Connect Your Aadhaar to Your Airtel Mobile Number: A Step-by-Step Guide

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The Aadhaar card is now an essential personal document with widespread utility. With its high penetration rate and acceptance as an official ID, the Indian Government has mandated that all citizens must link their phone numbers to their Aadhaar cards. This ensures that the Government can provide better services and disburse more benefits to the public. If you have been receiving text messages requesting you to link your Airtel Aadhaar to your mobile number, then it is advisable to do so promptly.

Airtel Aadhaar link

However, if you plan to link your Airtel Aadhaar online, you may encounter difficulties. Currently, none of the telecom operators in India offer this facility. Nevertheless, there is an easy way to link your Airtel Aadhaar. Curious to know how? Keep reading!

Follow these steps to link your Airtel mobile number with your Aadhaar for the first time:

    Locate your nearest Aadhaar service centre. If you don't know the closest one, you can log in to the Aadhaar self-service portal, which will guide you based on your location.

    Get the Aadhaar update or correction form and fill it out. You can either obtain it from an official at the centre or download it in advance from the Aadhar website.

    Submit the completed form to a centre official, indicating that you only want to update your phone number.

    Additionally, present photocopies of your Aadhaar card and either your passport, PAN card, or voter ID as supporting documents.

    After submitting your form, a biometric test will be scheduled to verify your identity through your thumb impression. Upon passing, you will be issued an acknowledgement slip. The entire process should take 2-10 days.

    Airtel link Aadhaar

    If you have a new Airtel SIM card, you can link it to your Aadhaar card online quickly and easily. However, make sure that your previous mobile number is already linked to your Aadhaar before proceeding. Follow these steps:

    • Visit the UIDAI website, the official Indian Government website.
    • Click on the "Aadhaar update" tab, which will direct you to the Aadhaar self-service portal.
    • Enter the One Time Password (OTP) that you receive on your existing mobile number.
    • On the next page, add your new SIM card details.

    That's it! With these simple steps, you can easily link your Airtel Aadhaar to your mobile number and enjoy more seamless Government services and benefits.

    Under the ‘Select the fields you want to update’ section on the new screen, you can choose Phone number and follow the on-screen instructions to update it on your Aadhaar card. After the process, your new number is securely linked to Aadhaar. However, if you have ported your SIM from another operator to Airtel, you do not need to repeat the linking process as only linking your phone number to Aadhaar is necessary, regardless of the operator you use.

    Airtel's Special Provision for Aadhaar Card Linking

    For those who face difficulties linking Aadhaar card due to age, disability, or foreign residency, Airtel provides a special provision to simplify the process. For more details, visit:

    Importance of Linking Your Phone Number with Aadhaar Card

    You might feel hesitant towards the process, but linking your Airtel phone number with Aadhaar has been mandated by the honourable Supreme Court for important reasons. During new SIM card issuance, mobile operators must verify the user's identity in order to filter potential threats such as terrorists and fraudsters. Aadhaar card system acts as a crucial identification tool, especially when terrorists attempt to use fake names. Maintaining an accurate identification database across the nation, with over 100 crore subscribers, is an immense responsibility. Therefore, updating your phone number with Aadhaar should not be delayed for any reason. Take the necessary steps towards ensuring national safety today!

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