How to Activate a New BSNL SIM for Phone Calls, the Internet, and More

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The government of India operates several large telecommunications companies, one of which is Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL). The provider is well-liked for its low-priced prepaid plans and unique deals. Despite the fact that BSNL has not yet released 4G services in India, the company has successfully established 3G networks throughout the country.

If you've recently purchased or otherwise acquired a new BSNL number, your first question is likely how to activate it. To help you get your BSNL SIM card activated quickly and easily, we've put together this article to answer your questions. In this article, you will find all the information you require.  

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Activating Your New BSNL SIM Card

A new BSNL SIM card can be obtained from any of BSNL's regional mobile distributors or authorized service centers. To begin using your SIM after you have obtained it, you must first activate it. It's possible that the elderly residents of your home are unable to activate the SIM card without assistance, despite the fact that this is common knowledge amongst many of us.  

Changing to a BSNL plan or getting a new SIM card is easier than ever before. Input your fingerprints, some one-time passwords, and your Aadhaar card number, and you're all set. BSNL SIM cards are available for purchase. However, the question of how to initiate its use arises. In light of this, in this article we will explain how to activate a BSNL SIM card so that you can make and receive calls, access the internet, and send and receive text messages.

  • Insert your BSNL SIM card and reboot your phone.  
  • Keep an eye out for the first signs of a network signal.
  • When you get a network signal at the top of the screen, launch the phone app.
  • Dial 1507 from any phone to confirm your identity.
  • You will be asked a variety of questions, including those pertaining to your language abilities, and the documents you provided to verify your identity and current address.
  • Please proceed with the tele-verification as instructed.
  • Once complete, your BSNL SIM card will be fully functional.
  • Internet protocol address settings specific to your phone will be provided.
  • After making these modifications and saving them, your SIM card will work as intended.
  • The SIM card is now functional for voice calls and data transfers.

To check their BSNL account balance, customers can simply dial 123 and follow the voice prompts. After that, SIM cards can be used to make calls and access services.

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BSNL SIM Card Data Activation Guide

Your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc. can use the speedy BSNL 3G services if you have it activated. BSNL data activation and deactivation on prepaid mobile" is a straightforward procedure that customers must go through. When a customer signs up for a new prepaid mobile connection from BSNL, they will not have internet access enabled automatically unless they specifically request it, as per recent guidelines from the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Instead, you must specifically ask the operator to turn on mobile data for your BSNL number.

Send the word "Start" from your BSNL phone to the number 1925 to activate. A message saying "Mobile data service has been enabled" will be displayed to you. ” 

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How to Reactivate an Expired BSNL SIM

There are multiple options available for reactivating a BSNL prepaid SIM card that has been inactive for some time. In order to do this, you need to know the reason for the dismissal. A Prepaid mobile subscribers with less than Rs 20 in their accounts and who have not used their phones in 90 days will have their service terminated, per TRAI regulations effective March 22, 2013. This includes subscribers who have made no calls or received any. employing VAS (which can include sending SMS, utilizing mobile internet/data, and so on)

To begin the reactivation process, you must first make contact with BSNL. Your reactivation request must be submitted at the nearest BSNL store. Along with the request, you must include proof of identity and residency. Your number will be restored after you receive a confirmation call, regardless of whether the operator disconnected it at your request or because of an incorrect CAF.

If your BSNL Mobile has been deactivated, you have 15 days to reactivate it.

  • Make an effort to get in touch with BSNL's support team and request reactivation.
  • Please visit the nearest BSNL outlet to submit a request for reactivation.
  • Address verification and photo ID are both necessary.
  • It's possible that you'll get a confirmation call before your number is fully activated.

How to Activate a BSNL SIM Card Using USSD

Simply dial the USSD code (53734) to instantly activate your BSNL SIM card. Activating your BSNL VoLTE sim card is easiest when you dial this number. To activate a BSNL SIM card, however, you must send a text message from your phone in the manner outlined below.


For how long after Tele verification does it take BSNL to activate a SIM card?

Once a request for a new connection has been submitted, activating a new SIM card can take up to 48 hours. When requesting verification of your identity through CAF, you may use the secondary phone number you provided. Following successful verification of your identity, you will receive a call for telegraphic confirmation. Your SIM card may not be active for 30min-2hrs following the televerification process. Anybody can make a call Call 1800-180-1503 if you need assistance activating your BSNL SIM card.

I can't use my phone to get online after tele-verification because it's blocked. Advising: what do I do

Verify your phone's preferences. If you continue to experience connectivity issues after turning on mobile data, try the steps below.

In the event that it is an Android-powered gadget:

  • Achieved by launching the device's configuration program
  • Activate the Internet and Network switches
  • Mobile Networks can be accessed by clicking here.
  • To access BSNL, please click here.
  • Locate the option labeled "Preferred network type" and select it.
  • Turn on 3G/4G/auto now Once this is done, you can connect to mobile data.

Regarding Apple's iPads and iPhones specifically:

  • Initiate contact with the device's configuration program.
  • Simply select Cellular from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the Menu and choose Cellular Data.
  • To activate 4G, select the option.
  • To continue, choose "both voice and data" from the menu.
  • In theory, you should be able to connect to the web now.

When will I receive confirmation that my BSNL SIM card is functional?

When using a BSNL phone, dialing the USSD code *124# will immediately trigger an SMS from the provider detailing your account balance and the length of time your BSNL subscription has been active.

I would like to know how to activate my BSNL SIM card by recharging it.

Prepaid mobile subscribers who have less than Rs. 500 in their accounts as of March 22, 2013, will no longer receive service, per TRAI regulations. If a customer has $20,000 in their account and they haven't used it in 90 days (which is defined as no voice or video calls received or made, no outgoing SMS, no mobile internet or data use, no use of value-added services, and no purchases made with the balance), then they will lose the entire amount.

The cost to renew a prepaid mobile connection in India is Rs. Twenty before the end of the grace period of fifteen days after the date of deactivation

You have 15 days to reactivate your BSNL Mobile after it has been deactivated.

  • To have your service reactivated, you should contact BSNL.
  • Visit the nearest BSNL store and ask to have your service reactivated.
  • Please provide a photo ID and proof of residency.
  • Then, after your number has been reactivated, you may receive a confirmation call.

If you want to activate a BSNL SIM, how much will it cost you?

In exchange for a small payment of Rs Within 15 days of the date your Prepaid Mobile service was deactivated, you can have it restored for only $20.  

To what extent must one pay to have a BSNL SIM card that has since lapsed recharged?

The end of your prepaid period will result in the termination of your account. Prepaid cards will become inactive after a certain date, but there will be a grace period during which you can recharge them. For the duration of the grace period, you will be unable to make or receive calls.

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