How to Find Your Phonepe UPI ID and Make a New One

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The Universally Recognized Identifier (UPI) is required in numerous scenarios. Whether you're making an online purchase or attempting to steal money from another person, you'll need to enter it. An individual's UPI ID is created instantly upon their first use of phonepe. Additionally, this ID can be located. In addition, you can make a unique participant identification number (UPI ID) Here, we'll walk you through the process of obtaining or creating your UPI ID.  

Starting with Step 1: Launch the Skype App

  • In order to make your first call with phonepe, you must first download the phonepe app.  
  • After obtaining the app, it must be installed.  
  • You must sign up for Phonepe after you've installed it. So basic, it's laughable  
  • Therefore, phonepe registration is required for obtaining the UPI ID.
  • In the event that you have already registered your phone, you can unlock it by scanning your PIN or fingerprint. A PIN is required for accessing the secure portion of your phone while using Skype.  

Phase 2: Navigate to Your Profile

Your bank account and UPI ID details are stored on your phonepe profile page.  

  • The profile page can be accessed from the Phonepe dashboard's upper left corner.  
  • Your photo will be displayed there. A blank space will appear if the image has not been uploaded.  
  • Select the image area by tapping there. Now you're on your personal page.  
  • Information such as your name, phone number, and bank details are displayed in your profile. Additional UPI options would be displayed here.
Phonepe dashboard
Phonepe Profile Page

Third, use your bank's mobile app to make a payment.

  • You'll need to select your bank account on the profile page. This page would contain your bank account details. Accounts can be recognized by their very last two digits.  
  • Click the space where the final two digits of your account number will appear.  
  • Phonepe's various bank accounts all have unique UPI identifiers. So, use the same bank account for all of your business transactions.  
Phonepe bank page

Fourth, navigate to the bank account page.

  • The information about your bank account is displayed at the top of the page as soon as you access it.  
  • Additionally, a checkbox will appear above it. Here you can designate a specific bank account as your primary one.  
  • If you use multiple accounts, you must designate one as the primary account. You are in a position to accomplish this. When you pay bills online, your default primary account will be selected automatically.  
  • Set your UPI PIN down below as well.  
  • Your next option will be to view your current account balance.  
  • Observe Your UPI IDs Now!

5. Locate the Appropriate UPI ID

phonepe upi id activate
  • Many UPI IDs can be found in the phonepe. In all likelihood, this will baffle you.  

In fact, three banks have signed contracts with phonepe. Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, and Yes Bank are these institutions. This is why all three banks' UPI identifiers are provided by phonepe.

  • Among these, only one bank's UPI ID would already be active. The remaining UPIs are presented to you merely as alternatives.  
  • Here you may activate any of the accessible UPI IDs. All UPI identifiers can be made active if desired.  

Actually, phonepe recommends setting up multiple UPI IDs.

The benefit of this setup is that if one bank's server experiences technical difficulties, the other bank's server can be used as a backup.  

  • As a result, you can now examine your UPI Identifiers. All of your UPI IDs are now active and can be used for all purposes.   

When you sign up for phonepe, you can make a UPI ID for one bank account by simply entering your mobile number.  

  • You're free to pick any letter combination you like for the second bank account.  
  • If the letter, number, or combination is needed, you need only see if it is available. Given that you won't be able to make a new UPI ID if someone else has already made one with the same name, it's important to be careful with  

UPI Number Page 2

  • Friends, there is a different page where you can verify and activate your UPI ID. We do this by revisiting our profiles.  
  • There, we can access the UPI configuration page.  
  • If we click this, we'll be taken straight to a list of UPI IDs.  
  • You can view all of your bank accounts that have been linked via UPI ID here. In the previous system, only the IDs associated with a single bank account were visible,
  • Validate your UPI number right here too! On the other hand, you can switch on or off a number of unique identifiers used for payments (UPIs).  
All upi ids

Learn the steps to make your own unique identification number (UPI) for use in government agencies.

With the help of your phonepe pals, you can also make a unique UPI ID. Yet, this opportunity will only present itself once.  

There is no way to change the UPI ID once it has been generated. In any case, you can turn it off if you want to.  

Phonepe create new upi id
  • It's necessary to visit your profile page in order to accomplish this.  
  • To generate a UPI ID for a specific bank account, select that account from the drop-down menu on the profile page.
  • The bank account page now displays a long list of UPI IDs. A minimum of one of these would be triggered. Whereas the other features are optional and can be activated at your discretion.  
  • Here, you can activate multiple UPI IDs that will all eventually lead to the same bank account. In addition, down below you'll find the choice to make your own UPI ID.  
  • To do this, select the plus icon. To verify, simply enter your preferred UPI ID on the following page. For those instances where doing so is possible, you can choose to do so.
new upi Id available
  • Additionally, you will find some recommendations. Any of the proposed UPI identifiers is open for selection.  
  • Select Create once the UPI ID has been entered.  
  • Your new UPI ID is being generated right now. The knobs of various ATMs can also be used to activate this feature.  

Now you can customize your own UPI ID in the Phonepe app.  

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