How to Refill and Verify Your Current Fastag Account Balance

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The FASTag electronic payment system has been a game-changer for India's public transportation network. Toll booth wait times have decreased significantly since its introduction a few years ago, and it has also aided the government in moving toward a cashless, digital economy more rapidly. On 1 December 2019, FASTag RFID stickers became mandatory for vehicles, and since then, almost everyone has been using them. In spite of this, many people have trouble figuring out how to add money to their Fastag or even how to see what their Fastag balance is. But we're here to help you with that very thing today.

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The Mystery of FASTag

In its simplest form, FASTag is an RFID-based electronic toll collection system. You can get one of these tags from a variety of sources, including the internet, as they are issued by legitimate financial institutions. Avoiding long lines at toll booths, receiving a cashless translation, and receiving information about the toll tax via text message are all possible with Fastag. You wouldn't be wrong in saying that this in-car gadget improves the driving experience for many people by making it simpler for them to pay tolls. Tags adhered to the windshield are read by readers at toll booths along national highways, which then debit the designated account.

The best way to get more money onto your Fastag

Fastag's popularity has led some to search for information on how to add money to an existing Fastag account online. One can now recharge the tag in a number of ways, including through the official website, the websites of the bank that issued a Fastag, and through Paytm.

Visit to add funds to your NHAI FASTag. ihmcl Enter your login information at com/#pricing. The My FASTag app can also be used to replenish it.

New Car RTO Fees in India - Another Cost When Buying a Car in India

An essential item for drivers is a Fastag recharge device. Everyone operating a motor vehicle, whether for personal or professional purposes, must have a valid Fastag. To avoid a fine, motorists must pay tolls at designated crossings. Fastag can be reloaded online in a number of different ways. The UPI handle of the bank that issued your Fastag is required. Once you have this information, you can use the BHIM UPI to do an online Fastag recharge by following the steps below:

  1. Go to the login screen of your preferred BHIM UPI app.
  2. To begin the procedure of recharging your Fastag account online, simply click the "send" button.
  3. Please use "[email protected](bankupihandle)" as the "send to" address.
  4. Check the UPI number
  5. Reload your Fastag by entering the desired amount and verifying your identity with your PIN.

Make sure you enter the correct bank UPI handle when prompted to do so after entering your vehicle registration number to initiate an UPI recharge transaction. Additionally, you can use Paytm for online Fastag recharge regardless of the issuing bank.

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FasTag Paytm Recharge Guide

Paytm makes it simple to make an online recharge for Fastag. Just stick to these few easy instructions:

  1. Follow this link to Paytm to top off your FASTag.
  2. The issuing institution of your vehicle's Fastag can be chosen.
  3. Put in the VIN of your car.
  4. Proceed to enter the amount to recharge, and click "Proceed."
  5. Spend money on something

Method for Verifying FASTag's Zero Balance

  • Instructions for Verifying Your Fastag Account Balance
  1. To find out who issued your car's Fastag, head to their official website.
  2. Enter your Fastag login details.
  3. Find the option to see how much money is in your Fastag account.
  4. If you need to see a record of your previous Fastag payments, you can do so by consulting your account statement.
  • Methods for Verifying Your Fastag Account Balance While Not Online

A Fastag balance update via email is a convenient way to check your account status when you're not online. Similarly to how you get an SMS reminder every time you pay toll tax, If you haven't received the most recent SMS update on your Fastag, including your current balance, check your email inbox.

The Fastag mobile app is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, so there's no need to visit the website or check your SMS or email to see your balance. Once you log into the Fastag app, you will have instant access to your account balance.

Find the last toll tax deduction SMS sent to your phone if you do not have access to the internet. Details of the most recent toll payment and the current balance are both included in this SMS.

  • Phone Number for FASTag's Support Staff

Fastag has a toll-free number, (91-888) 433-3333, that you can call to find out what your account balance is. If you have registered your mobile number with us, you can use this service at any time by simply calling our missed call line. When you miss a call, your phone will send you a message with your current Fastag balance.

Just what do you gain from owning a fastag?

  • The many advantages of using a Fastag are detailed below.
  • You will save time on your trip because of the streamlined process at the toll booths.
  • Congestion at toll plazas has greatly decreased because transactions can now be completed in much less time.
  • If you use Fastag, you can avoid carrying around any extra cash for toll payments because the fee is automatically deducted from your account.
  • Each and every transaction will trigger a notification to your inbox. You can use this to keep track of your toll fees.
  • Because Fastag eliminates the need for paper receipts for toll payments, it also contributes to environmental protection.


If I don't have internet access, can I still check my FASTag balance?

You can verify your Fastag account balance even when you're not online. You can do this by either sending another missed call to the toll-free number 91-8884333331, or by checking your most recent toll tax payment SMS, which includes your most recent balance.

The length of time a FASTag remains active

The lifespan of a FASTag is 5 years.

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