Inquiry Number for BSNL Balance Check, BSNL Data Balance Check

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When using a mobile phone, it is common to have questions about one's balance, the validity of the offer, the availability of special offers, etc.  

Telecom companies have introduced USSD numbers as a means of facilitating customer access to these services. To immediately verify services such as phone credit, internet access, plan status, and more, customers can dial the relevant numbers.

It's important to note that these figures vary between service providers. Below is a complete directory of BSNL's USSD hotlines:

Learn how to quickly check the balance on your BSNL SIM card here.

How to Use BSNL Balance Check Numbers to Access Your Prepaid Main Balance

Here are a few options for checking your BSNL credit:

  • With the USSD code *123#, you can check your primary balance from any BSNL phone.

  • The BSNL balance can also be checked through an SMS service that the company offers. Customers can check the balance of their phone by texting the word "BAL" to the number "121."

  • Alternatively, users can simply download the app from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and then enter the OTP to gain access. After that, you can use the app to quickly view your primary balance.

Here's How to Inquire About Your BSNL Data Balance by Dialing a Number

If you have a BSNL phone number, you can use the following USSD codes to check your data balance:

  • Type in *123*6# or *123*10# to see how much 2G or 3G data you have left on your phone.

  • BSNL also has spotty 4G service. Data availability on the BSNL 4G network can be confirmed by dialing *124#.

  • If you want to see how much data you have left for the night, dial *123*8#.

  • To learn about current deals, dial *124*5#.

  • Dial *123*1# to verify your SIM card is active.

  • Use *125# to check your SMS credit.

Here Are the USSD Codes to Check Your BSNL SMS Pack Balance

The SMS pack balance can be verified with the service provider via USSD codes. Dial the following short codes to check your SMS credit:

  • *123*1#

  • *123*5#

  • *125#

  • *123*2#

Learn the Ins and Outs of Verifying the Availability of Your BSNL Prepaid Plan

The company provides USSD codes that can be used if you have a prepaid phone number but are unsure of which prepaid plan it is currently subscribed to. The following USSD codes provide access to information about the current BSNL prepaid plans:

How to Check the Remaining Credit on Your BSNL SMS Pack with USSD Codes

With the help of USSD codes, you can inquire about your prepaid SMS balance with your cellular provider. Simply dialing the following codes will give you the result of your unused SMS credit:

  • *123*1#

  • *123*5#

  • *125#

  • *123*2#

Where to Look for Information About Your BSNL Prepaid Plan

The company provides USSD codes to help you determine which prepaid plan is associated with your prepaid number if you are unsure. Users can check out details about the current BSNL prepaid plan by dialing the corresponding USSD codes.

Here's a Guide to Recharging Your BSNL Phone Via USSD Code

The state-owned operator, for those who are unaware, also supports USSD codes for mobile top-ups. A scratch card can be reloaded with USSD codes, which is a service the company offers. You can charge other people's devices and use the outlet for other purposes as well.

The process is very simple. To reach us, customers should dial *124# and then 2. Options include a Scratch Card Refill or a Third Party Recharge. There are two ways in which you can add funds to your BSNL prepaid account.

What Does GP2 Stand For In BSNL?

What we call the "Grace Period" (or "GP") There are two types of grace periods offered by BSNL to its customers. The subsequent one is designated as "GP2." On the eighth day following the expiration date, the second grace period (GP2) begins.

Further, BSNL SIM cards can be reactivated by customers for 165 days. The SIM card will be rendered completely inoperable after this process is completed.

To clarify, what does GP1 stand for in BSNL

For both new and existing customers, BSNL offers two different types of grace periods. Because we've already discussed GP2, we'll move on to GP1 now. On the day that validity ends, the first grace period (GP1) begins. The GP1 card has a seven-day validity period.

For inactive BSNL GP 2 prepaid customers, what are the best recharge plans?

GP2 or dormant customers can choose between two prepaid plans from BSNL. With these packages, customers can revive their dormant BSNL prepaid number. And now for the fine print:

  • The starting price point is Rs 139 for the STV-139 plan. The plan is good for 28 days and includes daily data allowances of 2 GB. Unlimited local, STD, and national roaming, including the Mumbai and Delhi circles, are also included.

  • With the BSNL plan voucher recharge option, you can top off your account for Rs 1,199. The product code for this is PV-1199. The pack is currently on sale in the Andhra Pradesh region and is good for an entire year. Calls to and from Mumbai and Delhi, as well as domestic STD and roaming calls, are all included in the plan's unlimited voice minutes. There's also 100 daily SMS and 24 GB of data included.

BSNL Account Balance Enquiry Codes

USSD Codes for BSNL Retailers

The following balance check codes are exclusive to CTOPUP authorized retailers of the operator.

CTOPUP, also known as The BSNL Channel, is BSNL's official mobile app for recharging and paying bills.

In the table below, you'll find a complete list of the BSNL USSD codes and SMS keywords that will allow you to access the full range of BSNL retail services, including but not limited to mobile phone recharges, bill payments, balance checks, and more.

Guide to Recharging Your BSNL Phone Via USSD Code

Those who are unaware can also use USSD codes to top off their accounts with the state-owned operator. A scratch card can be reloaded with USSD codes, which is a service the company offers. In addition to recharging your own device, you can also charge the devices of others.

The method is easy to follow. The customer service number is *124#, and the second button must be pressed. Scratch Card Refill and Third-Party Recharge are the two available options.  

Recharging Your BSNL Phone Via USSD Code

It may come as news to some that the state-owned operator also supports USSD codes for the purpose of recharging. Using short message service (USSD) codes, customers can recharge a scratch card top-up from the company. This feature not only lets you charge your own phone, but also those of your friends and family.

The method is simple and easy to follow. Users should dial *124# and then press 2. Recharging via a third party or using a scratch card are your two choices.
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