How to Create, Access, and View Your SBI Mini Statement

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You can view all of the transactions made on your account through UPI, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, and more on the SBI Mini Statement. provided that your mobile phone number is associated with a State-issued bank account However, registration is required before you can use this service. Mini statements are available to customers in a number of ways after they have registered. This post discusses the various SBI mini statement access points available to you.



Yono, an SBI App

Simply by Texting "9223440000"

Banking Online

Simply Leave a Message for Us at 09223866666

By Using Any SBI ATM Close By

A Detailed Guide to Obtaining Your SBI Mini Statement

After providing a mobile phone number to a bank, customers have the following options for receiving their mini statement:

  • Unreturned Call: If you use the SBI quick missed call service, you can get your SBI mini statement in an instant. A missed call from the customer's registered mobile number to 09223866666 is required. Your short mobile statement will then be sent to you.  
  • Bank Transactions Via Text Message Mini statements are also available via text message by sending 'MSTMT' from the registered mobile number to 09223866666. Then, an SMS will be sent to your phone detailing your most recent five purchases.
  • Online Banking from State Bank of India: Customers of SBI can use their username and password to access SBI net banking, which is an alternative to both SBI quick banking and SBI mobile banking. After logging in, a customer has access to their account details, including past and present transactions. Keeping track of multiple accounts, viewing statements, and researching past transactions is a breeze.  
  • SBI ATM: One of the most common ways to get the brief statement is this. The statement can be viewed at any ATM with the four-digit PIN entered and the 'Mini Statement' option selected.

Instructions for Signing Up for an SBI Mobile Mini Statement

Mini statements from SBI are only available to customers whose mobile phones have been verified as registered. That's why it's crucial to link your cell phone number with your financial institution of choice. The mobile phone number is usually added at the time of registration. In case you haven't linked a number before, you can still register it using the process outlined below.

To sign up for SBI's instant banking service, account holders need only send an SMS to the bank's 09223488888 number. Messages should be sent in the format REGAccount Number. The bank can then confirm the mobile phone number.

To sign up for SBI's mobile banking services, account holders need only send an SMS message to the number 9223440000. The message's format should be

A Mini Statement Number From SBI

If you have an account with SBI, you can get your mini statement by leaving a missed call at 09223866666. Here is a detailed guide on how to accomplish that goal:

  • You can get information about your most recent five purchases by leaving a message at 09223866666.  
  • After two rings, the call will be terminated automatically.
  • Mini statements detailing the user's most recent five transactions are then provided.

Text Message Banking Mini Statement from SBI

Mini statements for an SBI account can be viewed via text message. Here's how to check your state bank mini statement via text message:

SBI Mini Statement Using SMS Banking

Step 1: Get your SBI mini statement by text message by typing in "MSTMT."

Step 2: Use your verified mobile phone number to send the text to 09223866666.

Step 3: You will then receive a State Bank Mini Statement with information on your most recent five transactions.

Note: If a customer has more than one active account with SBI, only one of those accounts can be registered for Quick Service at any given time. Account holders who wish to switch registered mobile numbers must first remove the old number from the original account.  

SBI Mobile Banking Mini Statement

Here are the stages involved in accessing your state bank's mini statement through your mobile banking app:

sbi mini statement details by mobile banking

Step 1: Get the SBI mobile banking app from the App Store or Google Play today.

Step 2: Input your credentials into the app.

Step 3: To access your accounts, go to the main menu of the app and select "My Accounts."

Step 4: On the subsequent page, select the Mini Statement tab.

Step 5: Mini statements detailing the most recent ten transactions will then be available to you.

Mini Statements Via WhatsApp Banking For SBI

The good news for SBI clients just keeps on coming. There will be no more need to wait in line to do simple banking tasks like checking balances and mini-statements. SBI customers can now use the popular messaging app WhatsApp to access a wide range of banking services normally only available in branch.

Get SBI Mini Statement Through WhatsApp

Quickly check out your most recent five transactions or your SBI mini statement with this handy app. How to get WhatsApp status updates in miniature form are as follows:

Step 1: To contact SBI via WhatsApp, dial 90226 90226 and type "Hi."

Step 2: The screen will suddenly display a message.  

Step 3: Mini Statement, Account Balance, and Unregistering the WhatsApp Banking App are the options available to you.  

Step 4: Select option (1) for current balance and option (2) for Mini Statement.

Mini Statements Available Online from SBI

All SBI account holders have access to online banking. To begin using this feature, simply enter your registered phone number and debit card information. This feature can also be activated by visiting any of our convenient locations. Here are the simple steps to access your mini-statement through online banking:

Step 1: Enter your username and password to access your SBI online banking account.

Step 2: Access your account summary by selecting it from the main menu.

Step 3: To view the most recent ten purchases, please click here.

SBI Mini Statement check by net banking

Step 4: Once you do that, a brief statement showing your most recent ten transactions will appear.

Mini Statement from SBI Available at an ATM

The State Bank Mini Statement can be obtained in this manner. Simply visiting your local ATM and following the instructions below couldn't be simpler.

Step 1: Go to an automated teller machine and put in your debit card.

Step 2: Select the " View Mini Statement " link and enter your 4-digit PIN.

Step 3: The ATM will then print out a brief statement detailing the previous ten withdrawals and deposits.

Mini Statement Service from SBI has many advantages.

Some of the many advantages of using SBI Quick's integrated and automated services are as follows.

  • Customers can get account details without logging into their online banking accounts.
  • It is now more convenient and faster to review the particulars of your most recent five bank account transactions.
  • This service can be accessed by the customer without the use of a mobile device of any kind. You can get by with just a phone and an SMS plan.  
  • Using this service, you won't have to wait in line at the bank to get your mini statement or update your passbook. Mini statements can be sent directly to a customer's phone with just one simple text message.
  • The procedure is simple and straightforward, making it ideal for newcomers. Anyone, no matter where they live, can use this service.
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