How to Enable or Disable Caller Music for Your Number?

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These days, when you pay your cell phone bill or recharge your phone, you also get access to your choice of ringtones, or "caller tunes." However, there are some customers who are unaware of what this is and how to implement it.

Summary :

Hello tunes, as opposed to the standard ringtone, play when we receive a phone call. Users have a wide variety of musical options to choose from when customizing their "hello tunes," including songs from popular movies and television shows, as well as classic songs from the 1970s through the 1990s, current hits, and more.

Jio and Airtel have released a new, free hello tune that raises awareness of the coronavirus and the precautions everyone should take.

The ability to assign a greeting to one's mobile phone used to cost users a monthly fee. The good news is that these days the vast majority of service providers provide this at no cost to their customers. So, let's figure out how you can turn these songs on or off for your cell phone.

Caller ringtones can be adjusted in a variety of ways across carriers.

Below, we'll show you how to turn on and off hello tune for both your prepaid and postpaid mobile numbers. Continue reading to learn all the specifics:

Ringtone by Reliance Jio

A Jio hello tune can be set and deleted with a few simple clicks.

How to Change Jio's Caller Tune

A Jio hello tune can be easily set by downloading the Jio Saavn music app or the My Jio App and signing in with your registered Jio number.

  1. Select the song you'd like to use as your Jio ringtone, then tap the three dots, and finally tap the "Set as Jio Tune" option in the pop-up window that appears.
  2. If you want to skip the end-user's rendition of the "Jio hello tune," just press the star (*) button. If you have a Jio number, you will receive a text message asking if you want to activate it. Respond with 'Y' to the activation message if you want to proceed. If your phone number is registered, you will receive a confirmation message.

And the power of your tune will be activated If not, use the following SMS format:

  • Send "MOVIE" (the name of the film) to 56789
  • Send "ALBUM" (the name of the album) to 56789
  • ARTIST (Artist Name) > Text to 56789

Methods for Altering Your Jio Ringtone

Changing a Jio hello tune requires selecting a different song to use as the Jio tune.

On the other hand, if you wish to disable or eliminate that song:

  • Send the SMS message 'STOP' to 56789 or 155223 and follow the instructions to cancel.
  • Alternately, you can disable the Jio hello tune by going to the "Jio tunes options" page within the "MyJio" app, tapping the "Deactivate JioTune" button, and then tapping "Yes" to confirm the disablement of the tune.

Your phone will receive a message once the account has been deactivated successfully.

Ringtone for airtel

Airtel: how to change the ringtone

Changing your Airtel number's "hello tune" is as simple as following the steps below. By downloading the Wynk Music app, all Airtel customers can set their default song as their "hello" for no additional cost. Consequently, you need to get the Wynk music app and sign up with the right details. Once you've logged in:

To change your Airtel greeting tune, go to settings > caller tune > search for a song > click confirm. If the activation was successful, Airtel will send you a confirmation message.

How to customize your Airtel ringtone

Sending the SMS message 'STOP' to 543211 (Toll-free) or calling on the toll-free number 543211808 will disable the Airtel caller tune service. A confirmation text will be sent to your mobile device within a few seconds.

Music for the Vi Caller

In the wake of the Vodafone-Idea Cellular merger, VI has released a new music app called VI hello tunes.

How to Change the Ringtone on a Vodafone Idea Phone

The procedure for configuring the "hello tune" in VI is as follows: Once the app has been downloaded:

  1. You must be a subscriber to the VI network to join, so enter your prepaid or postpaid mobile number now.
  2. Many current hits and fan favorites are automatically displayed. You can preview the track before deciding to set it as your personalized VI greeting.
  3. After selecting a ringtone, all it takes is a tap to make it active on your VI number.

Methods for modifying the ringtone that plays when a call comes in on

After a few months, you might want to replace it with a different "hello" song. Select a new song, and it will replace the current one without any further action on your part. But if you no longer wish to use the Vi caller tune, simply send the SMS command "STOP" to the number 155223. As soon as you tap the button, a confirmation screen stating "VI hello tune will deactivate successfully" will appear on your phone.

Tones Played by BSNL Callers

The BSNL "hello" tune can be adjusted in a number of ways.

Let's take a look at how you can set off your BSNL ringtone.

  • If you want to change the ringtone for your BSNL phone, you can do so by dialing the toll-free number 56700 and selecting the language you speak.
  • Alternatively, you can get a list of song codes by texting 'SUBSCRIBE' or 'BT ACT' to 56700. Leave a message with the song codes you want to hear, and BSNL will start playing it. Price for this service is Rs. 2 per SMS
  • Pressing *9 while listening to the hello tune is a third option for transferring the song from another BSNL number.
  • In addition, you can select your own personalized greeting song when you sign up for BSNL service by downloading the BSNL app or visiting and entering your credentials.

If you've recharged an unlimited or special tariff voucher, you can listen to the BSNL hello tune without paying a dime. BSNL may impose fees in order to enable these songs otherwise. BSNL's selection of a hello tune costs Rs. 12 and Rs activation fee of $30

What to do if you want to turn off the Bsnl ringtone

Dial 56700 to turn off your preferred BSNL greeting song, or send the SMS command 'UNSUB' to either 56700 or 56799. More so, you can turn off this song by going to the BSNL website.


Truth be told, we're all sick of listening to the same old ringtones on our phones. In addition, changing the hello tune can be a nice way to perk up while waiting for a call to come in. The fact that it costs nothing is undoubtedly a major factor in its growing popularity. The above instructions should be used to set the phone's default greeting music immediately.

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