How to Easily Switch Your VI Mobile Number to Airtel in 4 Steps

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  • Implementing Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the first step.
  • Second, be sure to tuck away your UPC, or unique identifying number.
  • The Third Step: Going to an Airtel Retail Outlet
  • Fourth, start using your brand-new Airtel SIM card by activating it.
  • Switching from Airtel to Vodafone Idea is simpler than ever.
  • When you're done, you'll have a brand new SIM card in your hand.

Finding a new place to live and moving all of your belongings there is a major hassle that adds significant complexity to any relocation. Comparatively, connecting port vi to airtel is a fairly simple process. Today, we rely on our electronic devices and the internet to help us settle into a new environment. But if you get there and find out the network is bad, it can be very annoying.

This article by Cashify is the last tutorial you'll ever need on how to port your current mobile number, "vi," to the Indian carrier Airtel.

Keep in mind that in order to switch from Vodafone Idea to Airtel, you must have had the service for at least 90 days and have paid all outstanding bills.

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The networks were chosen in this way because Airtel is regarded as the most popular option in terms of current coverage. It has been claimed that the network's reach extends to virtually everywhere. In just four easy steps, you can switch from Vodafone Idea to Airtel.  

Method 1: Switch Your Number Using MNP

To begin the process of switching from Vi to Airtel, first locate the appropriate MNP Service USSD code. Send an SMS to number 1900 by opening your messaging app.  

In the "PORT" field, enter your mobile phone number.

Keep in mind that you must type "PORT" with NO SPACES between the letters.

Here's a look at the best cheap plans from Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone if you're interested.

The second step is to write down your UPC, or unique identifying number.

Afterward, an SMS containing your UPC will be sent to your device. Once you've got that, head on over to your local Airtel Store to finish up. You must not delete this message as it will be used by transfer systems.

BlueJeans, Airtel's very own video conferencing app, is set for release soon.

Go to an Airtel retail outlet (Step 3)

Certain identification documents are required by the network providers. When you visit the Airtel store in Port Vila, be sure to bring the documentation requested by your new Network Service Provider.

  • A photocopy of an official letter with the recipient's address
  • Photographic ID Size
  • Copy of government-issued photo identification (driver's license, passport, PAN card, etc.) )
  • Provide a copy of your most recent Vodafone bill stub (if you are a post-paid customer).

An R is in the works. There is a one-time fee of 19/- to port your number, in addition to the monthly or yearly plan fee of your choosing.

You can get help porting from the store's customer service staff if you ask. When they have your UPC from your phone, they will also help you fill out a CAF form (Customer Agreement Form).  

You will be given a new Airtel SIM card that will be activated at a later time.

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A new Airtel SIM card must be activated in Step 4.

After 4-7 working days (during which time your Vodafone number will continue to function), you will receive a final SMS with a verification code on your VodafoneIdea Sim Card.

Put that number somewhere safe; you'll need it soon. Changing from Vodafone to Airtel entails nothing more than swapping in your new SIM card and restarting your device.  

After powering on your phone, dial 59059 and confirm the code to start using your Airtel Mobile Connection immediately.

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Simply following those 4 steps will allow you to switch from VI to Airtel. You'll want to make sure you can easily return to this page as you make your way through these four milestones within a week. This means that even in previously unreachable areas, you can improve the quality of your network connection and have a more satisfying experience overall.  

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