"Effortlessly Erase a Company from Tally Using These Steps"

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, tags structure, users often struggle to remove unnecessary companies from Tally due to the lack of a specific menu option for deletion. However, eliminating Tally companies is as easy as deleting other Windows files and folders, even though there is no dedicated menu option in Tally. In this article, we will share two easy ways to remove a company from Tally. Our tutorial explains the process simply, so even a novice Tally user can follow, and we have included a video guide to make it easier for you.

Delete Company From Tally.jpg

There are two simple methods to delete a company from Tally-

1) Delete the Company Folder (without the need to open Tally): As each company in Tally has a separate folder, you'll find them in the Tally Data folder, where the folders are named "10000," "10001," "10002" and so on. To delete a Tally company, you only need to go to the location of the company folder and delete it, just like you would delete a regular folder. This process doesn't require you to open Tally.

2) Delete from the Company Alteration Screen (with the need to open Tally): Another way to delete a Tally company is to use the Tally menu option. To do this, you must first open Tally, go to the company alteration screen from the Company Info menu, and use the Tally company delete shortcut key (shortcut key available below) to remove the company.

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Important Note: If you remove the company by deleting the company folder, you can restore it from the recycle bin later. But, if you remove the company from the Tally alteration screen, the company is permanently deleted, so no restoration is possible.

Warning: Before proceeding with the company delete guide, make sure you have Tally installed on your computer and already have some sample companies to test. Make sure that the company you are going to delete does not contain any important data. If necessary, back up the company, or you may lose your data. The tutorial is based on Tally.ERP9 but should work with every Tally version. Let's move on to the tutorial below.

Delete Company from Tally

For the first process, we will open Tally and check the number of companies and the Data folder code of the company we want to delete. To do this, open Tally, go to the Company Info menu by pressing Alt F3, choose Select Company. In the image below, you can see that we have two companies "NasirTech" and "Unique Systems." The Data folder codes are "10000" and "10001." Also, check the location of the Data folder (C:\Tally.ERP9\Data) as shown by the arrow.

Tally Company List and Data Directory.jpg

To remove the initial company, make sure to terminate Tally and initiate the Tally Data folder located in My Computer- C:\Drive- Tally.ERP9- Data. You must eliminate the folder named "10000" designated for the "NasirTech" enterprise. Please refer to the accompanying illustration.

Delete Tally Company Folder.jpg

Once the folder has been successfully expelled, reactivate Tally and scrutinize your company list to ensure that the first company has been eradicated, leaving only the second one remaining. Please refer to the picture below to confirm.

For the second procedure, firstly open the second company via the Company Info Menu and choose Select Company. Upon opening the company, revisit the Company Info Menu and select Alter. The Company Alteration screen will then present itself, whereupon you must press Alt D. You will subsequently receive two confirmation messages, for which you must press Enter to permit both actions, signifying that the company has been deleted. You can confirm this by revisiting the Company Info Menu and selecting the company, where you will see that no company exists. Refer to the image below for further information.

No Companies on Disk Tally.jpgTally Company List after Delete.jpg

Congratulations, you are complete. Although you may restore the first company from the Recycle Bin, the second company has been permanently erased.

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