and related topics. It is important to note that neither party can transfer ownership of the Fastag account. The customer must close the Fastag account if he or she is no longer going to use the vehicle, or is considering not using it. There are still some unanswered questions about the transfer system, such as how to withdraw the remaining balance from your Fastag card. The second could concern the transfer of a Fastag account from one financial institution to another, among other topics. Since they are relevant, we'll examine them further down.

Getting money from their Fastag account into their regular checking

To answer your question up above, please do the following: -

  • To move funds from Fastag to a bank account, a customer must first access the Fastag portal using the user ID or Wallet ID and password previously set up for the account.   
  • The customer must now choose a payment method and then go to the top-up tab.
  • Next, enter the wallet's identifier and the amount to recharge. It's necessary to choose a payment method and finish the transaction.

Transforming Your Fastag Account From One Financial Institution To Another

Changing your FASTag account from one bank to another is simple; just follow the steps below.

  • Fastag customers who use Paytm wallets can switch their linked bank accounts and top off their wallets using funds from the new account.  
  • But if the customer's Fastag is linked with Paytm, then canceling the Fastag through Paytm is also required when switching banks.

If you have a Fastag Paytm account, here's how to switch to another account.

Following these steps will allow you to transfer your Paytm Fastag to another account.

  • Customer satisfaction has increased dramatically as a result of this new feature, which allows customers to instantly transfer their tags to other app users.  
  • In the beginning, they have to access the Fastag section of the consumer app.  
  • If you want to send a Fastag to a different Paytm mobile number, you can do so by selecting the Fastag you want to send.  
  • Third, enter the recipient's mobile number and click the proceed button.  
  • Using these steps, you can quickly and easily move money from one Fastag Paytm account to another.

Here's how to modify Fastag's current phone number

The Fastag mobile number is not transferable at this time. Customers' email addresses and phone numbers are recorded in the system during the first Fastag they create. The customer can swap out their VRN by providing RC scans of their vehicles.

If our mobile number is registered with Paytm, we can easily update it by following these steps:

  • To use Paytm, users must first install the app on their mobile device.
  • They must then access their accounts by signing in.  
  • Next, select your profile by clicking on your image in the upper left corner.  
  • When you're done making changes to your profile, scroll to the bottom and select "Update Phone Number."

You can share your FASTag with another Paytm user by transferring it.

By following the instructions below, you can send your FASTag to another Paytm user.

  • Access the Paytm app's FASTag section.
  • Choose the transferring FASTag.
  • If you're transferring a FASTag account to a new user, enter that person's mobile phone number.
  • Then, just stick to the on-screen prompts until the transfer is finished.

What You Need to Know About Sharing Your Fastag With Others

Fastag is vehicle-specific, but if you sell your car and give the new owner FASTag access, you can simply cancel your account. How to cancel your FASTag membership:

  • Your wallet id and password will allow you to access The FASTag Portal.
  • To submit a request, navigate to the portal's service requests page and tap the button labeled "generate a service request."
  • Simply submit a Closure Request to permanently delete your FASTag account.

The process for closing the FASTag account is standard across most banks' online platforms.

Note: Paytm has simplified the process of transferring a FASTag account to another person by providing the instructions in the section titled "Transfer FASTag to another Paytm user."

The Step-by-Step Process for Moving Money From Your Fastag Wallet to Your Bank

Money stored in a FASTag wallet can't be withdrawn to a bank account just yet. Your FASTag wallet can only be used to pay tolls once it has been recharged.

Transforming a Fastag Chassis Number into a Vehicle Number

Here are the steps you need to take to convert your chassis number to your vehicle's registration number:

  • Your FASTag portal access will require the User wallet id and password.
  • Scanned copies of the vehicle registration certificate(s) must be uploaded for verification.
  • There will be a change made to your Vehicle Registration Number after all information has been verified.

Your FASTag-issuing bank's customer service can arrange for copies of your RC to be mailed to the address you provide if you call them. Following confirmation of your vehicle information, we'll update the chassis number to the Vehicle number.

Changing Fastag After Selling a Car

Knowing that FASTag is vehicle-specific, you may be wondering what to do with your FASTag account after selling your car.

