Final Exam Answers for the Google Certification Course on Digital Marketing

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In this piece, I am delighted to present to you the solutions to the Google Digital Marketing Course, an achievement that will grant you a Google Certification imprinted with your own name. The course itself is rather straightforward. If you are solely here to obtain a Google Certificate without much knowledge of the course, worry not, as I once found myself in the same position. However, if you are here to verify your answers, you are also welcome to do so.

You can find the link to the course in the references section.

This course is designed for beginners and consists of 26 modules.

The questions featured in this article were taken on May 29th, 2020.

The correct answers have been highlighted within the provided options.

Without further ado, let us proceed to the answers:

Certification examination

Having mastered every tutorial in the Digital Unlocked platform, are you ready to graduate? Take the final exam to earn your well-deserved certificate.

Bringing a business into the online world

Question 1

What is the primary hurdle that most businesses encounter when transitioning into the online sphere?

  • Devising a budget
  • Crafting a plan
  • Optimizing a website
  • Delineating a customer base

Question 2

When seeking to advertise a new business online, what is one of the key advantages of utilizing display ads?

  • They are visible to everyone
  • They have a higher click-through rate
  • They can be presented in various formats
  • They do not require excessive setup costs

Question 3

Envision a scenario where a customer has downloaded an application developed by their local hardware store. How can this business connect with its audience through the app?

  • Initiate a phone call to the customer whenever an enticing offer is available
  • Identify customer whereabouts and monitor their shopping habits
  • Send out offers when customers enter specific geographical areas
  • Suggest additional items to customers based on their profiles

Question 4

You have noticed that the presence of product images on your online platform leads to an increase in conversions or sales. Which customer touchpoint can you utilize to capitalize on this valuable insight?

  • Shopping bags
  • Blog content
  • YouTube
  • Social media

Question 5

What are the initial steps that should be taken when constructing an online business strategy?

  • Gain an understanding of the target audience
  • Modify the mission statement to align with the objectives
  • Establish goals and identify a unique selling proposition
  • Define and segment the audiences

Ensuring easy discoverability of a business online

Question 6

What is the first step in the search engine optimization process for your website?

  • Optimizing external factors
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Generating fresh content
  • Assigning an advertising budget

Question 7

When utilizing a search engine, what is the term used to refer to the word or phrase that individuals enter to find something online?

  • Search phrase
  • Search term
  • Search query
  • Search word

Question 8

When aiming to enhance the performance and search engine ranking of a website, incorporating 'long-tail keyword terms' into your SEO plan often enables you to...

  • Surpass many larger and more established companies
  • Discover additional opportunities
  • Obtain a higher volume of traffic compared to short-tail keywords
  • Achieve better results on social media platforms

Question 9

When optimizing a website for search engine visibility, what influence do meta and title tags have on the search engine?

  • They are concealed messages that do not impact search engines
  • They represent the on-page content displayed on your homepage, conveying the nature of your business to search engines
  • They are automatically generated elements that aid in website ranking within search engines
  • They serve as embedded messages that assist search engines in understanding the page's content

Question 10

Several factors can influence the ranking of a website on search engines. What role does metadata play in this process?

  • Enhances the visibility of your website compared to competitors
  • Gives you the ability to include numerous keywords for maximum exposure
  • Provides search engines with more accurate and comprehensive information about your website
  • Enables the placement of promotional offers in search results

Question 11

When utilizing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for advertising, you are only charged…

  • when your ad is displayed in search results
  • when a conversion occurs on your website
  • when someone clicks on your ad
  • when someone stays on your website for more than 2 minutes

Question 12

Complete the following sentence: To optimize your quality score when managing SEM campaigns, focus on improving the _________ of your keywords, advertisements, and landing pages.

  • Pertinence
  • conversion rate
  • number of clicks
  • importance

Question 13

When running a search engine marketing campaign, what is the main objective of implementing conversion tracking on your site?

  • To acquire personal information about customers who made a purchase
  • To gain insights into what is effective and what is not
  • To increase your budget for obtaining more traffic
  • To facilitate international advertising efforts

Question 14

What is the primary factor to consider when optimizing a search engine marketing campaign?

  • Increasing the bid amount for targeted keywords
  • Enhancing the relevance of keywords, advertisements, and landing pages
  • Adding a multitude of keywords to drive more traffic
  • Continuously revising the ad copy

Reach a broader, more localized audience through social media and mobile platforms

Question 15

Local directories serve as an effective tool for gaining local online visibility. What is the initial step when utilizing a directory?

  • Researching competitors
  • Creating a listing
  • Developing an advertisement
  • Posting a link

Question 16

What are the advantages of using search engine ads to promote products and services locally?

  • Universal adoption of search engines
  • The ability to target ads to specific geographic areas
  • The ability to target ads to specific genders
  • Lower cost compared to display advertisements

Question 17

When using social media for business purposes, the tone of voice employed should be:

  • Stern and serious
  • Serious and honest
  • Fun and inviting
  • Engaging and inviting

Question 18

Developing a social media plan helps maintain focus. When creating the plan, what should you consider?

  • Demographic data of your audience
  • Interests of your audience
  • Discretionary income of your audience
  • Offline behavior of your audience

Question 19

In order to enhance SEO performance and efficiently reach mobile users, which two elements should be optimized?

