Here's How to Customize, Enable, and Disable Your BSNL Caller Tune!

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One of India's most established and extensive telecommunications providers is BSNL-Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. It makes possible nationwide voice and data communications. In addition to its traditional landline offerings, the operator has recently introduced a suite of prepaid and postpaid services that are sure to please its customer base. Plus, it has a ton of other features that users will appreciate, like the ability to set and change their caller ringtone. The ringback tones are BSNL caller tunes. Caller music can be turned on or off at your discretion by the operator.

To differentiate themselves from the competition, BSNL has introduced a new service called the Personalized Ring Back Tone (PRBT) service, which allows BSNL customers to use jingles, movie songs, funny tunes, or album songs as their caller tunes instead of the standard tune i. e Ring, ring Customers with both prepaid and postpaid plans can use the service at this time. Learn more about how to activate and deactivate BSNL caller tunes by reading on!

To What Tune Should BSNL Callers Listen?

How BSNL customers can quickly activate and modify their caller ringtone settings:

  1. Simply by dialing the BSNL caller tune number (56700), you can hear a customized message.
  2. With a Simple Messaging Service Message
  3. The favored song can be copied from another BSNL mobile number.
  4. Simply download the BSNL mobile app to your device and activate the BSNL caller tune.
  5. In order to change your caller tune in BSNL, you must log into the BSNL website.

Step 1 – Call the BSNL Caller Tuner Number

  • If you have a BSNL mobile number on file, you can call the toll-free number 56700 from that phone.
  • Next, choose the language you'd like to proceed in.
  • In addition, tune in to your preferred track by following the IVR's prompts.

Option 2: Text Message Activation of the BSNL Caller Tune

Your bill could potentially amount to Rs 2 cents per message to change your BSNL greeting music. To set up your message-based caller music, please follow the steps below.

  • To activate the caller tune service, send an SMS from your registered mobile number with the words SUBSCRIBE or BT ACT to the number 56700.
  • You will then be provided with a series of digits to use as your hello tune when calling from a BSNL phone.
  • A caller tune can be activated by sending the song's code to 56700; the numbers for the songs are listed below.
  • Send a text message to 56799, or use the short code SMS search to find what you're looking for.

Thirdly, you can make your own BSNL caller tune by stealing the tune from an existing BSNL phone number.

Through the star copy channel, BSNL customers can also configure their free caller tune.

  • After the end-user's caller tune plays, all you have to do is dial *9.
  • Soon, all BSNL mobile phones will have the same song playing as the "hello" sound.

Option 4: Use the BSNL My Mobile App to Change the Ringtone

In order to set your preferred ringtone as your BSNL hello tune, all you have to do is download their user-friendly mobile application.

  • Launch the My BSNL mobile app.
  • Follow this link to learn more about VAS.
  • Choose your telecom circles, such as Haryana or Maharashtra, or the state in which you currently reside.
  • To continue, enter your BSNL mobile number.
  • Select the "Caller Tune" option.
  • To subscribe, just hit the "Subscribe" button.
  • After that, look for the song you want to use as your caller tune, and set it as your hello tune.

Download the My BSNL Tunes app instead and set your preferred greeting.

Option 5: Go to the BSNL Portal to Set a New Ringtone

Follow these instructions on the BSNL website to alter the default greeting.

  • Type BSNL Tunes into the search engine.
  • For more music, visit
  • You will then be prompted to enter your phone number and password to access the portal.
  • Then, choose the category that best describes your tastes (Songs, Movies, Albums, Artists, RBT Code, Name Tune, etc.) and enter the desired information. , then hit the GO button
  • You can customize your caller id by choosing the language and genre of the song, then pressing the "Go" button.

Visit BSNL's Customer Service Hotline for Answers to Your Other Questions.

Disabling the BSNL Ringback Tone

Following the same steps used to turn on ringtones, you can turn off the BSNL default ringtone.

  1. Simply call 56700 to deactivate. Afterwards, go to where you can subscribe.
  2. Use a free short message service like 56700 or 56799 to communicate with someone.
  3. The BSNL portal is also where you can cancel your caller tune subscription.

Caller ringtones from BSNL, available in a variety of subscription packages.

Bada Subscription Pack and Chhota Subscription Pack are the two primary BSNL plans available to customers. We need to know everything there is to know about both packs.

B. Bada Membership Bundles

Title of the Gang Validity Price BSNL's Song Subscription Pack Every Three Months 3 months Rs 60 Downloadable Music Subscription Pack from BSNL, Valid for Half a Year 6 months Rs 110 Pack of BSNL Music Available for Annual Subscription 12 months Rs 200

Discounted Subscription Bundles of Chhota

The Chhota BSNL Subscription Pack is an alternative to the Bada BSNL Subscription Pack. To purchase this bundle, you need only spend Rs. Just pay and you'll get a 5-day validity period. Rs The PRBT subscription fee of 5 rupees, plus the cost of the song you select (2 rupees), would be deducted from your account.

Browse BSNL's prepaid options for 2021 while you're at it.

Reasons to Turn on BSNL's Caller Tune

  • Hello tunes from BSNL are available in any language you like. It could be either Hindi or English; it could also be one of many regional languages.
  • The BSNL hello tune selection menu includes religious, comedic, and other musical subgenres.
  • A Busy hello tune can be set on your BSNL phone for when you are in a meeting or deeply engrossed in your work.
  • The BSNL "hello" tune can also be altered to your liking.
  • In addition, you are free to use any other caller tune you prefer.


Weary of your phone's default ringtone The answer determines whether or not you can modify or enable a caller tune in BSNL. The hello tune can be turned on or off by visiting the operator's website or by downloading the My BSNL app.

BSNL customers can use the Ring Back tone service to play a custom recording when they get a call. This could be a song, jingle, or even an entire album.


First, let's go over BSNL's caller tune settings.

Here are all the options for configuring your BSNL caller tune:

Caller tune deactivation instructions

Calling 56700, sending an SMS to 56700 or 56799, or visiting the BSNL website will disable your caller tune.

Free BSNL caller tune setting instructions.

Combo Special Tariff vouchers, recently introduced by BSNL, allow customers to receive free ringback tones whenever they make a call. Subscribing to STVs allows users to receive caller ringtones at no cost. While STV customers can enjoy the free BSNL caller tune, standard customers who have not signed up for STV will not be able to do so.

Can we use the My BSNL app to turn on the pre-installed BSNL ringtones?

BSNL customers can, indeed, use the company's default ringtones, but doing so will cost them.

Activating name tune in BSNL: #5.

If you want to use BSNL name tunes, dial 5670087 or send an SMS with your name to 56777.

Which BSNL theme song do you know best?

With BSNL name tune, users are able to personalize their caller ringtone with their own name. There would be a one-time charge of Rs. 12-year-olds are eligible for this service.

7. What is the definition of a commercial name tune and how is it set?

Caller ringtones can now be personalized with your company's name. Sending the message "CT" to the number 567777 will accomplish this. Rs This service would cost $30 less.

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