  • Enter your FASTag user ID and password to access your FASTag wallet.
  • Simply submit a service request to FASTag to terminate your account.

Transforming Your Car's Class in Fastag

FASTag recognizes 7 different vehicle categories; however, you can switch your vehicle's category at any time. Contacting your bank's customer service department is required in order to update your Vehicle in FASTag. A bank's FASTag email address can be used to request assistance with changing your account's vehicle class.

Change Your Fastag Email Address Here!

Changing your email address with your bank can be done in a variety of ways. The following procedures apply if you wish to use a FASTag in paytm:

  • Go to Paytm. domain name com
  • Enter your username and password to sign in to your account.
  • To view your profile, click the 'View profile' button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select "Edit Profile" to make changes.
  • To create a new email account, simply enter your address and then click the "Save" button.
  • Simply enter your new email address in place of the old one and hit "Save" to make the change.
  • After that, key in the one-time password that was sent to your phone.
  • Change your email address by verifying it.

Who Owns a Fastag and How to Change It

The owner of a Fastag cannot be changed. If you plan to sell your vehicle, you should deactivate your FASTag account before doing so, as the new owner will be able to access your bank or Paytm account and withdraw any remaining funds.


Outside of that, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which cover topics like "How do I cancel my Fastag account?" Then they ask me how to modify the Paytm account linked to my Fastag. Required Proof of Identity for Creating a Fastag Account As well as, where can I go to see my current Fastag status online, and a few others Numerous financial institutions now have their own Fastags and links, including ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Federal Bank, etc. The necessary procedures are outlined by the banks with which one's Fastag is associated. While digitalization and technological advancements have made many tasks easier, it's still important to take precautions whenever possible; after all, with every new invention comes both drawbacks and benefits. Therefore, one must exercise caution prior to taking any action.

How do I get a FASTag

Applying for a FASTag through a financial institution or digital payment service, such as PAYTM, is the only authorized method of obtaining one. To begin, simply upload your vehicle identification number and proof of ownership documents to an online database. Once the payment is processed, the tag will be sent to the provided address.

In the event that I apply for FASTag today, could I get it right away?

In order to obtain your tag quickly, it is recommended that you visit a nearby toll booth. The majority of banks and companies that process digital payments have staffed temporary kiosks from which the tags can be purchased. The agent will need specifics about the vehicle, like the title and registration. Even if the car is registered to a business, the driver must still present photo identification.

Where can I find a bank that provides free FASTags?

Fastag Tags can be purchased at any Indian Toll Plaza. The national highways of India are listed below. By visiting the Toll Plaza office, you can get a free Fastag card for your vehicle. In addition, ICICI Bank FASTag provides access to exclusive deals. As of January 1, 2021, the Ministry of Road Transportation and Highways requires all vehicles to have FASTags installed. Which three forms of identification are required

  1. Vehicle Registration Document (RC)
  2. Vehicle owner's passport photo
  3. Proof of identity and eligibility to vote (PAN card, driver's license, passport, voter ID, or Aadhaar card)

What are the specifics of FASTag's rollout?

Now is the time to familiarize yourself with FASTag if you haven't already. You'll have to pay twice as much in tolls if you don't have a FASTag by February 16, 2021, as it will become mandatory nationwide for all vehicles under new regulations. The Transport Corporation of India (TCI) and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Kolkata estimate that every hour of transportation delay costs India . Every year, they spend billion. The government has responded to this deficit by launching Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). As a result of this, the National Highways Programme has announced that it will be undergoing significant reorganization in order to enhance the effectiveness of the National Highways Grid.

There are immediate advantages to using FASTag.

Maintaining smooth traffic flow and minimizing backups at toll booths are two of FASTag's primary objectives, but the technology also has a few other benefits.

  • Commuters who use the roads frequently will no longer waste time at toll booths searching for the correct change.
  • It's a cashless payment system that puts security and hygiene first.
  • Because of this innovation, the human interaction and payment processes can be simplified and improved.
  • There is less pollution and less of a carbon footprint from cars because they are not sitting still at toll booths.
  • Drivers may feel less stressed in long lines because they know everyone is moving in unison.
  • In addition, FASTag purchasers receive a 2 5% cash back on all purchases made at national toll booths, leading to even greater financial savings.

