Get Your Papers Done Faster: Register Your DSC on the Income Tax e-Filing Portal

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The Electronic Signature of a Taxpayer: The Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

The DSC serves as an electronic signature for a taxpayer and is issued to prove the identity of the certificate holder. The certificate contains relevant information such as username, PIN code, email address, and date of issuance.

Using the DSC on the e-Filing Platform

Registered users on the e-Filing platform can upload their tax returns by digitally signing them using their DSC. Before usage, users must first register their digital signature on the e-Filing portal and ensure the latest version of Java software is installed in their system.

Registered e-Filing Users Can:

- Register DSC

- Re-register expired DSC

- Re-register unexpired DSC

- Register DSC of Principal Contact

To use the DSC, users must have a valid user ID and password, have downloaded and installed the emsigner utility, have plugged in a Class 2 or Class 3 DSC USB token purchased from a Certifying Authority Provider, and ensure that the DSC is not revoked.

To register the DSC, follow these steps:

1. Visit the income tax portal and choose the "downloads" option from the dashboard.

2. Click on the "DSC Management utility" option on the sidebar.

3. Download the Utility (emBridge).

Embridge install destination

4. Extract the files from the zip folder, open the setup application, select the destination location, and click on next.

5. After completing the installation process, click on the finish option.

Finish Embridge Installation

6. Attach the DSC token to the system and follow the pop-up installation process.

7. Choose the language, click on next, and select installation location.

8. Choose the CSP option as Private CSP.

In summary, the Digital Signature Certificate is a significant requirement for taxpayers who want to validate and certify their identity. It is an electronic signature that enables registered users on the e-filing platform to upload their tax returns and sign them digitally using their DSC. By following the registration process and steps provided, users can ensure their DSC is registered and ready to use.

Choose CSP OptionePass install locationePass Setup

Commence the extraction procedure. Subsequently, a confirmation window will appear to initiate the installation process. Press the affirmative button, "Yes."

Installation Process Commence

After the process has been completed, finalize the operation by selecting "Finish."

Open the relevant DSC certificate manager or ePass software. From the sidebar on the left, find and select the option labeled "Change User PIN."

ePass software

Fill in the mandatory fields with the necessary details. Upon successful completion of the process, a message of achievement will display, substantiating that the PIN has been updated.

Enter required details in epass PIN

Access the Income Tax e-Filing portal using your preferred web browser. Key in your login details and press enter to proceed. - Login

Select the option "My Profile" found in the top right corner of the page.

Look for the "Register DSC" option on the left, select it, and wait for a new window to open. - My Profile

Choose the appropriate "Provider" and "Certificate" as per your preference, and type in the correct "Provider Password." Once done, click on the "Sign" option. - Register DSC

Upon successful validation of the information entered, a message of triumph will appear, confirming approval. From here, you can proceed to the Dashboard if required. - Data Sign

There are two types of digital signatures available. The first is the PFX file, which is a Digital Signature Certificate saved in a file format (.pfx). It is effortlessly shared via email, making life easier for users. But it can be misused if not handled with care. - Successful DSC Validation

The second option is the Digital Signature certificate in a USB Token, which resembles a pen drive and must be attached to a PC to utilize a digital signature. Its main advantage is that it protects the DSC from any abuse, which is more likely with the PFX file.

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