How to Get Your PNB Bank Balance and Call Their Toll-Free Number

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Toll-free Number for PNB Bank Account Balance Check

Toll-free: (800) 180-2223

Find Your Punjab National Bank Account Balance


Since its inception, India's banking sector has experienced remarkable growth. There is intense competition among various public and private banks to provide the best financial services and attract the largest possible customer base. Nowadays, ease of use and customer care are of utmost importance. Anyone or any group that can provide essential services will be universally adored. Punjab National Bank is well-known among the public sector banking community. For decades, it has provided Indians with trustworthy banking services.

Repeatedly satisfied banking clients have spoken out. The company is constantly adding new features in an effort to keep existing customers happy and find ways to attract new ones. The ability to quickly and easily check one's "Account Balance" via multiple accessible channels is a highly valued service among PNB customers. There are a number of easy options available for viewing your PNB account balance.  

Dial the following number to get your account balance at the Punjab National Bank:

PNB's missed call service alert is available to anyone who has given the bank their mobile phone number. To check a customer's account balance, they can send a short message service (SMS) to either the bank's toll-free number, 1800 180 2222, or their regular phone number, 1800 103 2222. If you go into any of their local branches, they will be able to add your mobile number to your account. There are no restrictions on the frequency with which you can check your balance or the frequency with which you can make or miss calls. However, the bank has set a 45-minute time limit before returning missed calls.

Know the Status of Your Punjab National Bank Account Online:

Your current account balance is available for viewing through online banking. Here's a comprehensive rundown of that process:

  • Check out Punjab National Bank's Online Banking.
  • To enter, select the login button.
  • To access your Punjab National Bank Net banking account, please enter your User ID, Password, Debit Card number, or mPIN.
  • When logged in, the main screen will immediately update to show your current balance at Punjab National Bank.
  • You can also look over a summary of your account's transactions, balance, etc.

Funds in your PNB mobile banking account:

PNB provides a number of apps for mobile use, allowing customers to do everything from check their balance to make a purchase. You can do a lot of banking from the comfort of your own home with these apps, saving you a trip to the bank. Both Apple and Google mobile operating systems can use the PNB mBanking app. The app provides access to a number of banking services, including account balance checks, mini statements, and transfers between PNB accounts. PNB mPassbook is a useful tool offered by the bank for accessing account details and making transactions. Detailed bank statements can also be saved to your mobile device with the help of this app.

PNB has developed and is actively supporting an app called PNB MobiEase for its tech-savvy, 21st-century clientele. This app is designed specifically for Android devices. Among other things, the app grants access to USSD Banking, Missed Call Banking, and Short Message Service (SMS) Banking. Using these features on your Android device is completely independent of your network connection (4G, WiFi, or otherwise).

UPI account access at Punjab National Bank:

If you are a PNB customer and you use UPI apps, here is the quickest and easiest way to check your account balance:

  • Download an app from the UPI collection on either the Google Play or Apple App Stores.
  • To use the app, sign up with the mobile number the bank already has on file for you.
  • After your accounts have been linked, you will need to generate a UPI PIN. It's like a PIN for an ATM; you'll need to create and remember it.
  • Use the site's "Check Balance" button to see how much money you have left. The UPI PIN must be entered when prompted.
  • A balance check should be possible.  

Whatsapp Banking at PNB:

Whatsapp is a popular messaging app that is primarily used to send text messages. If you have an Android or iOS device, you can download the Whatsapp Banking app there. Punjab National Bank now offers Whatsapp banking, giving customers quick and easy access to account balance inquiries, mini statements, and other frequently used features. Add a PNB Whatsapp banking number to your phone's address book in order to access your account balance through the messaging service.

  • Add the PNB Whatsapp banking number (9264092640) to your contacts and send a hello message to that number.
  • After entering your number, the bank will try to verify it by sending you a one-time password via email.
  • The OTP must be included in a text message and sent to the designated number.
  • After your identity has been confirmed, you'll be given access to a service menu from which you can make coded selections.
  • If you call the number, you can check your account balance immediately.

A Balance Enquiry at a Punjab National Bank Automatic Teller Machine

  • Your Punjab National Bank ATM card is accepted at all bank-owned machines.
  • Just pop in your Punjab National Bank ATM card and you're good to go.
  • The "Balance Inquiry/Balance Check" button must be clicked.
  • Your bank account balance will be shown on the ATM screen.
  • In addition, a receipt or account balance printout will suffice.

For PNB Bank SMS Banking, Dial the PNB SMS Balance Check Number:

The Punjab National Bank offers an SMS banking service to its customers who have registered their mobile numbers with the bank. You can use this service to look up your account balance whenever you like. SMS banking allows you to check your account balance, make a payment, or transfer funds between your accounts, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. You must have registered your mobile phone number at a physical location in order to use this service. The bank will charge your card every three months for the SMS alert service.

To find out how much money you have left, send a text message with the following format:

  • A BAL account number consisting of 16 digits (with a hyphen in the middle).
  • Send your feedback to 5607040 via text message.

System for Banking with the PNB USSD Code:

To a large extent, USSD Banking only provides users with fundamental account details. You don't need an active internet connection to use this service. This service is made possible for you by your mobile phone company. The steps to access PNB USSD Banking are as follows:

  • To reach your registered mobile number, dial *99# and then press the call button on your phone.
  • A dialogue box requesting your bank's PNB short name will then appear; after you enter it, you'll be able to send the message.
  • After you've entered your MPIN, you can simply send.
  • When the user presses the send button, a list of available USSD functions appears.
  • The variety of banking services available will grow.
  • After you click the send button, navigate to Account balance to send your message.
  • The current balance of your bank account is displayed.


One of India's earliest banks, the Punjab National Bank (PNB) dates back to 1894. After 124 years of dedication, it has earned the respect and gratitude of its community that will endure for eons. The PNB, which is wholly owned by the government, operates branches in both populated and unpopulated areas.  

Mobile banking, UPI, ATM service, missed call banking, and net banking account balance inquiries, however, are free. Sending an SMS, however, may incur the standard charges for text messages.

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