Filing TDR on the IRCTC App: Proper Timing

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Date: Apr 30, 2022

Understanding TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt)

In today's world of train travel, TDR (Ticket Deposit Receipt) has become a commonly used term. Thanks to the TDR mechanism implemented by Indian Railways, passengers can easily request refunds for their unused tickets. Refunds are typically processed within 60 days from the date of the request.

What's the Procedure?

To initiate a refund for a ticket, passengers need to submit a TDR request form to IRCTC. The submitted request is then reviewed by IRCTC, which ultimately decides whether to approve or reject the refund.

When and Why Should You Use TDR?

  • TDRs can be utilized for various reasons. It is advisable to refer to IRCTC's website for the most up-to-date information on refund rules.
  • Some common examples of situations where you may need to file a TDR include:
  • Delay of more than 3 hours resulting in passengers not being able to travel
  • Train diversion leading to passengers being unable to board or reach the intended destination
  • Reservation against cancellation (RAC) status and passenger not traveling after chart preparation
  • Partial or complete failure of confirmation/waitlist status for a group, resulting in some passengers not traveling
  • Travel offer in a lower class than the one reserved
  • Damage to the assigned coach impacting passenger travel
  • Train restoration after cancellation due to the inability to cancel
  • TDR cases that require validation from the traveling ticket examiner (TTE) or guard

GGM(IT) - Contact Information

If you encounter any issues during the TDR process, you can reach out to IRCTC's GGM(IT) department at the following address:

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd., 1st Floor, Internet Ticketing Centre, IRCA Building, State Entry Road, New Delhi 110055. In cases where a TDR requires validation from the guard, the GC (guard certificate) must accompany the TDR request.

Please note that Google Pay users filing TDRs for GCs will not receive automatic follow-up from Google.

Important Information

Different TDR requests may require varying information for confirmation. To ensure a smooth procedure, make sure to have the following details on hand before submitting your TDR request:

  • Locate the Passenger Name Record (PNR) number on your ticket details
  • Take note of the Guard Certificate (GC) and Excess Fare Ticket (EFT) number, amount, and date issued by the travelling ticket examiner (TTE), if applicable
  • Learn how to file a Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR)
  • Ensure that TDRs are submitted within the designated time frame. Submit a TDR request as soon as possible and refer to the "Refund regulations" section on the IRCTC website for more information on TDR deadlines
  • To file a TDR, follow these steps:

Begin by Opening the Google Pay App

  • In the Business section of the app, select the Trains chat head. You can also find Trains under the New section by searching for it there
  • Choose VIEW OR CANCEL to view or cancel a specific ticket for which you need to file a TDR
  • Select the option to File TDR
  • Select one of the available explanations for submitting a TDR
  • Tap on the Submit button

How Can I Submit a TDR for Counter Tickets?

For paper tickets, cancellation must be made at the PRS reservation system counter, current booking counter, or booking office counter.

  • Visit the railway station where the ticket was purchased to file a TDR for counter tickets
  • Submit an application, a TDR filing form, and the original trip ticket with the PNR intact
  • Contact the Chief Claim Officer/CCM Refund Officer for any claims or refunds due
  • Postal services can also be used for filing TDR for counter tickets
  • During the COVID pandemic, you can explore the e-ticket cancellation process and check with the department if they accept TDRs

How to Use IRCTC Rail Connect to Submit a TDR

Learn how to file a TDR using the recently downloaded IRCTC software with the following steps:

  • Launch the Google Play app
  • From the Business section, select the Trains chart heading
  • Go to the ticket's details page and select the option to view or cancel the ticket
  • To file a TDR, simply click the button below and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Select from the dropdown menu options to specify the reason for submitting a TDR

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  • Submit your TDR request by clicking the button
  • Also, download the latest version of the Train App: - Confirmtkt App

The Regulations of IRCTC in 2021

  • Here are the TDR filing rules:
  • For counter tickets, ticket cancellation can be done at a PRS counter
  • If you have an e-ticket, you can collect refunds at the boarding station or surrounding satellite locations
  • A TDR must be filed within four hours of the train's departure

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  • If there were waiting list passengers on your ticket who did not board the train, you can file a TDR. You will need a certificate from the IRCTC ticket checkers

Top Reasons to File a TDR

If the train did not stop at your station or took an alternative route, it is necessary to file a TDR.

When Can TDRs be Filed in IRCTC?

TDRs can be submitted through the IRCTC app, physical counters, or web browsers.

Understanding the Concept of Eft Detail in Filing Irctc Tdr

In case you possess a ticket with an excess fare, you have the privilege to claim a complete refund. To recover the extra money charged by the TT, you can initiate a TDR. If you need to cancel your train ticket, kindly follow the step-by-step instructions provided by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC).

Insights from Irctc Website - Secure Online Revocation of Confirmed E-tickets

  • Are you wondering how to utilize the IRCTC website for submitting a TDR? TDR refers to Ticket Deposit Receipt. This facility is designed for customers who book a ticket but do not embark on the train journey and wish to request a refund. Indian Railways' e-ticketing section, IRCTC, allows for the convenient online submission of TDR. Passengers who have filed a TDR for refund purposes can now avail this functionality online, courtesy of the new feature introduced by Indian Railways. As per the guidelines mentioned on the IRCTC website, a confirmed e-ticket can be canceled online until the charts are prepared. Once the charts are prepared, passengers must submit an online TDR to claim the refund.

The Comprehensive Process of TDR

According to the regulations laid down by the railway authorities, the refund process is managed by the respective Zonal Railway.

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Once the refund is received from the concerned Zonal Railway, IRCTC transfers the refunded amount back to the customer's account.

Final Thoughts

As per the IRCTC, here are the five key aspects that need to be understood regarding the TDR regulations for electronic tickets:

- If the train is canceled, there is no need to file a TDR. The refund process is automatically handled by IRCTC.

- If the train is delayed by more than three hours and the passenger has not yet boarded, a TDR must be filed before the scheduled departure time of the train in order to obtain a complete reimbursement.

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