How to set up Do Not Disturb on the Airtel network via their website, by phone, or via text message

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Buzz Buzz Unknown callers and message senders are a common occurrence. Ultimately, these prove to be spam. These notifications have the potential to be extremely annoying at times. Most people waste a lot of time responding to spam emails from people they don't know. When someone is in the middle of something crucial, they do not want to be interrupted. Activating Do Not Disturb (DND) on your smartphone is the first step you should take if you, too, have been inundated by SPAM and would like to put an end to the same. This article will explain DND, how it functions, and how to activate it on Airtel.

DND stands for what?

Do Not Disturb is commonly referred to as "DND." The name pretty much sums it up. By activating do not disturb, you can avoid contact from unknown callers, such as spammers or marketers. Even Airtel, like most other telecom companies today, offers DND services that can be activated with a click of a button. If your wireless service provider offers this option, you can use it.

To what end do you require DND to be on?

That's a simple question with a straightforward solution. Turn on the Do Not Disturb (DND) service if you're sick of receiving spam or unwanted calls from third-party services. Disruption and annoyance are one thing, but in many cases, people lose their hard-earned money after being tricked by fraudsters into sharing sensitive information such as their Bank Account Details, One-Time Passwords, CVVs, etc. This could be a major issue if you are currently participating in an online lecture or meeting, or even more so if you are taking an online examination at that time. By turning on DND, you can avoid all of these situations. You won't have to guess if an unknown contact is legitimate or just a spam or promotion message.  

After learning about the benefits of DND, you can quickly sign up for it by using one of the simple options outlined below.

Use the Airtel website to activate Do Not Disturb.

First things first, visit the DND page on Airtel's website by clicking here.

The second step is to look for a large red box that says "click here" and then click on it. To proceed, just press the button.

Click the "GET OTP" button after entering your 10-digit phone number in Step 3.  

After entering the correct one-time password that you received in Step 3, you will be taken to the next page.

Fifth, select "Block All" from the drop-down menu in the new window that has opened.

Now you know The days of worrying about spam and telemarketing calls are over.

Airtel DND Call/IVR Activation

The first thing to do is call 1909 from the phone number you used to sign up.

Second, do as the interactive voice response system (IVR) suggests.

Easy Do Not Disturb activation When the preceding strategy has failed you, try this one.

Simply send an SMS message to Airtel's short code *121# to activate DND.

First, from your 10-digit registered number, send an SMS to 1909.

The rest of our suggestions are more complicated than this one. If you're in a sluggish mood and would rather not put in much effort, activating DND via SMS is the way to go.

Toggle on Field-Specific DND

Sometimes, commercial spam calls end up being useful. For instance, we become aware of a potentially beneficial opportunity when we receive notifications about bank loans, scholarships, job openings, and so on. The risk of missing out on desirable opportunities is high if we decide to block such messages and calls. This is where the Field Wise DND system comes in. Exactly as the name implies, it allows you to blacklist certain areas from which you do not wish to receive any calls or messages.

Airtel's smartphone users have the option of using either the Fully Block Mode or the Partially Block Mode, both of which enable Field Wise DND.

In order to partially block your mobile number, you can use one of the simple methods described below.  

The option to partially block can be activated online.

First, visit the DND page on Airtel's official website by clicking here, just like you did in Fully Block Mode.

Second, find the "click here" button (it will be a large red box) by scrolling down the page. The only thing you need to do is press that button.

Thirdly, enter your 10-digit phone number and then hit the "GET OTP" button.  

Fourth, proceed to the next page by entering the correct one-time password you were given.

Fifth, when the new screen pops up, skip clicking "Block All" and do the following:   To disable features, pick them out and click "Block"

SMS-Based Partial Blocking Mode Activation

You can turn on a subset of DND by texting 2442 with the number that corresponds to the option you want to disable from the list below.

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  • Third Text: Teaching
  • Part Four: Medical
  • Fifth Sentence: Buy or order Automobiles and Other Consumer Items
  • The Sixth Text: Media, Technology, and the Arts in Communications, Broadcasting, and Entertainment
  • Content Section 7: Recreation and Vacationing
  • Title 8: Athletics
  • Book 9: Theology
  • Christianity, Section 9a of the Text
  • Message 9b: Islam
  • Page 9c: Miscellaneous
  • Tenth Paragraph: News About Recent Releases
  • Page 11: Breaking News

If you've been following the steps in any of the methods outlined above, you can finally celebrate your freedom from scam calls, spam messages, and intrusive advertisements. To tailor your experience, choose between a Full Block Mode or a Partial Block Mode.


1. Where do I go to sign up for DND?

If your network provider supports DND registration, you can easily register your phone number. These procedures are simple to implement and won't eat up a lot of your time.

What happens if we turn on DND in Airtel?

The Do Not Disturb setting can help you avoid receiving spam calls and texts. When activated, you will no longer receive unsolicited communications, such as fraud calls that attempt to steal personal information by pretending to be a legitimate business. It also prevents you from receiving any unsolicited calls or messages from third-party services.

How do I check if Do Not Disturb is turned on?

It will take about a week for the service to begin functioning after DND has been activated. The decrease in unwanted calls and messages is a near-term indicator. If you still have questions, you can also look up the DND status.

To what extent can I view my DND status?

To check the current DND status on your registered mobile number, text "STATUS" to 2442.

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