How Do I Verify My Jio Account Status Via USSD Code Or Text Message?

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Jio is India's most widely used and financially successful telecom provider. When things go according to plan, the firm will earn about 36 In 2021, that percentage will rise to 15%. Jio's 4G LTE service was first introduced on September 5, 2016; at the time, subscribers could make unlimited phone calls and use their data for free. In this article, we'll go over a few different options for checking your Jio prepaid or postpaid balance, data usage, validity, etc.

Previously, providers like Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, and BSNL charged exorbitant rates for 4G data and phone calls. When Jio entered the telecommunications market, it nearly wiped out the competition. Customers saw a 70% decrease in their cell phone bills as a result of this cutthroat industry.

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Prepaid recharges including 28 days of voice calls, data, and text messages now start at Rs 199 in 2021. Users must therefore routinely verify account information such as balance, data usage, validity, etc. and avoid waiting too long to recharge so that service can be maintained Check your Jio balance, view your Jio data usage, and more with the help of this in-depth article!

The First Option: Inquire About Your Jio Balance Via Text Message Or A Lost Call

When you dial 1299 to check your Jio balance and validity, your call will be cut short automatically, and you'll receive a text message at the phone number you called from. You can also get your balance via text message by sending the letters MBAL to the number 55333.

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Information about your plan, data and SMS usage, recharge balance, and plan expiration date will be sent to you via text message.

In case you need them later, here are some crucial text messages to keep:

  • Just text "BILL" plus "199" to find out how much your Jio Postpaid bill will be.
  • For Jio's current pricing and plans, text MYPLAN to 199.
  • Start dialing *1925* to have your SIM card enabled for 4G data.
  • Text TARIFF +191 for the current Call Rate Check
  • For your Jio number, text JIO to 199.
  • Text "MBAL 55333" for your 4G data usage report
  • Text BAL to 199 to verify your prepaid account's balance and expiration date.

The second option is to use USSD codes to check your Jio balance.

The following USSD codes can be dialed to check your Jio balance and validity:

  • Online Account Details with the Numbers *111*1*3#
  • Main Account Balance - *333#
  • To play the caller tune, dial *333*3*1*1#.
  • Dial *333*3*1*2# to turn off the ringer.

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Check Jio Balance Via Phone Call, Method 3

Step 1:

To contact Jio's customer service, dial *911 from your Jio phone.

Step 2:

When using the IVR system, you'll be prompted to choose from a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, etc.

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Step 3:

Select your native tongue by clicking the appropriate button.

Step 4:

The IVR system will now provide information about your daily Data allotment and the duration of your plan.

Step 5:

After that, you'll be prompted to enter information regarding your recharges and plan, your current data balance and validity, your ISD plan, Jio Tune, your work-from-home packs, your active plan, and so on. Choose the appropriate key to reveal information about each package.

Step 6:

To check your balance, select the option that displays the most recent information and is still valid. For information about your plan, select the option that displays your previous recharge history.

In addition, there are a plethora of other services available over the Jio app, such as the ability to change your caller tune, speak with a customer service agent, and learn about Jio's various plans and offers.

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Option 4: Use the My Jio App to View Your Jio Balance

Many Jio customers rely on the My Jio app to keep tabs on their Jio account and 4G plan details such as balance, data usage, plan validity, and the latest offers. In addition to being able to make calls, send text messages, and use the internet, Jio subscribers can also generate a detailed statement of their usage and search for Jio stores in their immediate area.

Step 1:

If you don't already have the MyJio app on your smartphone, you can get it from the app store. Phone Operating Systems: Android | Apple iOS

Step 2:

Apply for Jio services by entering your Jio number and OTP during registration.

Step 3:

To see the details, launch the app and select "View Detail."

Step 4:

When you go to the next page, you can see the remaining time on your plan, the amount of data you have left, the amount of voice calls you have left, and the amount of money you have left to send via

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My Jio App lets you keep up with Jio's latest plans and deals, plus it lets you recharge your phone whenever you need to.

Step 1:

In order to recharge your Jio account, launch the My Jio app and select the corresponding icon on the main screen.

Step 2:

There are a plethora of Jio recharge plans from which to choose now.

Step 3:

For additional plan information, please click the View details button.

Step 4:

Click the Buy call-to-action button after choosing a plan; you'll be taken to the payment processor.

Step 5:

Choose a payment option and finish the transaction. After the transaction has been completed, a confirmation message will be sent to your Jio number, beginning with "Recharge is Successful." ”

This Jio app of mine has so many cool functions. It's the quickest and most convenient way to verify that your data is correct. Further, the app allows you to link your secondary Jio account, JioFi, JioLink, or Jio Fiber account. Having this ability will allow you to manage your accounts and verify their status, balance, and validity at any time. It's connected to other Jio apps like Jio TV, Jio Saavn, Jio News, Jio Cinema, and many more. Have fun trying out all these different programs!

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Checking Your Jio Account Balance Online is another convenient option for checking your Jio balance and managing your Jio account. If you'd rather not rely solely on my Jio app or the other methods I've provided, this straightforward option is for you.

Step 1:

To sign up for Jio, visit their website and select the Sign In tab.

Step 2:

To use your Jio mobile number, go to the Mobile tab and click on it.

Step 3:

You'll get a one-time code on your phone, which you'll need to enter before you can hit the submit button.

Step 4:

Your data usage and balance, as well as your plan specifics, are now visible.

Step 5:

To see exactly how much money is left on your account, select either Check Usage or View More.

Additionally, by going to My Statement, you can view a log of your voice calls, data usage, and SMS messages from the past six months as well as your recharge and billing records. Then, when it's time to top off, you can quickly and easily find the best plan for your needs and recharge your Jio number.

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For longer Jio service validity, what is the bare minimum recharge plan?

For Jio service, the bare minimum is the Rs. The 127 plan lasts for 15 days and provides unlimited talk time and 12GB of mobile data. This tariff plan is so affordable, you can even get it for a long period of time (84 days or more) and save money.

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