Data Maintenance for India's Unique Identifier, Aadhaar

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Your mobile phone must be registered with Aadhaar for you to use their online services.

In order to confirm your enrollment or most recent Aadhaar detail update, you will need to verify your mobile phone number.

While enrolling for Aadhaar, if you were asked to provide your mobile phone number, you were required to visit a Permanent Enrolment Centre to do so.

Facilitating the use of Aadhaar for a wide range of programs and activities, including government and non-government services, subsidies, pensions, scholarships, social benefits, banking, insurance, taxation, education, employment, healthcare, etc. therefore it is crucial that the resident's Aadhaar information in the CIDR is correct and up-to-date.

Reasons for updating demographic information include:

  • Basic demographic information, such as a person's name and address, may change whenever there is a significant life change, such as a marriage. Due to relocation, both your address and mobile phone number may change. Life events, such as marriage, death, and divorce, can prompt residents to want to update their relatives' information. In addition, locals might swap out their contact info (phone, email, etc.) for more personal reasons.
  • As a result of shifts in service delivery mechanisms, citizens may need to update their declarations, add their mobile phone numbers to their CIDRs, etc.
  • A possible misrepresentation of a resident's demographic information due to enrollment errors Mostly as a result of enrolment mistakes, updates to the "DoB/Age" and "Gender" fields can be anticipated.
  • Because a resident can sign up in any part of India, it is possible for a resident who speaks language "A" to be enrolled by an operator who speaks language "B," making language "B" the resident's local language of enrolment. In the future, the citizen may wish to switch from the local language of enrollment to one of his or her choosing. If that's the case, then the Aadhaar letter needs to be revised to include the new language alongside the existing demographic information.
  • UIDAI may decide to notify residents to update their demographic information and submit the required document after verifying the availability and quality of POI, POA, and other documents collected during enrollment/update.

Potential reasons for requiring a biometrics update include:

  • Biometric information should be updated every 10 years if a resident has been enrolled since they were 15 years old.
  • The occurrence of unavoidable, out-of-the-ordinary circumstances, such as an accident or
  • There has been widespread adoption of the Aadhaar identification and verification system. Authentication failures (called false rejects - where a correct resident with a valid Aadhaar number may be incorrectly rejected) caused by incorrect biometric capture or poor biometric quality captured at the time of enrolment may also prompt residents to request biometric updates. As technology evolves, higher quality biometrics may be captured in the CIDR.
  • UIDAI could determine a minimum standard for biometric quality during enrollment and updates. UIDAI may send out notifications to all citizens whose biometrics fall below a predetermined minimum.

The following are examples of editable fields in the Aadhaar database:

The demographics

Information Collected May Include: Name, Address, Birthday/Age, Gender, Phone Number, Email Address, Relationship Status, and Permission to Share Personal Data

Statistics based on Biological Characteristics

Iris Scan, Fingerprints, and a Photograph of Your Face

All kinds of Proof of Identity and Proof of Address documents are recognized by the UIDAI update procedure. You can check out the list of docs that back up your claim here.

Transfer Protocols

(1) By means of the World Wide Web

In the Self-Service online mode, residents can change their addresses by submitting a request on the portal. Login to the portal with the resident's Aadhaar number and mobile phone number. The OTP is sent to the resident's registered phone to verify their identity. UIDAI's Update back-office will have a Verifier check the uploaded POA documents against the requested data after the update has been submitted by the resident. In order to use this service, the resident's mobile phone number must be linked to their Aadhaar profile.

Using self-service Update Portal for online Aadhaar Data Update: Step 1 - Login to SSUP portal using Aadhaar and OTP, Step 2 - Select the fields to be updated, Step 3 - Fill the data in the selected fields, Step 4 - Submit the form & URN will be generated, Step 5 - Select the BPO for review of update, Step 6 - Attach original scanned copy of the support document, Step 7 - Using the URN check Aadhaar update status

2. Go to a Center for Permanent Enrollment

These are the channels through which citizens, with the aid of a registrar at a Permanent Enrolment Centre, submit requests to have their personal information and biometrics updated. At the time the request is accepted, the operator will gather the necessary supporting documentation. At the time an Update request is submitted, the verifier will also conduct a document verification. UIDAI is planning on implementing three different types of Assisted Updates at this time:

a Alter Client-Side Measures

Updates can be made to all fields, including local language and biometric information.

Back-end biometric check for identity verification.

Verification of Documents

  • Documentary evidence fields have been verified.
  • At the Enrollment/Update Center, a verifier designated by UIDAI or one of the Registrars on duty conducts the verification.
  • When enrolling in DDSVP, verification steps should be taken in accordance with recommendations made by the DDSVP Committee.

Acknowledgement and Form Completion

  • Completed by the operator on the client update system whenever a resident requests it. Takes care of transliteration, grammar, spelling, etc. Each request for an update will require a biometric signature from the operator.

A confirmation receipt is issued to the resident, complete with a unique Update Request Number (URN) for future reference.

Biometric Update Process: Step 1 - Filling Application Form, Step 2 - Manual Verification of proof, Step 3 - Entry of Data into client software by operator, Step 4 - Biometric Authentication by Resident, Step 5 - Operator & Supervisor's Confirmation, Step 6 - Acknowledgement of Receipt

b Lite version of the Update Client

Update any of your personal details, add a photo, or switch to the language spoken in your area.

A biometric method of confirming a person's identity.

Verification of Documents

  • Fields requiring documentation have been verified.
  • At the Enrollment/Update Center, a verifier designated by UIDAI or one of the onsite Registrars will perform the verification.
  • When enrolling in the program, the verification process should adhere to the guidelines established by the DDSVP Committee.

Acknowledgement and Form Completion

  • Taken care of by the operator on the update client at the request of the resident. A confirmation receipt is issued to the resident, complete with a unique Update Request Number (URN) for future reference. Every update request made to the operator will be subject to a biometric verification.

c Keep up-to-date with the help of the AUA's PP system.

To become an AUA Registrar, a Registrar must be selected to use this method. Application programming interfaces (APIs) for Update may be made available by UIDAI. Registrars chosen for these updates will be those already established as a trusted source for the collection, generation, possession, and management of the relevant demographic information.

Areas: Population areas

Identity Authentication via Resident Biometric Authentication on the AUA Device; UIDAI may opt to use Other/Additional Authentication Factors, if Necessary. For instance, mobile OTP can be used to process update requests from this channel.

Each request for an update will require a biometric signature from the operator. Because of this, they require an Aadhaar card. The device or devices used will be subject to UIDAI's authentication standards.

UIDAI will accept an update based on the Registrar's verification process and Resident Authentication in order to establish that the submitted documents are valid. Electronic or scanned copies of documents may be collected online for auditing purposes. The Registrar may either store these copies against individual Update Request Numbers, Dates, and Times, or they may be made available in batches.

Instructions for Completing Forms and Offering Approval

  • Executed by Registrar Operator(employee/outsourced) on Biometric Authentication-Capable Device, like a Micro-ATM Resident receives a confirmation receipt with a unique Update Request Number (URN) that can be used to monitor the status of the request. According to the nature of the request, a printed receipt and/or an SMS/email confirmation may be provided. A text message sent to the provided mobile phone could serve as confirmation of a mobile number change. Both electronic and printed receipts can be generated by the API. At the conclusion of the update request process, the Registrar may, at their discretion, offer printed receipts.
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