If you never drive on the highways, do you still need a FASTag?

The government has plans to implement FASTag as a multi-purpose payment system in areas besides roads, such as parking garages. In April of 2020, the government will enforce the requirement that all vehicles carry third-party liability insurance, also known as FASTag. You'll have to pay twice as much in tolls if you try to use a FASTag lane without one. If your FASTag is unusable because of an RFID malfunction or because it is unbalanced, the same rule will apply. Having a FASTag is therefore not only a matter of security but also of practicality.

Where does FASTag stand in terms of reliability?

FASTags are good for at least five years, so you won't have to keep renewing them every year. You can also get text messages about your FASTag account balance and any tolls that have been deducted. On top of that, HDFC Bank allows you to top off or recharge your FASTag at low cost through their website.

If I don't use FASTag, then what?

Not having a FASTag in your car can be annoying, and starting in January 2021, it will be required for all vehicles. Get a FASTag for your car and aid in the nation's digital advancement.

In what ways does it cost and how reliable is it?

With all taxes included, the IHMCL allows banks to charge up to Rs 200 to issue the tag. Additionally, most car rentals call for a security deposit of around Rs 200 (varyable based on make and model). Then, the tag needs to be recharged with at least Rs 100 in order to function. Furthermore, each recharge may incur an additional transaction fee from your bank. Bank and prepaid card websites are good places to start when trying to compare fees. A security deposit cannot be used to pay tolls at this time. The business is considering using the deposit as a toll, but has not yet made a final decision. Until the scanner stops reading the tag, a FASTag remains active. FASTag is only for cars and not for people.

Where can FASTag be used and what roads are compatible

All 615 NHAI toll plazas and 100 state highway toll plazas now accept FASTags for toll collection. The increase will be gradual.

FASTag account management (recharging, topping off, etc.)

FASTag, a free mobile app available for both Android and iOS, could be connected to it. It's possible to track each FASTag by its individual ID number. Financial institutions use their own proprietary online platforms. It operates in the same manner as any other prepaid electronic wallet.

Suppose you make a mistake and walk into a lane that requires a FASTag, but you don't happen to have one with you.

For your safety, highway patrol officers should not let you into a FASTag lane. But if you're in a FASTag lane, the toll is doubled. If your FASTag is damaged or has no balance, you will still be charged the full toll even if you are unable to use it to pay. In order to facilitate on-the-spot tag recharges, policymakers are considering forming partnerships with banks to implement payment gateways (like the Bharat Bill Payment System) that accept cash payments from users. Still, preparations for this are being made.

Do you need FASTag if you never drive on highways?

Yes, ideally, because starting in April of this year, the government plans to make FASTag mandatory for third-party insurance, the minimum insurance cover required for all automobiles. To further promote its use, the government plans to implement FASTag for payments at highway rest areas, parking lots, and other locations. In this way, the tag can serve as a versatile form of currency.

How do I apply for a FASTag and what do I need to do to activate it?

Your vehicle registration certificate and a photocopy of your driver's license (for verification of your identity and residency). Institutions of higher learning require Know Your Customer documents like Aadhaar, passports, and PAN cards.

What if I qualify for a toll waiver or discount?

Proof of residency is required if you live within 10 kilometers of the toll plaza in order to obtain a FASTag and take advantage of the concession.

Solutions to issues raised by FASTag users

The National Highways Authority of India's all-Indian emergency number is 1033. With NHAI's FASTags, issues are usually resolved rapidly. Bank-issued FASTag holders, on the other hand, are referred to the bank's customer service department, where their issues are handled more slowly. The government is aware of this problem and is thinking about ways to integrate the hotline so that a client's complaint automatically generates a "ticket," which is sent to the bank, and the issue is resolved without the client having to follow up on the complaint. Technological issues, such as late-arriving deduction SMS, are among the most commonly cited sources of dissatisfaction, along with issues such as broken RFID, low balance, recharge inquiries, and so on.

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