Google Pay: How to Register a Credit Card?

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Google Pay's Credit Card Integration and UPI Linking

You can link your checking account, savings account, or credit card to your Google Pay account. If you use G-Pay, you can link multiple payment methods to your account and use any of them to make a purchase.  

Adding a credit card to your Google Pay account is a breeze in this age of digital convenience, when everything from banking to grocery shopping can be done from the palm of your hand.

Google Pay: How to Link a Credit Card

Follow the instructions below to add your credit card to Google Pay:

  • The first thing you need to do is download the Google Pay app.

  • Create a Google Pay account in Step 2, and then select the profile icon.

  • Step 3: Select "Bank Accounts and Cards."

  • Fourth, select "Add Card."

  • Fifth, enter the credit card information such as the card number, expiration date, and CVV.

  • Sixth, complete the form with your name and billing address.

  • To add a credit card to Google Pay, go to Step 7 and click "Save."

  • Eighth, choose the option to "Accept issuer T&C."

  • After entering this information, Step 9 will have Google Pay verify your bank details directly.

  • Tenth, an OTP-based authentication procedure will be carried out.

  • In Step 11, after receiving the OTP, tap the 'Activate' button next to the credit card payment option.

  • Input your one-time password at Step 12.

  • Step 13: Activate Google Pay with your credit card details.

Google Pay: How to Pair Your Credit Card with UPI

Here are the measures you should take to join your credit card with UPI via the Google Pay mobile app:  

  • Method 1: Activate the Google Pay app on your mobile device.  

  • To continue, go to the top right of the app's main screen and tap the profile icon.  

  • Third, select "Payment Options."

  • Fourth, select "Add debit or credit card."

  • The fifth step involves the app asking you to photograph your credit card. If you prefer, you can also enter the information by hand.  

  • After entering your credit card information, verify your billing address and then click "Save."  

  • In the seventh stage, you'll have to agree to some 'Terms and Conditions.' The 'Accept and Continue' button must be selected.   

  • Step 8: Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) that was just texted to your phone.  

  • Step 9: Enter the One-Time Password to link the card to your UPI handle and begin making payments.

Why Using a Credit Card with Google Pay Is a Good Idea

There are a few additional advantages to using Google Pay besides the convenience it provides for consumers when making purchases:

  • At NFC portals, you can make purchases with as little as one tap using Google Pay's One-tap and Pay feature.

  • Now that users can pay with a simple scan of a QR code, making purchases with Google Pay is a breeze.

  • Payments made with Google Pay (including top-ups, bills, and more) are encrypted end-to-end.

  • If a business or service accepts Google Pay, you can use it to make a purchase.

  • Google Pay not only facilitates payments, but also offers cash backs, discounts, and rewards with each purchase.

Therefore, it is more than evident that Google Pay has been instrumental in providing people with a secure and convenient payment system. Google Pay enables its users to perform a wide range of vital, time-saving, and paperless online transactions. Once you've added your credit card to your Google Pay account, you'll be able to take advantage of the streamlined payment process that has never before been available to users.

To What Extent Can I Use Google Pay to Make Card Purchases?  

You can use your NFC-enabled smartphone to make purchases at any POS terminal that accepts Google Pay once you've added your credit card information.  

Payments can also be made by scanning a QR code within the app using the 'Scan any QR code' feature of Google Pay.  

Last but not least, if you prefer to pay with a credit card linked to your Google Account, you can do so by selecting "Google Pay" at the checkout.

  • Only credit cards from certain participating banks can be used with Google Pay. These financial institutions include HDFC, SBI, Kotak VISA Cards, HSBC VISA Cards, and Axis Bank. Credit cards issued by these banks can be added to G-Pay using the same steps outlined above.

  • Google Pay can be used for both in-store and online purchases with Bharat QR-based applications.

  • The credit card token used by Google Pay is highly device-specific, so you will need to re-link your account whenever you switch devices.

  • When you follow these instructions, your credit card will be immediately removed from your G-Pay account.

    • Launch Google Wallet.

    • To adjust your preferences, select "Settings."

    • Select the "Payment Options" tab.

    • Select the card you want to delete and click "Remove Card."

  • No, you cannot use your credit card with G-Pay or any other online payment platform if the bank has frozen your account.

  • No Withdrawing cash from an ATM using Google Pay is currently not possible.

  • Yes Google Credit Cards are issued by Axis Bank, a partner of Google's. The Google Pay app features an application for the Axis Bank ACE credit card.

  • In this quick guide, we'll cover everything you need to know to delete a credit card from your Google Pay account.  

    • First, launch the Google Pay app on your mobile device.  

    • Second, select your profile by clicking on your icon in the upper right.  

    • Third, select "Payment Options."  

    • To cancel a credit card, go to Step 4 and tap on it.  

    • Five, select the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the upper right hand corner.  

    • Remove the credit card from your Google Pay account by tapping the "Remove Card" button in Step 6.
  • Once your credit card is added to Google Pay, you can start using it to make purchases.

  • If your credit card has been replaced or upgraded, you'll need to delete the old one from your Google Pay account and add the new one before you can use the app to make purchases again.

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