Facebook hacking techniques

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Meta finds 400 malicious apps designed to steal Facebook users' password, profile & data; alerts Apple & Google

Meta is also assisting affected Facebook users.

11 Oct, 2022, 10 39 AM IST

Instagram rewards Jaipur student with Rs 38 lakh for finding a bug

I first started having issues with my Instagram profile in December of 2016. On the morning of January 31, after much effort, I discovered Instagram's (bug) error. I then reported the error I'd seen on Instagram to Facebook that same evening and got a response three days later. It required that I submit a sample for review.

19 Sep, 2022, 12 30 PM IST

Are you digitally secure? Answer these 10 questions to find out how vulnerable you are to being conned

With more people having access to the internet, more cybercrimes have been committed. Examine your level of expertise in the field of cyber security.

05 Sep, 2022, 06 30 AM IST

How technology can solve influencer marketing problems?

As technologies like virtual reality become more widely available and accepted, we can expect a rise in the total influence of influencers, whether they are niche or not. Rather than just seeing photos from the event, it would be amazing if the audience was able to sit right next to the movers and shakers and watch it all unfold

20 Jul, 2022, 05 07 PM IST

Email scams are getting more personal: Here is how to protect yourself

However, con artists have adapted and now employ some frightening new strategies. They're getting in touch with us on a personal level by searching the web for any and all information they can find about us. Emails purportedly from a "prince of Nigeria" are becoming less popular. On the other hand, fraudsters are actively using social media, particularly professional networks like LinkedIn, to find potential victims to contact via personalized messages.

12 Jul, 2022, 02 56 PM IST

A new kind of banking-related fraud is becoming prevalent: Here’s how to keep your money safe

There has been an increase in a specific type of financial fraud, so ICICI Bank sent an email to its customers to warn them about it. Those who commit bank scams use social media and instant messaging to bilk victims out of their money.

