If you have CRED coins, here's how to cash them in.

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In today's fast-paced world, UPI payment apps and credit card payment apps appear to be standard. We have a ton of apps that give us features that make sending money to other people very simple. Such an app is CRED. CRED has gained popularity because of its eye-catching advertisements. Today, CRED has unparalleled success in its industry, which compel us to discuss everything CRED. Learn how to cash CRED coins, pay credit card bills with CRED coins, burn CRED coins, and calculate the value of 10,000 CRED coins in Indian rupees in this article.

Let's first understand the CRED app and how it functions before learning more about CRED coins. We will review all of CRED's advantages and consider why it is superior.

Describe CRED

What is CRED?

The meaning of the word "CRED" is immediately clear to us because, in some ways, the name itself serves as an explanation. CRED has a connection to credit cards. In fact, Bengaluru is home to the CRED credit card payment app, which was established in 2018.

CRED enables you to pay your debts, including loans, rent, and credit cards. and in return, it gives you things like CRED points, gift cards, and vouchers. In addition, the app allows you to check your credit score without charge. A person's credit score evaluates their eligibility based on their credit history or standing.

Qualities of CRED

CRED has a lot of features besides just being a credit card payment app and telling you your credit score. These are some things you can do with this app:

  • When you use the CRED app, partner brands will give you rewards.
  • You receive a reminder from the app to pay your dues. This ultimately aids in raising your credit score.
  • The app offers instant payments, and a feature for statement analysis lets you keep tabs on your financial activities.
  • CRED protect not only notifies you in real-time of your credit limit but also assists you in finding any hidden fees that may be assessed to you.
  • Utilizing the CRED app earns you CRED points that you can use to participate in games and raffles and win cashbacks and premium rewards.
  • You also have access to the CRED store as a user, where you can purchase unique items at discounted rates.
  • With CRED RentPay, you can receive a 45-day credit-free period as well as bonus points.
  • Every single transaction made through the app is encrypted, safe, and only involves you.
  • You can use the SIP calculator that is included with CRED.
  • Another perk provided by the CRED app to users is an EMI calculator.
  • Using the PPF calculator, you can figure out your PPF.
  • For home loans, auto loans, fixed deposits, recurring deposits, simple loans, and compound loans, CRED includes calculators.

How do CRED coins work? How are they acquired?

What are CRED coins? How do you earn them? | How to Use CRED Coins to Cash?

Recall the Facebook games, all of which featured in-game money similar to what is found in modern smartphone games. Similar to this, the majority of e-commerce apps have currency options like reward points or coins.

Nowadays, pretty much everyone has their own cash or coin substitute that functions on their platform and has the same value as real money; similarly, CRED coins are that currency substitute that works on the CRED app.

Similar to how money functions in the real world, these coins play a significant role in the CRED ecosystem. However, earning these coins differs from earning the original currency.

How to obtain these coins and gems is provided below.

  • Every rupee that is paid off on your credit card bill when you use CRED earns you one CRED coin.
  • You receive 10 gems for each person you refer who uses the app to pay their bill.

The CRED coin to cash feature is one very underappreciated CRED feature. You might inquire as to how to cash in CRED coins. Do not worry, we also have that covered. Who wouldn't want their in-app currency to be converted to real money?

Because of this, CRED offers the Burn option, which enables you to turn your coins into cash. Upon burning your CRED coins, they are linked as cash and credited to your credit card.

By using the app to make payments, a user can accrue CRED coins, which they can later continue to burn in exchange for cash.

How to Pay a Credit Card Bill with CRED Coins

How to Use CRED Coins to pay Credit Card Bill?

As previously stated, in order to turn CRED coins into cash, they must be burned. This allows you to use the CRED coins that you may have earned by carrying out transactions through the app earlier to pay off your credit card balance by converting the points to cash and adjusting them along with your bill amount.

In addition, the coins can be exchanged for cashbacks.

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How to destroy CRED currency

As mentioned, you can exchange your CRED coins for cash, but how do you do that? Do not worry; we are available to answer your questions.

  • Go to your rewards section in the CRED app.
  • Look for your cashback rewards in the section for rewards.
  • Once you decide to claim your cashback reward, you can either use your CRED points for redemption or burn them.
  • Your cashback reward is successfully burned when you swipe down, turning it into cash on your credit card.

You now understand how to burn CRED coins and how to cash in on CRED coins.

Value of 10,000 CRED coins in Indian rupees

Here are some happy news for the clients. For each rupee spent on the app, you receive a CRED coin with a value of one rupee, which can then be burned to produce the same amount of cash as described above.

Given that one CRED coin is equal to one rupee, the value of 10,000 CRED coins in Indian rupees is also equal to 10,000 rupees. It does not really matter whether you hold money or points on CRED because the value of coins and cash is the same, and since they are easily convertible, it also makes your life easier.

CRED supports Banks and Cards

CRED is a top app, so it goes without saying that it has connections to elite businesses. You can rest assured that CRED only works with the best because even the rewards and coupons you receive for using the app are from the best premier and luxury brands. The following lesson in this how to use CRED coins to cash guide is about it.

As a result, a number of the top Indian banks, including PNB, RBL, Axis, SBI, ICICI, HDFC, HSBC, Citibank, Standard Chartered, and American Express, accept credit card payments through CRED. American Express, MasterCard, Visa, RuPay, and MasterCard are the cards that CRED accepts.

Additionally, see 27 Best Credit Cards in India.

Scores and membership in CRED

CRED membership and scores

When we state that CRED partners with the best, we also mean our clients. Not everyone is eligible to join CRED. They carefully choose their clients. You must have an Experian score of 750 or higher to join CRED.

The app assists you in maintaining a high credit score once you are a member, but before that, it is up to you to keep your credit in good enough shape to qualify for CRED.

CRED uses a soft inquiry of the CIBIL score to inform you of your credit score. Once you're in the app, you can check your credit score. If you use CRED, you can check your credit score at any time for no additional cost.

You can use the app to organize your credit, money, etc. and it will also inform you of various additional scores you might need. You can check your Equifax credit score, CRIF credit score, and Experian credit score for free with CRED.

Why utilize CRED

After hearing so much about CRED, it's time to consider why you actually need to use it.

  • This ensures that you maintain compliance and make prompt payments because failing to do so increases your risk of being assessed interest for late payment, which adds to your burden. CRED will send you reminders on a regular basis to pay your debts. Additionally, you can use your credit card's auto-debit feature to ensure that the payment is made on time and automatically.
  • You can identify and correct any errors on your credit card statement with CRED Protect and Smart Statements on CRED. Additionally, the app alerts you to any suspicious transactions or additional fees.
  • Utilizing credit cards typically results in fantastic offers, discounts, gifts, rewards, etc. However, these are only available to cardholders of a specific company for a short period of time. In this situation, CRED aids in credit card management. The app locates the best offers and discounts for you to take advantage of.
  • You can make all of your payments through CRED Max in one location. There is no need to switch between platforms to pay for various bills. Your loan, rent, tuition, utility bills, and so forth can all be settled in one location, and as a result, you receive gifts, cashbacks, etc.

Phew Even if we went on and on about CRED, it wouldn't be sufficient. If only we had the time and words to gush about CRED forever, but we believe we did a decent job outlining everything CRED, particularly how to use CRED coins for cash.

We hope this article was useful to you. For more similar information, continue reading

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