Feeling a woman's breasts for the first time: a guide

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How to Touch a Girl's Breasts

Do you want to know the secret to touching a girl's breasts when you're in a close, intimate setting? Convincing her that you want to run your hands all over her body without her consent is wrong. Oh, well, that's the only way to get it right.

A good makeout session can be a lot of fun, but only if you know what you're doing.

I'm going to assume you've already kissed her since you've landed here. Alternatively, you two have already engaged in sexual activity. Since we already discussed how to ask a girl out on a kiss in the first part of this two-part article, let's move on to the second topic:

Here's the first part of an article I think you'll find useful if you want to know how to win a girl over with a few well-placed kisses:

First, the steps to a successful first makeout with a girl.

Since clicking that link will open a new window, I suggest reading through it first, and then coming back here, to get a feel for what you need to do before you can actually kiss her. Then, if you're finished with that, continue reading.

When and how to feel a woman's breasts for the first time.

If you have followed these steps while making out, you should be successful. You're in the perfect place, there are no distractions, and you just kissed her. Furthermore, she is now seeking more Keep kissing her for now and don't worry about the rest of the steps. After that, do what I say.

For more information on [how to seduce a woman and make her want to sleep with you], click here.

Learn the art of seduction through kissing and keep her wanting more.

Once you've started kissing each other after going through the preamble steps, take it easy for a while. If her kisses become overly physical and aggressive, you have every right to return fire.

Increase the intensity, rather than the violence, unless she is the leader. Most men make the mistake of trying to force the issue and moving too quickly. Keep the passion alive and don't be one of those guys who are just so happy to be kissing a girl and getting to cup her breast that they forget there's a lot more to come. *

Getting too physical too soon could ruin your chances of getting your hands on her breasts midway through the date, and nobody wants that.

If you're trying to figure out how to touch a girl's breasts for the first time while making out with her, focus on making her happy rather than trying to maximize your own pleasure. Keep her in mind no matter how far you go. If you manage to pull that off, you two can make out until morning.

Learn the ins and outs of making a good first kiss with a girl here: [Read: How to Kiss a Girl].

Begin at her forehead and work your way down with kisses.

Be very careful when kissing her at first, and only use your tongue if she seems to enjoy it. What signs do you see that she approves of the direction this is taking? After a while, she starts using her tongue as well.

At regular intervals, pull back and kiss her earlobes and chin before working your way down to her neck with your lips. Unless they are feeling ticklish, most girls find the nape and sides of the neck very sensual and enticing.

[Check out: The 11 Best Places to Kiss a Girl to Make Her Wild]

Don't get too close to her cleavage or breasts, no matter how tempting it may be. You have to keep her from becoming paralyzed from the suddenness of events. Kiss her all over, including the back of her neck and shoulders, but don't forget to return to her lips frequently. And remember this as you lean in for a kiss: she likes moist kisses, but not wet ones.

It's nice to have a cool aftertaste at the spot where you kissed her, but it's not very pleasant if it tastes watery. No one enjoys kissing a dribbler.

To ensure that your first kiss is one you will never forget, check out these 15 tips.

She used her hands playfully to set the tempo for their making out.

You can expect a girl to return your advances when you two are making out. But if you follow these steps, she'll be so horny and enjoying everything you're doing to her that she may just sit back and let you take the lead.

Clasp her hand and kiss the inside of her elbows or wrists if you feel the pace dragging or if you and she are getting too physical for the moment and her hands are all over the place. Perhaps counterintuitively, kissing the insides of her elbows can help her relax. You don't want the passionate making out to come off as a one-time fling or fleeting fling. If things happen too quickly, she may learn to dislike it.

Just keep in mind that trying to feel a woman's breasts shouldn't feel like a one-night stand. You two should be completely in sync, and she should adore your relationship. Instead of using her to satisfy your horniness, you're making love to her.

What to do and say when making out for the first time.

Going further than just a kiss

Hopefully, you learned how to kiss a woman and make out with her in the first part of this guide on how to make out with a girl. In this article, we will discuss advanced breast-touching techniques. Just make sure she knows you want to make out with her and not bang her by taking it slow and easy. To treat a woman as though she were a pushover who would gladly part her legs for you two minutes after kissing her is an insult to every woman.

