Find Out What Your JAMB and Departmental Cut Score Will Be in 2023

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No longer breaking news, the JAMB cutoff Mark for the 2023 academic session has been officially released, signaling the imminent start of Post UTME and other school-related activities.

However, the primary reason for writing this polished piece is to address concerns voiced by close personal connections. Common concerns include, "What is the formula for determining the departmental cut-off mark on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (Jamb)?" In 2023, what are my chances of being accepted? and the Method for Figuring the Typical Mark

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calculate jamb departmental cut off mark

Please note that many Nigerian universities have already released their Cut off marks for 2023 admission, and you can view them Here, before we go any further with our guide on how to calculate your own Jamb and departmental cut-off marks.

What Does It Mean When a Number Is Struck Off?

We have been talking about the arbitrary threshold, but you might be surprised to learn that not everyone is familiar with its true meaning.

A student must earn at least the cut off mark in order to be considered for admission to any school in Nigeria. There are JAMB cutoffs and Post UTME cutoffs for each school and program at every university, polytechnic, and college in the country.

While the JAMB cut-off mark for admission to most Nigerian federal universities is set at 200, a high score does not guarantee acceptance. Because of this, we have compiled this article to help you determine whether or not you have a shot at getting into a Nigerian university or college by calculating the departmental cut-off marks required for admission.

The DEPARTMENTAL CUT OFF is the only minimum score required for admission to a Nigerian university or college (other than JAMB's).

Here are 21 majors you can pursue apart from math, which you can read about here.

Determine Minimum Requirements for Each Unit

Below, we detail the three (3) distinct approaches used by Nigerian educational institutions to determine departmental cut scores.


Before we dive into the first method, we feel it's important to let you know that not all institutions have the same cut-off mark; rather, each institution has its own departmental cut-off for each course, and these cut-offs are subject to change with each new academic session.

Let's say you want to study law at UNIPORT but the minimum GPA required by the law school is 77.

Since Post UTME is over 100 and JAMB is over 400, let's say you got a 260 on JAMB and a 68 on Post UTME.

To find out if you meet the requirements to major in law at the University of Port Harcourt, let's get to work on this exercise.

1) To begin, take your post UTME score of 68 and divide it in half, giving you a score of 34.

and multiply your JAMB score (260 x 8 = 32) 5

When you add the two numbers together, you'll get something like 32. 5 34=66 5

A high SAT/ACT score is not enough to get into Uniport's law program, as demonstrated by the preceding exercise.

By dividing your Jamb score by 8, and your Post UTME score by 2, you can find the departmental cut-off mark that will apply to you at all schools using this method.

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The second approach differs from the first in a few key ways. The second approach uses your post UTME, Jamb, and o-level grades to determine your departmental cut-off mark.

The University of Lagos, like many other institutions that employ this method of calculation, is notoriously stringent.

Some important details to keep in mind include;

* As per usual, divide your JAMB score by 8. * The possible aggregate score on the post-UTME is 20. 19

* You scored better than a 30 on every o-level exam. See how to figure out your O-level grade down below:

Please read this very important post:
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Formula for Figuring Out Your O-Level Mark

To begin, remember that schools typically only demand a minimum of five subjects from you, two of which must be mathematics and English. Keep in mind that the A1 is worth 6 points at most schools that require at least 5 o-level subjects. To put it another way, if you're able to get five As in required O-level courses, that's thirty marks right there.

Score of A1: 6 Score 5 in B2 Scoring: B3 = 4 C4 = 3 points Score C5 for Two Points

In this case, C6 is worth one point.

Imagine you want to major in Banking/Finance at UNIBEN, where the minimum GPA requirement is 70. For the second approach, which involves calculation, please see the explanation below.

Example: you got a 260 on the JAMB and a 12 on the post-UTME with grades of A, B, and C in your subjects. Follow the steps below to find out how to figure it out:

  • The SAT/ACT Score You Need to Pass Is: 260 x 8 = 32 5
  • What did you get on the WAEC? (3A"S equals to 36=18 B3=4 C5=2)

The post-UTME score need not be divided by two as in the first method.

Let's tally up the final tally now...

32.5 18 4 2 12=68 5

If a student uses this strategy to get into college, they almost certainly did well in their "O" levels.

Polytechnics in Nigeria: A Comprehensive List


The third approach is the most popular among Nigerian students because it is the simplest. This method is focused solely on screening and does not require candidates to submit a post UTME.

Your 'O' level and JAMB scores are all that will be required of you to enter university. In contrast to other methods, which rely on departmental cut-off marks, this one only requires a passing score on the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). The University of Abuja, the Federal University of Petroleum Exploration (FUOYE), and others use this method.


At this point, we will bring the curtain down on this discussion of the Jamb departmental cut-off mark 2023.

If you share this article using the buttons below, you may be able to help someone else. You can always use the comment section to share your thoughts, ask questions, or make suggestions on this subject.

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