Deblocard for Debit and ATM Transactions

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Please find the relevant information by following the links below:

1. For information on interest rates and charges, please click [here](

2. If you are interested in using our Insta Banking services, please visit [this page](

3. To ensure safe online banking, please refer to our Safe Banking guidelines [here](

4. For an easy and convenient way of completing your banking transactions, consider Video KYC. Learn more [here](

Here are the available options for cards:

- Credit Cards: Explore our range of credit cards.

- Debit Cards / ATM Card: Discover our various debit card options, including Gemstone Debit Cards and Personal Cards.

- Expressions Debit Cards: Customize your debit card according to your preference.

- Generate your ATM PIN: Find out how to generate your ATM PIN.

- Special Offers: Stay updated on our special offers.

- Debit Card Rewards: Explore the rewards program for our debit cards.

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    • PayDirect Card and more
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  • Agriculture and Countryside Financing
    • Financing for Micro Financing Institutions (MFIs)Micro financing assistance for Term Loans
    • Tractor FinancingAcquire a loan to purchase a tractor if you possess a minimum of 3 acres of agricultural land
    • Rural Savings AccountThe Rural Savings Account will be accessible through Business Correspondents
    • Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Bank Linkage ProgrammeGet up to Rs 7.5 lakh for SHGs with 10-20 women, and operations for 6 months
      • Self-Help Groups (SHGs) Bank Linkage Programme
    • Farm Product Traders and ProcessorsOperating Capital Loan, Loan Against Warehouse Receipt
  • Commercial Business Loans
    • Commercial Vehicle LoanObtain a loan for your truck, tippers, or light commercial vehicles
    • Construction Equipment LoanMine owners, road contractors, builders can acquire loans for new and pre-owned machinery
      • Loan for Construction Equipment
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        • Money Transfer
          • Transfer money to any other bank account with Internet Banking or mobile app
          • Transfer funds instantly, 24X7 (including holidays) with IMPS
          • Pay friends and merchants using their phone number, QR Code, or UPI ID
          • Remit money through wire transfer or demand draft in 19 different currencies
          • Pay your friends or contacts with just a Tweet
          • Discover a secure and fast way to send and receive money through the Digital Rupee Wallet
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      • Transfer Now
      ICICI Bank Pay

      You can access online funds transfer services through ICICI Bank's Infinity platform. To begin, click on the following link: [link]

      For mobile banking and payment services, iMobile Pay offers a convenient solution. You can learn more and access the services through this link: [link]

      The utility payment options available are as follows:

      - Electricity: Pay your electricity bill online quickly using Quick Pay.

      - Water: Save time by paying your water bill online after selecting your water board and providing your details.

      - Gas: Conveniently pay bills for leading gas companies such as Adani, Mahanagar, and Indraprastha.

      - Landline: Pay your BSNL, MTNL, or Airtel landline bills online.

      - Broadband: Easily pay your Airtel, Hathway, or Connect broadband bill online.

      To view all available utility payment options, visit this link: [link]

      For bill payments, the Pay Your Bill service allows you to make payments efficiently. Click on this link to access the service: [link]

      Lastly, for recharge services, please consult the corresponding section of our website.

    • Repayment and Card Settlement
      • Make your loan EMI payment by using Click To Pay for your ICICI Bank loan from any other bank.
      • Pay your credit card bills from any other bank through net banking or UPI for your ICICI Bank credit card.
    • Payment Services
      • Pay your loan EMI or credit card bill from any other bank's net banking or debit card with Click to Pay.
      • Utilize eazyPay for paying your school fees, society maintenance bills, or business payments conveniently.
      • Make utility, mobile, broadband, DTH, and other payments effortlessly with Quick Pay.
      • Use Scan to Pay to generate a QR code, scan using any UPI app, and complete your payment securely.
      • Experience the convenience of Tap to Pay by utilizing an NFC-enabled tag linked with your prepaid account to tap and pay at merchant outlets.
      • iMOBILE PAY
    • Tax & GST
      • Conveniently make online payments of direct tax and other taxes like service tax or excise duty with Online Tax Payment.
      • Make your GST payments through our branch or via internet banking.
      • Gain knowledge about tax-saving strategies, tips, and investment plans with Tax Solutions.
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