India's National Identity Authority (Aadhaar) Database Gets an Upgrade

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You need a mobile number that has been registered with Aadhaar in order to use their online services.

The mobile number you provided during enrollment or the most recent update of your Aadhaar details can be verified.

A mobile phone number must be registered at a Permanent Enrolment Centre if it was not entered during the Aadhaar enrollment process.

Making it possible to use Aadhaar for things like government and non-government services, subsidies, pensions, scholarships, social benefits, banking services, insurance services, tax services, educational services, occupational services, medical services, and so on. , it is crucial that the resident's Aadhaar information in the CIDR be correct and up-to-date.

The necessity of updating demographic information may result from:

  • When people go through major life changes like getting married, it's not uncommon for them to update their most fundamental demographic information, like their name and address. Moving to a new area could result in a change in contact information, including an updated address and phone number. Life events, such as marriage, death, and others, can prompt residents to want to update their relatives' information. In addition, locals might swap out their contact info (phone, email, etc.) for more personal reasons.
  • Due to shifts in service delivery mechanisms, citizens may need to update their declarations, add their mobile phone numbers to their CIDRs, etc.
  • Inaccuracies in the resident's demographic information due to mistakes made during enrollment. Enrollment mistakes are the most common cause of updates to the "DoB/Age" and "Gender" fields.
  • Due to the flexibility of the enrollment process in India, it is possible for a resident who is fluent in language "A" to be enrolled by an operator who is fluent in language "B," resulting in the resident having a local language of enrolment of "B." There may come a time when the resident wishes to switch from the local language of enrollment to one of his or her choosing. Assuming this is the case, the Aadhaar letter's identifying data will need to be translated into the preferred language of the recipient.
  • UIDAI may decide to notify a resident to update their demographic information and submit the required document after verifying the availability of POI, POA, and other documents collected at the time of enrollment/update and the quality of the data.

The need for a biometric update may result from:

  • Age requirement for enrollment is 15; residents are encouraged to update their biometric information every 10 years.
  • Biometric exceptions caused by things like accidents and diseases
  • Because of the widespread adoption of the Aadhaar identification and verification service Authentication failures (called false rejects - where a correct resident with valid Aadhaar number may be incorrectly rejected) caused by incorrect biometric capture or poor biometric quality captured at the time of enrolment can also prompt residents to request biometric updates. Biometric data captured in the CIDR could be of higher quality with future technological advancements.
  • UIDAI may set a minimum standard for the accuracy of biometric data collected during enrollment or updating. UIDAI may send out notifications to all residents whose biometric data falls below a predetermined minimum.

These are the aspects of Aadhaar that can be modified:

Statistics on the population

Information Collected May Include: Name, Address, Birthday/Age, Gender, Mobile Number, Email Address, Relationship Status, and Permission to Share Personal Data

Data based on biometric characteristics

DNA, Fingerprints, and a Photograph of Your Face

There is a wide variety of Proof of Identity (PoI) and Proof of Address (PoA) documents that can be uploaded through the UIDAI update process. Check out the list of supplementary materials

Systems for Changing

Accessible Primarily Through the World Wide Web

A resident can easily request an address change through the portal if they have access to the Self-Service online mode. In order to access the portal, users must have both their Aadhaar number and their registered mobile phone number. The OTP is sent to the resident's registered phone to verify their identity. In order to finalize the update process, residents must submit supporting POA documents for verification against the requested data at a later time in the UIDAI Update back-office. In order to use this service, the resident's mobile phone number must be linked to their Aadhaar profile.

Using self-service Update Portal for online Aadhaar Data Update: Step 1 - Login to SSUP portal using Aadhaar and OTP, Step 2 - Select the fields to be updated, Step 3 - Fill the data in the selected fields, Step 4 - Submit the form & URN will be generated, Step 5 - Select the BPO for review of update, Step 6 - Attach original scanned copy of the support document, Step 7 - Using the URN check Aadhaar update status

Second, you can enroll permanently by going to an enrollment center.

These are the methods by which citizens submit requests to have their demographic and biometric information updated with the assistance of a human operator at a Permanent Enrolment Centre. When this happens, the operator gathers the supporting paperwork right when the request is approved. As part of the Update request process, the verifier will also check your documents for accuracy. UIDAI has three Assisted Updates plans as of right now:

a Enhance the Current Client Standard

Information: All fields, including local language and biometric information, are updatable.

Back-end biometric check for identity verification.

Verification of Documents

  • Fields requiring documentation have been verified.
  • UIDAI-designated verifiers/onsite registrars perform the checks at the enrollment/update center.
  • Procedures for verifying enrollment should adhere to guidelines established by the DDSVP Committee.

Acknowledgement and Form Completion

  • Whenever a local resident requests an update, the operator performs the update on the client. Takes care of transliteration, spelling errors, language problems, etc. A biometric signature from the operator will be required for any software update.

A confirmation receipt is issued to the resident, complete with a unique Update Request Number (URN) for future reference.

Biometric Update Process: Step 1 - Filling Application Form, Step 2 - Manual Verification of proof, Step 3 - Entry of Data into client software by operator, Step 4 - Biometric Authentication by Resident, Step 5 - Operator & Supervisor's Confirmation, Step 6 - Acknowledgement of Receipt

b The UCL Update Client is a lightweight version of the UCL Update Server.

You can change any of your personal details, including your photo and the language you use in your area.

The Authentication of Residents' Identities via Biometric Measurements

Proof of Documents

  • All areas requiring paperwork have been checked and verified.
  • UIDAI-approved verifiers or onsite registrars perform the checks at the enrollment/update center.
  • DDSVP Committee Recommendations should be used as the basis for the verification process used during enrollment.

Acknowledgement and Form Filling

  • Completed by the operator on the client update system whenever a resident requests it. An update request number (URN) and acknowledgement receipt are sent to the resident. Each request for an update will require a biometric signature from the operator.

c Point of Presence Updates from the American Urological Association

Only a few Registrars who eventually join the AUA will use this system. It's possible that UIDAI will release an app or API for the purpose of updating For this reason, the Registrars chosen to receive these updates will be those already established as a trusted keeper of information in the relevant demographic category.

Census data fields

For identity verification, the AUA will use the resident's biometric information; if necessary, UIDAI may employ other/additional authentication factors. Consider the case of mobile OTP for handling update requests from this channel.

Each request for an update will require a biometric signature from the operator. So, Aadhaar is a requirement. The device or devices utilized will be subject to UIDAI's authentication standards.

Updates verified by the Registrar and authenticated by the Resident can be accepted by UIDAI. Electronic or scanned copies of documents can be collected online for auditing purposes. The Registrar may collect and store these copies alongside individual requests from residents, or they may be made available in batches in relation to Update Request Numbers, Dates, and Times.

Acknowledgement and Form Completion

  • Processed by Registrar Operator (in-house or contracted) using Biometric Authentication Capable Device (e.g., Micro-ATM) Acknowledgement Receipt with Update Request Number (URN) is issued so that the status of the update can be monitored. A printed receipt or an SMS/email confirmation may be provided, depending on the nature of the request. In the case of a mobile phone number change, the confirmation could be a text message sent to the recipient's phone. The application programming interface can produce both electronic and printed receipts. If the Registrar decides to issue receipts after receiving a request to update registration information, they can do so at the close of the process.
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