How to Snap a Picture with a Samsung Galaxy M32 in 6 Simple Steps

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Taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M32 phone is useful for a variety of reasons, so it's worth taking the time to learn how to do it.

New owners of the Samsung Galaxy M32 may be curious about the best way to capture a screenshot of their device. Taking screenshots on a Samsung phone has traditionally involved the same or very similar steps.

Below, you'll find a rundown of the six different ways you can capture screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy M32.

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Taking a Screenshot, and Why

Taking a screenshot is a simple and widely used method of broadcasting your current activity to your loved ones. Screenshots are a useful feature on any smartphone, whether you want to document your gaming progress or save an article for later.

The Samsung Galaxy M32, like many other Android phones, has a number of built-in tools for snapping screenshots. If you want to know how to take screenshots, just read on.

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Tutorial on Taking a Screenshot with the Samsung Galaxy M32

Taking a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy M32 phone can be done in a few different ways, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

Pressing two hardware keys on a smartphone at once is a common practice, but you can accomplish the same thing more quickly by using an Air Command gesture. We have covered six different methods for taking screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M32.

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The First Option Is to Use Hardware Keys to Capture the Screen

Capturing screenshots is a built-in function on Android smartphones. Pressing the volume-down and power buttons at the same time activates this function. Taking a screenshot will immediately upload it to your photo album.


  • Simply combine the volume-down and power-off buttons
  • The device will snap a picture and store it in your photo album.

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The Samsung Galaxy M32's Assistant Menu comes in handy if you've damaged the physical keys. This is the second option for those with malfunctioning electronics. Here's how to activate Assistant Menu:

  • Enter the Menu of Options
  • Then, after a brief scroll, select the Accessibility option.
  • Select the option labeled "Interaction and dexterity" now.
  • Flip the switch for Assistant on the main menu.
  • To take a screenshot, simply tap the circle (helpful option) and choose the screenshot option.
  • A white light from the screen indicates that a screenshot has been taken.

As a result, the Assistant function makes it simple to capture screenshots.

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Method 3: Taking a Screenshot with a Palm Swipe

Taking a screenshot of the display on a mobile device has never been easier than with the Palm Swipe to Capture Screenshot feature. How to do so is outlined below.

  • Go to the Settings page, then Advanced Features, and then Motions and Gestures to activate Palm Swipe.
  • Activate the Palm capture by swiping option. The default setting for this option is "off."
  • Simply swiping your hand across the screen will capture a screenshot. When it is complete, your phone will vibrate.

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Four: Use Google Assistant to Snap a Screenshot

Using Google's virtual assistant, you can capture a screenshot. To capture an image using Google Assistant, follow these steps:

  • Launch the app whose user interface you wish to record on your Samsung Galaxy M32.
  • Simply saying "OK Google, take a screenshot" or "take screenshot" into your phone's microphone will accomplish the same thing.
  • You can view your most recent screenshot by opening the Photos app and navigating to the Screenshots tab.

Samsung Galaxy M32 Method 5: Taking a Long Screenshot

It's easier than you might think to take a long screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy M32. The steps are very similar to those of a standard screenshot.

  • To begin, visit the preferences screen.
  • Click the "Advanced Features" button down there.
  • Select Screenshots from the list of "Advanced Features"
  • Turn on the Capture Screen button in the toolbar.
  • After that, a toolbar menu will appear in the footer.
  • When you select the magnifying glass icon, the window will expand.
  • So long Congratulations, you have completed a Long Screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy M32!

Take a screenshot with a third-party app on your Samsung Galaxy M32 (Method 6)

  • Get on over to the Google Play Store!
  • Find the Screenshot Easy app in the app store and download it.
  • Launch the app and select the capture button.
  • Now open the notification shade, look for the Screenshot Easy notification, and tap on it while viewing the screen you want to capture.
  • A screenshot will be taken and stored in your photo library.

Accessing Captured Images

Samsung Galaxy M32 users have a number of options for capturing screenshots. They can be viewed in a photo viewer or a file manager.

The Samsung Galaxy M32's built-in gallery app is convenient for browsing through snapshots taken with the phone. You can launch it from your device's main menu by searching for it and selecting it.

You can use the default file manager, or any other file manager you may have installed. Open the file manager and navigate to the "Pictures" folder to access all of your screenshots.


Taking screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy M32 was the subject of this detailed tutorial. The authors of this piece sincerely hope that it was informative and useful to you. How did you most often take screenshots? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

In addition, if there are any additional ways to take screenshots that we have missed, please let us know in the comments and we will add them to this post.

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