Check Out These Steps If You Want to Know How to Get Free UC in BGMI

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  • Observe channels to reap benefits
  • How to convert UC into Google Play Credit
  • The ways to obtain free UC in BGMI can be difficult to figure out.
  • We've streamlined the procedure by providing a list of all the ways you can deposit free UC into your BGMI account.
  • There is also a method demonstrated for converting your in-game Google Play credit balance into UC.

You're not the only one who wants to know how to get free UC in BGMI. Given the popularity of the game, the content is regularly updated to keep players interested. You can purchase a variety of items from BGMI to personalize your character and account. Almost everything you need is available, including clothing and gun skins. Additionally, if you decide to sell your BGMI account, you should stock up on all the accessories because they raise the account's value.

However, using in-game money is the only way to purchase these in-game items. The in-game currency used by BGMI is called UC (Unknown Cash). You must use UC to pay for nearly every item in the game, whether it be cosmetic or not. Unfortunately, getting into UC isn't easy. When you want to purchase something in the game, it takes some time to amass a sufficient amount of UC. Some individuals even spend real money in order to receive UC However, there are a few methods for obtaining UC in the game. You don't have to spend any cash on this. These techniques might be slower and more laborious, but they are worthwhile.

Let's look at how to obtain free UC in BGMI now.

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Google Bonuses

No, in this instance Google won't just randomly reward you. In essence, you must install the Google Opinion Rewards app. Google created this app for marketing and survey purposes. You can participate in surveys using this app. Google will reward you with a Google Play balance once the surveys are finished. The Google Play Store will then let you exchange this balance for apps or other prizes. Additionally, you can use the balance to buy UC in BGMI. The process is very easy. You must visit the BGMI in-game shop. When you locate something you want to purchase, you can choose it. You can select Google Play Balance as your preferred payment option when the payment box appears. There it is.

Observe channels to reap benefits

There are many channels on Twitch and YouTube that regularly run competitions. UC for BGMI is frequently given as a prize, especially if the channel focuses on Indian gaming and BGMI. Watch these channels, and take part in their competitions. While you must contend with many other participants, these competitions occur frequently, and earning UCs is simple work. Even though your chances of winning are slightly reduced, you won't have to exert much effort.

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Outside applications

Even though it may be unorthodox, some apps will give you UC in BGMI The majority of Indian gamers and e-sports fans tend to promote these apps. For instance, the Rooter app worked with Skyesports, a BGMI tournament coordinator. Many players utilized the Rooter app to obtain cost-free UC in BGMI as a result. This is all to say that you need to be on the lookout for third-party apps that work with the relevant businesses or games.

Even the Indian gaming app Winzo hosted numerous competitions for BGMI. When the winner was announced, BGMI received a sizeable amount of UC. If any worthwhile BGMI competitions are upcoming, you can check these apps. These competitions will probably offer a sizeable amount of UC that will be available for grabs.

You must, however, link your bank account or Paytm account with these apps in the cases of these apps. This will enable you to withdraw money and use it to buy UC in BGMI.

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Specific rooms

Additionally, there are a ton of personalized rooms run by well-known Indian YouTubers and gamers. These specialized spaces are intended solely for hosting competitions. Although the tournament prizes may differ from one to the next, UC is a typical award. Additionally, Elite Royale Passes could be won. This is a fantastic choice if you want to receive free UC in BGMI. You will have the opportunity to win UC, but you will also be able to compete in tournaments with other players. If you want to improve as a player and develop your abilities, these tournaments are fantastic. Who knows Perhaps the competitions will serve as your entry point into the world of competitive gaming.

Having learned how to obtain free UC in BGMI, you must now understand how to convert Google Play Credits into UC. In essence, you will pay for the UC with money that you will later receive as Google Play credit. Let's look at how to do this.

  1. To access BGMI, launch it and sign in.
  2. The top right corner of the home screen, where your character is displayed, has a Plus () sign.
  3. When you tap the Plus () symbol, a prompt will appear. This command will display all of the costs for various UC dosages in BGMI.
  4. You can choose the amount based on how much Google Play Credit you have.
  5. You will be taken to the payment page after choosing the amount.
  6. There ought to be a Google Play balance option among all the options.
  7. Choose this choice and submit your payment. Your in-game account will then display all the pertinent amounts of UC. You can buy in-game items with this UC.


These are the ways to obtain free UC in BGMI. Even though online games and battle royale are typically stuffed to the gills with microtransactions, you aren't always required to pay for them. There are other, simpler methods to acquire game currency. Yes, you will need to put in more effort and wait longer to obtain this in-game UC. But the effort will make the UC worthwhile.

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