06 Jul, 2022, 10 20 AM IST

  • How to buy Dogecoin with Credit Card - Beginner’s Guide
    31 Mar, 2022, 04 50 PM IST
    Sonia Gandhi calls for curbs on social media companies, says these are being abused to hack democracy
    While speaking during Zero Hour in the Lok Sabha, Gandhi brought up an article from Al Jazeera and The Reporters' Collective that claimed Facebook had offered the BJP preferential rates for advertising during the election.
    16 Mar, 2022, 05 45 PM IST
    Facebook-owner Meta says Ukraine's military, politicians targeted in hacking campaign
    For violating its rules against coordinated inauthentic behavior, Meta said it had removed in the last 48 hours a network of about 40 fake accounts, groups, and pages across Facebook and Instagram that operated from Russia and Ukraine and targeted people in Ukraine.
    28 Feb, 2022, 12 27 PM IST
    Facebook, Twitter highlight security steps for users in Ukraine
    Activists and academics frequently use both networks to disseminate information during crises. Disinformation about the conflict has spread rapidly on social media since Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Thursday.
    25 Feb, 2022, 08 30 AM IST
    Data wiper hits Ukraine computers; edtech firms guarantee jobs
    A destructive piece of software had already begun taking down Ukraine's digital infrastructure, wiping data from hundreds of infected computers, hours before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched an invasion of the country on Thursday morning.
    24 Feb, 2022, 07 07 PM IST
    Why are social media companies nuts for NFTs?
    Instead of public exchanges like Facebook and Twitter, NFTs are traded on private markets like OpenSea, Decentraland, and SuperRare. For what reason, then, is this trend so popular?
    29 Jan, 2022, 01 28 PM IST
    How Israel’s intel helped Delhi cops crack crypto hacking case
    The unique crypto hacking case was solved by the Delhi Police after a foreign intelligence agency alerted the Indian intelligence to cryptocurrency wallets being operated by the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Hamas is suspected of using a network of digital wallets to raise and transfer funds using cryptocurrencies, which are hard to track.
    24 Jan, 2022, 01 53 PM IST
    Paytm founder rues IPO timing; crypto players unite for self-regulation
    Paytm's founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, has blamed bad timing for the company's lackluster IPO and disastrous listing.
    12 Jan, 2022, 07 57 PM IST
    Facebook exposes mercenary spy firms that targeted 50,000 people
    According to Meta's report, the company had suspended 1,500 accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, the vast majority of which were fake. Meta claimed the entities' victims hailed from over a hundred different nations.
    17 Dec, 2021, 10 19 AM IST
    Tweets from Pak embassy in Serbia criticise Imran Khan, allege non-payment of salaries; FO says account hacked
    In light of the worsening economic situation, the phrase "aap nay ghabrana nahi hai," which Khan frequently uses when addressing citizens, has become a taunt in Pakistan.
    03 Dec, 2021, 04 25 PM IST
    The Facebook outage: What exactly happened?
    Facebook said a mistake in server configuration was to blame for the six-hour outage, but researchers have pointed to problems with the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) as the real culprit.
    06 Oct, 2021, 10 01 AM IST
    India’s first non-veg unicorn; Facebook outage explained
    At a valuation of just over $1 billion, Licious has successfully raised $52 million in a funding round led by the private equity fund at IIFL Asset Management. As a result, it is now India's first direct-to-consumer company and its first meat delivery startup to reach the unicorn status.
    05 Oct, 2021, 07 47 PM IST
    Gone in minutes, out for hours: How Facebook outage crippled daily lives of billions
    More than five hours passed during the outage, before some applications began to reactivate, though the company warned that it would take some time for the services to stabilize.
    05 Oct, 2021, 10 17 AM IST
    Facebook is weaker than we knew
    Critics of Facebook often point out the company's massive size and market share while pointing out its many flaws.
    04 Oct, 2021, 10 44 PM IST
    Apple fixes security hole reportedly used to hack an iPhone
    According to the researchers, this was the first time a "zero-click" exploit had been detected and analyzed (an exploit that doesn't require users to click on malicious links or open malicious files).
    14 Sep, 2021, 06 49 PM IST
    Facebook, WhatsApp release compliance reports under new IT rules
    In response to three reports, the American social media giant took Two million posts contain sexually explicit content, while five million are related to violence and graphic content. In accordance with the new IT Intermediary Guidelines, the report stated that there were 6 million posts involving adult nudity and sexual activity.
    31 Aug, 2021, 08 02 PM IST
    How many hours do you spend scrolling through your social media feed? Smart tips to resist being online
    Some tactics are suggested by studies of self-control and psychological persuasion.
    14 Jul, 2021, 06 01 PM IST
    Riding out the Maha lockdown
    Today's issue of ETtech Morning Dispatch covers the following topics: a looming threat to businesses in India's wealthiest state; Swiggy and Meesho raise new funds; and Byju's makes a sizable acquisition.
    06 Apr, 2021, 08 10 AM IST
    How to hack your behaviour for successful investing
    Everyone is on the lookout for the next big stock as markets reach new heights. While investing in hot stocks may result in financial success, you should not expect to become wealthy. While the stock market as a whole would likely do well in the long run, individual stocks might not.
    14 Mar, 2021, 02 16 PM IST
    Facebook tracks 'OceanLotus' hackers to IT firm in Vietnam
    For a long time, it has been speculated that the hackers were spying on political opponents, corporations, and government officials abroad.
    11 Dec, 2020, 10 14 AM IST
    Twitter changes hacked content rules after Biden story furore
    The right-wing claims of censorship were prompted by Twitter's handling of an unverified political story, and the company announced late Thursday that it was changing its policy on hacked content.
    16 Oct, 2020, 06 22 PM IST
    How its success is beginning to turn into a problem for Facebook in India
    Facebook and Whatsapp have helped the company not only gain widespread customer support, but also avoid potentially harmful legislation. Until it became mired in partisan conflict.
    14 Sep, 2020, 04 13 PM IST
    This malware that can hack into FB & Twitter, post fake reviews on shopping websites
    As many as one in seven Indians have had their phones infected by the Trojan app.
    15 Jan, 2020, 06 16 PM IST


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