  • Website speed and usability
  • Keywords and metadata
  • Image size and navigation
  • Website speed and visual appearance

Question 20

When advertising to mobile users, social media advertising is particularly effective because…

  • You can target individuals who have ad blockers enabled
  • It reaches individuals who are not logged into their accounts
  • You can target individuals based on their interests
  • It is cost-effective in terms of wide-reaching distribution

Question 21

What category does the content distribution channel that employs influencer and outreach marketing fall under?

Expand your customer reach through advertising

Question 22

What is the meaning of A/B testing in email marketing?

  • A/B testing involves dividing your contacts in alphabetical order
  • BA/B testing means sending the same email twice to the same individuals
  • A/B testing entails splitting your audience and sending each segment a different version of your email
  • A/B testing means ensuring your email is spell-checked and proofed before sending

Question 23

What advantage does display advertising have over search advertising?

  • Display advertising is more cost-effective than search advertising
  • Display advertising provides visibility on relevant websites that offer ad space
  • Ads can appear at the top of search engine results pages
  • Display ads have a higher likelihood of being clicked on

Question 24

What does "placement" mean when planning your display advertising?

  • "Placement" refers to the precise location of your ad on a specific page of a website
  • The size and position of your ad
  • The exact location of your ad on search engine results pages
  • The positioning of text within your ad

Question 25

What does retargeting allow you to do?

  • Retargeting enables you to target users based on their specific actions on your website
  • Target individuals based on their preferences and interests
  • Appear higher in search results
  • Target individuals before they visit your website

Question 26

How can you improve the visibility of your videos in search results?

  • Create highly engaging content
  • Provide detailed descriptions of your video's content
  • Clearly incorporate your brand into the videos
  • Include calls to action within the videos

Question 27

What can you do to encourage social media users to share your video content online?

  • Tag them in your posts
  • Utilize hashtags
  • Create humorous videos
  • Add subtitles to your videos

Track and measure website traffic

Question 28

Which of the following is not considered a metric in website analytics?

  • The browser used by users to access your site
  • The number of unique visitors to your site
  • The amount of time users spend on your site
  • The number of pages viewed per visit

Question 29

Which of the following is not categorized as a dimension in website analytics?

  • The device users employ to access the site
  • The duration of time a user spends on the site
  • The browser used by a user to visit the site
  • The geographical location of the user

Question 30

What capabilities do website analytics provide?

  • Enable the setup of advertising accounts for continuous improvement
  • Enhance the understanding of user behavior and improve the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts
  • Facilitate interactions with customers on the website to boost conversions
  • Predict users' next actions based on previous data

Question 31

How can you gain deeper insights into your audience's behavior using analytics data?

  • Partition the data
  • Sample the data
  • Segment the data
  • Extract the data

Question 32

What is the definition of a spreadsheet?

  • A spreadsheet is an interactive computer application used to organize, analyze, and store data
  • A static collection of interconnected data tables that can be queried to locate specific fields
  • A tool for storing large quantities of numerical data, excluding text-based data
  • A digital balance sheet for tracking financial transactions

Question 33

Why is it recommended to avoid focusing solely on collecting as much data as possible?

  • Processing vast amounts of data will inevitably require a significant amount of time.
  • Storing large quantities of data online poses challenges.
  • The value of information greatly depends on its timeliness.
  • Spreadsheets have limitations in terms of the amount of data they can handle.

Engage in online retail

Question 34

When creating your online store for selling products, how can you enhance its performance?

  • Ensure that images have the correct file size by directly obtaining them from the internet.
  • Use images obtained directly from the original manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the images are of high quality.
  • Opt for detailed descriptions instead of images to optimize search engine results.

Question 35

When incorporating e-commerce functions into your website, what should be your first step?

  • Develop a web store with an integrated payment system.
  • Implement a web-based money transfer software like PayPal.
  • Invest in a new website platform.
  • Utilize other platforms such as eBay or Etsy.

Question 36

Which aspects can analytics help you optimize on your website?

  • Device compatibility, navigation, and search functionality
  • Device compatibility and social media profiles
  • Email templates and social media profiles
  • Navigation, search functionality, and video campaigns

Question 37

When considering the layout of product pages, in what order should they be organized?

  • By price
  • Using a hierarchical structure
  • In a constantly changing manner
  • Alphabetically

Expand your business globally

Question 38

What is the first step to take when expanding your business internationally through social media?

  • Treat all social media channels equally.
  • Incorporate popular phrases and memes from the target area.
  • Analyze platforms that are popular in the target area.
  • Avoid advertising altogether, as social advertising is generally disliked in other countries.

Question 39

When advertising internationally, you should make your business ______ to the new market, consider the ___________ and any possible ___________ implications.

  • accessible | supply chain | legal
  • affordable | supply chain | language
  • exciting | customers needs | currency
  • affordable | customer needs | legal

Question 40

When considering expanding a business internationally, where is the best place to start?

  • Utilize online tools to gain insights into strong demand for your products.
  • Relocate your entire business to the target country.
  • Replicate your current business in as many countries as possible.
  • Purchase new domains for each country.

I hope you have successfully completed your exam, graduated from the course, and obtained your Google Certification. If you found this article helpful, please give it a clap and follow me on my social media accounts.


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