Close Your HDFC Bank Account Online or In Person

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According to the new regulations put forth by the government, all bank account holders must keep a minimal balance in their accounts at all times. The sum is fixed at Rs 5,000 for major cities and Rs 3,000 for more remote locations. The account holder is responsible for the fee if the account balance falls below the required level.  


Inactivation of HDFC Bank Account

HDFC Bank has top-notch financial services and customer support. However, it may be difficult for a customer with multiple bank accounts to meet the minimum balance requirement. To ensure smooth and precise administration, the account holder may be required to close their HDFC Bank account. Account closure at HDFC Bank is simple and quick. As a courtesy to account holders, the bank has established the following procedures. close an Bank account with HDFC  

The Online HDFC Bank Account Closure Process

You cannot complete the HDFC Bank account closure process online. If the account holder wants to close the account, he or she must do so by downloading the appropriate form. After printing out the application and filling it out completely, the applicant must then go to an HDFC branch to complete the process. When closing an HDFC Bank account, the account holder is not required to visit the primary branch.  

Bank  High-Definition Finance Corporation Bank Beneficiary  Patron of the Bank Form  Application for Closing an HDFC Bank Account

Methods for Permanently Closing Your HDFC Bank Account

That which must be done in order to How to close an HDFC Bank account is easy and quick. To close your HDFC bank account permanently, please follow the instructions below.  

FIRST STEP: Take Out Your Money From Your HDFC Bank Account,

Before closing the bank account, the account holder must withdraw all funds. Different systems, such as IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and UPI, allow the account holder to move their money around.  

HDFC Bank Form for Account Closure - Step 2

The HDFC Bank account closure form is available for download on the bank's website.

After carefully filling out the form, the applicant can pick it up and bring it to the nearest HDFC Branch. One can submit a request to close an account online, but those who prefer an offline option must visit a bank branch.  

Stage Three: Upload Required Know-Your-Customer Documents

A photocopy of the account holder's KYC documents (such as a PAN card, Aadhaar Card, or voter ID card) must be included with the completed form. For verification of their identity and residence. It is possible, though not guaranteed, that they will also need to self-attest those documents.  

PHASE 4: Hand in Your Bank Card(s), Debit Card(s), and Checkbook

The account holder must also include the issued chequebook and passbook with the completed form and KYC documents. In addition, the account holder should bring an original form of identification to the branch whenever possible.  

FIFTH STEP: Receipt for Closing Your HDFC Bank Account

After the form has been submitted and verified, the HDFC Bank branch executive will issue a receipt of request. Within a 10-day period, the HDFC bank account will be frozen.  

Reminders Before Your HDFC Bank Account Is Closed

Before you close your HDFC bank account, make sure you've taken into account the following details:

Put money aside in a new bank account beforehand

If the account holder doesn't have other accounts, The best course of action is for them to open a new bank account with the bank to guarantee a safe place for their savings. In order to apply for things like passports and loans, having a bank account is typically a necessity.  

Unlinking Automatic Payments from Debit Cards

It is the responsibility of the account holder to disable the automatic payment feature on any previous debit cards. They should also remember to unlink the bank account from any UPI-based mobile applications they use before closing the account.  

Compilation of Bank Receipts as a Safety Measure

All of the account holder's bank statements should be backed up as well. After closing the account, they would no longer have access to the bank statements that may be required in a variety of situations.  

Download the HDFC Account Closing Form

The steps to closing your HDFC account after downloading the necessary paperwork are as follows:

HDFC Account closure form online

The first thing you should do is conduct a search for "HDFC Bank account closure."  

Click the "HDFC Bank closure Form" in the second step.  

Third, download the PDF account closure form from HDFC Bank.  

The HDFC Bank Account Closing Form can be downloaded in Step 4.  

HDFC Bank Account Closure Form - Available for Download

When Your HDFC Bank Account Has a Negative Balance, Here's How to Close It Online

If the balance in a customer's HDFC Bank account is negative, they are unable to close the account via the bank's website. In order to initiate the account closure process, the account balance must be zero. Similar to how the negative balance amount can be transferred to the individual's bank account, the account holder can then begin downloading the online account closure form.

To officially close an HDFC bank account, the account holder must bring the completed form and supporting documentation to their local branch.   

If I don't feel like going to an HDFC bank branch, is there a way I can close my account?

The HDFC Bank account closure form is available online, where the account holder can download it and fill it out. However, they will need to bring the completed form and supporting paperwork to the branch in order to officially close the account. Online closure is not possible at this time.  

HDFC Bank Account Cancellation Fees

Account closure fees assessed by HDFC Bank will be time-based. Following are HDFC Bank's account closure fees:

  • If an account is closed by the account holder within 14 days of the account's opening, the account holder will not be charged any fees.  
  • Accounts can be closed for any reason after 14 days and before the first year if the account holder requests it. If they do, they'll be charged a fee of Rs 500 or the amount in their account, whichever is less. The fee is Rs 300 for the elderly.  
  • After the first year, there are no fees associated with closing an HDFC Bank account.  

Support for HDFC Bank Customers

In the event that the account holder has any questions or concerns about the account closure process, they can contact HDFC customer service. Account holders can reach customer service at either 1800 202 6161 or 1860 267 6161. Anyone in India can dial this number. When a customer calls HDFC Bank's customer service line, they'll speak with a real person who can answer all of their questions—including how to close their HDFC Bank account and everything else there is to know about HDFC Bank.  

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