Slowly and firmly move your hands from her shoulders to the sides of her stomach as you kiss her passionately. Wait a moment as you reach her waist, then rest your hand on her lower back.

To start, you reach under her shirt and run your hand along her bare back for a few seconds. Then, you remove your hand from under her shirt and rest it on her lower back. Kiss each other several times and draw out the action each time.

If you want to touch a girl's breasts without making her feel awkward, you should do your best to put her at ease first.

Here are the 15 most important things you need to do to make her sleep with you.

Developing an understanding of how to direct one's own hands

After touching her lower back, return your hands to her waist and clasp them there. These techniques are equally effective when you are seated next to her, standing, or even in bed together.

Hold her stomach in one palm and kiss her all over as you do this. Hold off on touching her breasts for the time being. Try this: take your hands off of her hips and rest one on her lower back, with the other resting on her collar bone, just below her neck. To be open to your physical attention, she must welcome your touch all over her body. You're going to make her feel rushed and used if you do anything now.

Keeping one hand on her lower back, slide the other hand over her collar bone and down over her breasts until it rests just under one of them. Do not linger for more than a second.

Pucker up and tuck your hands into your shirt

Keep in mind that you are doing all of this while passionately kissing her. We expect this to be completely comfortable. Don't force the issue by trying to move too quickly if you find yourself getting sidetracked. Don't rush through this; if it takes you an hour, that's fine.

A single slip-up would spell disaster. Touching a girl's breasts is a delicate business, so it's best not to rush things and waste the opportunity.

Holding her lower back with one hand, place the other hand on her midsection, below her breasts. After you've been kissing for a while, slide your hands under her shirt and drape it across her stomach. She might get tense if you rush, so try to relax.

Lean down and give her a kiss on the neck and shoulder. And while doing that, swiftly and smoothly work your hand higher up inside her shirt. Raise your hands so that you're touching her breasts above her bra.

Simply being in close proximity to a woman can make her horny and wet.

Hand on the heart

If you succeed, she'll not only enjoy being touched by you, but you'll likely pique her interest in having more physical contact with you. Any hesitation on your part would only make her more impatient and less cautious. If you follow these instructions correctly, she will wish you would do more, and more quickly.

As soon as your hand reaches her bra, slide it back under her bust. Both she and you know that you've touched her breast. Yet, you're being a gentleman by dialing it back because "it was all too soon." It's important to ease her into the breast touch gradually. The first touch shouldn't be spent focusing on her breasts. You have to ease her into it, just like a first kiss.

Do not remove your hand from her tee shirt or bring it anywhere near her breast. Put your hand under her bust and make her feel secure. As soon as your fingers first touched her breast, she knew exactly where this was going. Consequently, there is no real need to rush

Make your way slowly over her bra after you've been kissing and touching her for a while. Just cover it with your hand this time and don't take it off! Don't touch anything or look in there. If you want to keep kissing her, you can just put your hands on her chest.

Here are 20 moves from a sex god that are guaranteed to get you laid.

Putting one's hand on a woman's breasts

If you've done everything correctly, she'll know exactly where your hand is going and what you're thinking. In addition, by placing your hand over her chest, you are priming her mind for the next step. By not surprising her in this way, she will feel more at ease and safe with your hands on her.

When you've had your hand over her bra for a minute or so, you can slowly lift it an inch or two. You're finally taking your time and letting her get used to you feeling up her breasts.

When you've reached an atmosphere of mutual comfort, move your hand gently over her breasts and up to the top of her bra, where you can slide your hand down her shoulder. Try not to rush through any of these procedures Remove the bra strap from her shoulder and then slowly move your hand down to remove the rest of the strap. This time, when you bring your hands down, avoid putting them over the bra. Put your hand where it won't be seen:

Don't rush into anything just yet; gently place your hand over her breast. Keep in mind that the goal is for her to look forward to and enjoy being touched by you. Do not risk offending her by making the first move.

There you have it, gentlemen: the proper way to caress a woman's breasts on the first kiss. A girl will find it very difficult to resist your charm and your super sexy hands if you follow these instructions to the letter.

If you follow these guidelines on how to touch a girl's breasts, you'll find that the world is a much better place, especially when it comes to love, sex, and seducing women.

If you want to learn more about how to attract and keep the love of women, read on. Try these:

The art of giving a woman a satisfying climax by rubbing her breasts is known as "nipple play."

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