Download Vaccination Certificate With Mobile No., Aadhar Card No. & Name

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Aadhar Card, Name, or Mobile Number to Access Vaccination Certificate Download The article contains all the information you'll need, so read it now. Instructions for obtaining your Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate have been provided.

Downloadable Vaccination Certificate

Nationwide health workers have finished immunizing billions of citizens. They've been fighting the infectious virus nonstop. Vaccinated individuals should immediately (or as soon as possible) access their electronic vaccination records. The Indian government is responsible for issuing this certificate.

Vaccine Certificate Download

With the goal of making the certificate accessible to as many people as possible, the process is kept on the simple side. They can retrieve their certification by entering the mobile phone number they provided during registration. To obtain the certificate, enter your mobile phone number into the Aarogya Setu app. The app can be downloaded from both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

MyGovernment's Corona Support Center

The Indian government has set up a helpline for those who have been vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus and are having trouble obtaining their certificates. Fast and widespread, the virus continues to spread. Follow these instructions to access your Corona Vaccination Record online.

  • Save 919013151515 on your phone in order to access the Covid Vaccine Certificate download page.
  • After that, they should launch WhatsApp and await your Hello message. In under one minute, the support team will have the certificate ready for download.
  • In response to your message, the bot will provide several choices about the Corona virus. Access the Covid Certificate by clicking the "Download Certificate" button.
  • You can easily send a "2" by typing it into the chat box there.
  • If the menu choices are sent again, repeat step 2.
  • If you answered "2," it means you want the "Covid Certificate." The One-Time Password is then sent to the phone number provided.
  • After that, enter the One-Time Password; the Certificate will be sent to you after you do so. Using the OTP, your identity will be confirmed.

When the chatbot receives the OTP, it will show the names of those who registered for vaccinations using that number. This is the number that registers them on the site. The certificate can be downloaded after the name has been selected.

Mobile Number Vaccination Certificate

Those interested in obtaining the certification must provide their mobile phone numbers in order to do so. The procedure is straightforward. Initiate proceedings by having the Umang App installed on your mobile device. Do as I say:

  • Then, visit the "What's New" page and access CoWIN from there.
  • After that, select "Download Vaccination Certificate."
  • Sign in with your mobile number now. After that, the OTP will be sent to verify the beneficiary's identity.
  • Once the confirmation certificate has been made available, it can be saved to a mobile device and later printed as needed.

For Vaccine Certificate Amendment, Please Click Here

Proof of Vaccination in India

To obtain the Vaccination Certificate (VC), the vaccination process must be finalized in its entirety. The Indian government has been advocating for people to get the Covid-19 vaccine so they can protect themselves from contracting the virus. Those who were immunized but still contracted the virus showed only mild symptoms.

India recently reached a major milestone by successfully vaccinating 200 billion people across the country. In large part, this success can be attributed to the health care professionals. The number of reported cases has recently increased again; caution is advised. In the meantime, they should keep their distance and get vaccinated.

Access Vaccination Records Using Your Aadhar Card

Aadhar numbers can also be used to access vaccination records online. If there are problems with the phone number, you can still get the Certificate by entering the Aadhar.

More than one app allows for the certificate's download. The following apps are available for free at either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Here is a rundown of what you can find in the portal and the apps:

  • Website for CoWIN
  • Download the Aarogya Setu App
  • Umang App
  • The Digital Safe App

Requirement for Vaccination Documentation

After receiving the shot, you may wonder why you need a certificate. The Government of India is the entity responsible for distributing Covid Vaccine Certificates (CVCs). The certificate serves as proof for the recipient should they ever need to present it to authorities, such as when making a travel claim.

It will also help the recipient keep track of which vaccine they have received from Covishield, Covaxin, or Pfizer. When the vaccine recipient uses it, you can keep track of which doses they've used and which are still sitting in the vial. It is required to have the certificate in order to travel to other countries. Numerous post-interaction social interactions also necessitate COVID Certificates. Many people are being urged to get their vaccinations as soon as possible.

Information Detailed on the Certificate:

  • Donee's Full Name
  • Gender
  • Benefit recipient's age
  • Unique Identity Number (Aadhar Card)
  • Reference number for the recipient of benefits
  • Dosage Information
  • Covishield (also known as Covaxin) is a vaccine.
  • Immunized by (insert name of vaccine provider here).
  • When is the next time I should get my Covid-19 shot?
  • QR Code

I Need My Name On A Covid Vaccination Certificate

A person's name is all that's needed to access their Vaccine Certificate via download. When entering information into the Application portal, they must pay close attention to spelling. Names must match exactly with those given when registering for vaccinations.

Obtaining the certificate is as simple as downloading the Aarogya Setu app on your mobile device. There, you'll need to locate the Covid Vaccine Certificate (CVC) and click on it. Follow that by typing your name into the certificate's bow.

Certification of Cowin by the Aarogya Setu Mobile App

During the height of the Covid outbreak, Indian citizens downloaded the Aarogya Setu app. Those who are Covid-positive can be monitored with this app.

  • You should get the Aarogya Setu app on your phone first.
  • First, turn on your Bluetooth, and then launch the app.
  • After that, enter your registered mobile number and head to the main menu, where you'll find the CoWIN tab.
  • Then, after selecting the Vaccination certificate option, you'll only need to enter the 13-digit beneficiary reference ID.
  • Then a certificate will be made for you. The Covid Vaccination Certificate can be obtained by clicking the download link.

Does the app check your Covid 19 status automatically?

Every step of the way, the Aarogya Setu App is updated with your sample's progress. Data collected by the lab is disseminated to app users in order to alert them to the potential presence of covid-infected individuals in their immediate vicinity.

  • The first step is a sample collection at the laboratory.
  • The collected sample is then analyzed by the technician.
  • After that, the laboratory must submit the results to the ICMR database.
  • If you come back positive, ICMR will notify the Aarogya Setu App.
  • The app then updates your status to "Covid ve," indicated by a red color, and begins the contact tracing based on the information it has received.

All those who had close contact with you or with other Covid-positive people will be notified this way.

Protective Dose

Those who have already received two vaccinations do not need to re-register to get the third dose given as a precaution. For more information on the Precautionary Dose, see the following section.


  • Members of Age Requirement: Must Be 18+ can get their shots at any CVC run by the government All 50 states and 7 UTs offer private CVCs where patients can get their injections.
  • According to the data on file with the CoWIN Registration, they must have waited at least six months (or 26 weeks) before receiving their second dose.
  • Those in the Healthcare Profession
  • Workers in the Front Lines

In the case of a vaccination, the precautionary dose will be determined by the type of vaccine you received. To the takers:

  • It is required that those taking Covishield or CORBEVAX as a preventative measure take a precautionary dose of the medication.
  • If you haven't gotten your COVAXIN or CORBEVAX Precautionary Dose yet, you should.
  • The SPUTNIK V precautionary dose should be taken before you need it.

When to Schedule a Precautionary Dose

Those who are qualified to receive the precautionary dose should schedule their appointment as described below.

You can schedule a Precaution Dose either through an online booking system or by physically visiting a vaccination clinic.

A reminder date based on your eligibility will be displayed in your CoWIN account, and you'll be able to book and verify an appointment time based on the doses that are currently available at the clinic.

Inquiries to the Covid HelpDesk:

In order to receive assistance with the Covid-19 problem The following is a contact number you can use. For any questions or concerns about the Corona Virus Vaccination and related procedures, please call the number provided here or on the CoWIN portal.

a Call 91-11-23978046 if you need assistance. b Call 0120-4783222 for Technical Support.

c Send inquiries to [email protected]

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