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Indian Railway provides platform tickets for the purpose of allowing people not traveling by train to access station platforms and see off or receive friends and family. However, the railway sometimes modifies the rates and rules surrounding platform ticket issuance. Detailed information about Indian Railway's platform ticket policies is provided below.

Platform Ticket RatePlatform Ticket Rate

One important aspect to note is the 2-hour validity of platform tickets. Persons who are not bona fide passengers and wish to enter the station premises must pay the prescribed charges for platform tickets.

As of 4th November 2022, Indian Railway has withdrawn the power delegated to Divisional Railway Managers to determine platform ticket rates. However, all other terms and conditions remain the same.

Additionally, passengers can book platform tickets online through the UTS app by CRIS, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The app allows passengers to recharge their wallets, book paperless or print-out platform tickets, and make payment via the UPI-QR code feature.

Booking platform tickets is also possible through Automatic Ticket Vending Machines(ATVMs), which can be used to purchase unreserved and PF tickets. ATVMs also allow the renewal of season tickets.

Indian Railway plans to introduce QR code kiosks at major railway stations to facilitate the booking of platform tickets and eliminate the need for personal interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is worth noting that the Chennai Division of Southern Railway has withdrawn the restriction on platform ticket issuance as of 22nd June 2022. Hence, platform tickets will be available for purchase at the booking offices of railway stations across Chennai Division.

Important Notice: 20.06.2022

On the 20th of June 2022, Southern Railway made an announcement that due to the planned Bharat Bandh and in order to ensure the safety and security of passengers, the issuance of platform tickets at all railway stations in the Chennai division of Southern Railway will be restricted until further instructions. We kindly request passengers and the general public to cooperate with Railways to maintain the safety of rail users and railway property.

Important Notice: 11.01.2022

Temporary Increase in Platform Ticket Rates During Sankranti Festival Season

To regulate the flow of the public entering the platforms and to prevent inconvenience for genuine passengers and as a precautionary measure against the spread of the corona virus during the upcoming festive season, South Central Railway announced that the rate of platform tickets at Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Lingampalli, and Begampet railway stations will be increased with immediate effect until 20th January 2022. It is anticipated that there will be a huge crowd of rail travelers as well as accompanying non-travelers at these stations during the Sankranti festival season.

S.No Station Name Existing Rate (In Rs) Proposed Rate (In Rs.) Period of Increase in Cost of PF Tickets

1 Secunderabad 10 50 With immediate effect and up to 20th January, 2022

2 Hyderabad 10 20

3 Warangal 10 20

4 Khammam 10 20

5 Lingampalli 10 20

6 Kazipet 10 20

7 Mahbubabad 10 20

8 Ramagundam 10 20

9 Manchiryal 10 20

10 Bhadrachalam Road 10 20

11 Vikarabad 10 20

12 Tandur 10 20

13 Bidar 10 20

14 ParliVaijnath 10 20

15 Begumpet 10 20

Important Notice: 26.11.2021

A reduction in platform ticket prices has been announced in Chennai, Mumbai, and Vadodara as the situation with COVID-19 continues to improve. Central Railway's Mumbai Division has decided to roll back fares from Rs 50/- to Rs 10/- at several stations to encourage social distancing, while Western Railway's Mumbai Division and Vadodara Division have regularized platform ticket prices at Rs 10/- per ticket. Platform tickets will be issued at the higher rate of Rs 50/- for a limited period at railway stations in Mumbai Division due to the festive season. Meanwhile, Southern Railway has extended the sale of platform tickets at enhanced rates of Rs 50/- per ticket until September 16, 2021, to restrict overcrowding and movement of passengers at railway stations. The platform tickets benefit sick, differently-abled, and aged passengers who require assistance in boarding and deboarding the train. Passengers must comply with the COVID-19 guidelines and follow the health protocol when using the railway services.

As of April 22nd, the Railways in Mumbai will be limiting entry and exit points at stations to prevent unapproved travel on local trains in adherence to the Maharashtra government's new COVID-19 restrictions, reports a renowned online newspaper. Under the "Break the Chain" order, only certain individuals, such as government employees, medical personnel, patients requiring treatment, and the disabled, are permitted to use local trains from 8 PM on April 22nd through 7 AM on May 1st. Train tickets and passes will only be issued to those who have been authorized by the government to use local trains, and ticket vending machines and other purchase options will be deactivated, says an official. The Railway Protection Force, with the assistance of the Government Railway Police and Mumbai police, will limit entry and exit points, verifying identification cards at entry points before allowing people to board. Those traveling on out-of-town trains may not travel on local trains since the state government's rule only applies to those four categories of people.

To regulate passenger access to platforms and station premises, the Delhi Division of Northern Railway has ceased the sale of platform tickets until further notice due to a COVID-19 surge, according to an update from April 19th on DRM Delhi NR's Twitter handle. Platform tickets, which cost between ₹10 and ₹20 in India, are only legitimate for two hours and are not needed for those with a railway ticket for the same day. Anybody caught without a platform ticket when not traveling may face a fine ranging from ₹250 to 270, according to a Circular Dt 04.11.2022 and Circular Dt 16.03.2015 available for download on the Railways' platform ticket rules page, accessible from IRCTC help.

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